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  • 28Jun

    Digital Extremes Debuts Free-to-Play Game WARFRAME

    On Monday, Digital Extremes released the first look of WARFRAME, their fast-paced co-op shooter that is currently in development and set to hit the Free-To-Play PC market sometime this winter. If you check out the official website now, you can check out a stopped-in-mid-action diorama to get a glimpse into the WARFRAME world as well as a worldwide registration for the closed Beta Test that is set to happen this fall. WARFRAME is a fast-action PvE shooter set in the far reaches of outer space during a new Dark Age and introduces the Tenno, which is a race on the brink of extinction after being enslaved by the Grineer for centuries. Entering in on the cusp of the Grineer’s victory over the Tenno, the players come into the story when the Tenno begin to arm themselves with WARFRAMES. An ancient exo-skeletal technology that is hidden within the Orokin Derelicts of

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  • 19Dec

    Plants vs Zombies gets a holiday update

    PopCap is sending holiday cheer with an update to the iPhone version of Plants vs Zombies. Plants vs Zombies characters will have festive hats and clothing, but there is more to this dlc. Players can now play as zombies in I, Zombie mode. The update includes leaderboards and four new achievements: Better Off Dead, I,Win, Where the Sun don’t Shine, and Undead Space. Also last week, Plants vs Zombies dropped the first hip hop beats. Follow

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  • 29Nov

    Study Shows women don’t play online to connect with others

    A new study from GameHouse about women that play games just came out and everyone is focusing on what they feel is the important aspect of the study. Sex. The study surveyed 2000 US adults and shows that women that play online games have more sex than women that play games offline. Let’s start with a few flaws that I find in the survey. One, 2000 people is not that large of a sample audience. First, they don’t qualify by what they mean with the term online gaming. Do they mean console online gaming? Or maybe PC? Is it separated by game genre? The first fact alone sets off my warning meters…according to their study, 55% of online gamers are women and 45% are men. While I would love to see the number of women gaming to continue to rise, the most recent stats from the ESA show that the

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  • 16Oct

    Online Game of the Week – Fling a Thing

    Please join me in welcoming back the Online Game of the Week series! I am really excited to look for fun diversions to break up your day with a little fun and smiles. This week’s game is called Fling a Thing in which little suckiers get stretched back in a slingshot sort of way to fly through the air and collect bubbles, magnets, eggs, and other helpful trinkets, climbing up to new levels and avoiding monsters along the way. How high can your sucker climb? Follow

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  • 16Sep

    Bejeweled Blitz the Fountain of Cognitive Youth?

    We are always looking for ways to keep our minds sharp as we get older, and Bejeweled Blitz may have just joined the ranks of crossword puzzles and Sudoku as tools to help us do that. A recent survey study of more than 10,000 U.S. adults suggests that playing Bejeweled Blitz regularly could enhance mental sharpness and pattern recognition in adults over 50. This survey, which is the first in a series that takes a rare look at the cognitive benefits of video game playing on adults over 50, focuses on Bejeweled Blitz and the tasks the game sets on the brain, including quick decision making, visual searching, and reaction time. Sharpness in performing other tasks was the benefit seen most often – 47.2% in people over 50. Pattern recognition was reported most in adults over 65, as well as the ability to perform timed tasks more quickly. The results

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  • 04Aug

    Casual Connect – The State of Social

    I think my favorite talk of the day at Casual Connect had to be The State of Social in Social Games led by Aki Jarvinen, Creative Director, Ph.D., of Digital Chocolate. He gave this talk at Casual Connect in Europe and the organizers had to have a repeat here in Seattle this summer. There have been questions as to whether social games are really games, as well as how social social games really are. This discussion, addressed both of these, but really focused on how social social games are, starting out by posing the question – is social broken? Social gaming in the developing world has been compared to passing notes under the door with friends instead of actually meeting face to face, or parallel play among toddlers. Both of these made sense to me. Yes, when we play social games with our friends, we aren’t face to face, which

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  • 27Jul

    Casual Connect – Are You a Whale or a Freeloader?

    One of the most interesting things for me this year at Casual Connect was going to some of the discussions. Because Casual Connect is more for people in the industry, or people trying to work their way into the industry, I got a peek behind the curtain at what goes in to making casual and social games, some of the psychology, some of the business. This particular talk was given by Greg Mills from Digital Chocolate – makers of one of my favorite social games, “Zombie Lane.” Now, if you have ever played a social game – particularly on Facebook – you have noticed that they are largely free to play. However, when push comes to shove, it’s difficult to get very far very fast when you play with no paid content. There is a multitude of ways to spend Facebook credits within many games that help move things along

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  • 24Jul

    A Taste of Casual Connect – Seattle 2011

    Impressions In the beginning of the day, Things were a little overwhelming. Attendance was definitely up at Casual Connect this year. But, while pushing through the clusters of people, an overwhelming sense of familiarity took over. It kind of felt like coming home. Though this year, I took a little different strategy to my single day of attendance. I wanted to listen to some panels and see where things sat in the industry instead of trying to meet with a bunch of people singularly. I think this worked out well, and I am anxious to share what I heard, including some of the psychology behind game development, the subtle ways they keep free social games free, and the quality and quantity of social behavior in so called social games. I did meet with a couple of people singularly and am happy with what I learned. Whereas in previous years, it

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  • 12Jul

    PopCap says hi to their new boss at EA

    It was confirmed today that Electronic Arts has bought PopCap for what might be the largest amount spent on a game company yet. The amount after stocks and some other complicated figures, is around $1.3 billion. The rumors started a week or so ago on Twitter and it looks like in this case the rumors were true. What I love is that PopCap turned around to show that they still have same creative humor that they are known for with the greeting to their new bosses above. EA CEO John Riccitiello noted that they don’t want to change how PopCap operates. “PopCap has been an attractive target for us for years,” he said. “We think of it as one of the premier content creators in the history of our industry.” EA does have a proven track record of not changing Bioware. Only time will tell if PopCap can maintain their

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  • 11Jul

    Online Game of the Week – Ninja Painter

    This week’s OGOTW is a time to turn into a stealthy, speedy Ninja Painter. Pick up the right color paint, roll it on the marked walls, collect the stars, and head out the door in this puzzler. Enjoy! . Follow

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