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  • 15Nov

    The Pottermore Experience

    I was having a late night with my one year old son, Severus, and to keep myself awake I browsed through Tumblr. When I came across yet another hilarious picture reblogged by someone I followed, a picture of the cast of the Harry Potter movies with wording over it that simply said; Remember when we thought we’d all be addicted to Pottermore? #Awkward And that is precisely how the experience can be summed up. I participated in the Magic Quill trivia in August, and received beta access in September. At first, I was put off by not being able to choose my own username, but I picked the most befitting of the options and it has grown on me since then. I tore through the site voraciously, upon my first official log in – desperate to get to the thrilling parts of receiving my wand and being Sorted. Both events

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  • 26Sep

    Review: Pony vs Pony

    This week we received news from Artix Entertainment that their Pony vs Pony game had some new additions. The level cap was raised to 20 and hundreds of items were in the store. Pony vs Pony launched two weeks ago. I’ve been under the weather the past few days, so I decided to try it out. For the online game you make your own Pony to start. Think My Little Pony meets a puzzle fighter. To battle, players match same color orbs in groups of at least four. Some orbs create protective shields and others attack. When I created a Pony, first I noticed a limit to the types of name combinations. Not a big deal, just limiting. It appears from the dashboard that you only have so many battle points per session. I thought it was per day, but mine did not reset the second day. So….I don’t know

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  • 12Aug

    Review – Vampire Saga: Welcome to Hell Lock

    Rating: E (Everyone) Genre: Hidden Object Publisher: Go Games Developer: Alawar Games Release Date: July 16, 2011 BUY I enjoy casual gaming, most people do.  Whether it be on your phone, pc, ipod, or even your Xbox; people play casual games all the time.  I’ll admit, I carry my tablet with me everywhere and 60% of my apps are games of all genres.  Recently, I’ve become more interested in Hidden Object games.  They are fast paced, fun and challenge your mind.  At times, they can be a bit frustrating.  So, when I was given the chance to play Vampire Saga: Welcome to Hell Lock I was very excited!  This is a fun and affordable addition you can make to your pc games library.  Although the title doesn’t seem so family friendly, it really is a game that anyone of any age can enjoy with excellent content and nothing too scary. As I

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  • 10Feb

    Review – Drawn: Dark Flight

    Rating: E (for Everyone) Publisher: Big Fish Games Release Date: August 31st, 2010 Official Website DEMO “A young girl…destined to rule but pursued by shadows. A trusted friend…broken but not defeated. A tyrant…wrapped in darkness, ambitious but cruel.” If that’s not a set-up for a great story, I don’t know what is. Big Fish Game’s Drawn: Dark Flight is the continued story of Iris, Franklin and the evil tyrant who destroyed her parents and now is looking for her. The game opens with promise, a beautiful animation sequence with those words above narrated to you along with your goal–light the three beacons so Iris can defeat the tyrant and rule as queen. I had high hopes for this game, because I absolutely loved its prequel: Drawn: Painted Tower. While the opening animation sequence is beautiful, it was too brief. It finishes and you find yourself just staring at hole in

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  • 10Jan

    Review: Nancy Drew #23 Shadow at the Water’s Edge

    Nancy has been invited to teach English in Japan and will be staying at the Ryokan Hiei, a small traditional hotel known to be haunted.

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  • 16Dec

    Review: Bejeweled 3

    One of PopCap's most anticipated releases, and the 2nd true reincarnation of their flagship genre pioneering favorite, Bejeweled 3 had some high expectations to live up to.

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  • 15Dec

    Review: One Chance

    If you haven’t already, you should head over to NewGrounds.com and check out a game called One Chance by AwkwardSilenceGames.  In the game, you play Dr. John Pilgrim.  In 6 days the entire world is going to die, and you as Doctor Pilgrim have just one chance. You’ll take the doctor through the next six days via two simple controls: the arrow keys and the spacebar (arrows to move, spacebar to interact).  The doctor wakes up to his wife and daughter, heads to his car and then to work.  You learn on the first day that Dr. Pilgrim was on the team that just invented a cure for Cancer.  Everyone is partying and congratulating John on his good work.  As the days progress, you’ll run into just a few choices about how John is living the next few days, and Day Two is when John learns what’s really going on.

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  • 21Sep

    Review – Twisted Lands: Shadow Town

    Twisted Lands: Shadow Town is a interesting cross-breed of game, involving both your skill with hidden object pages and point-and-click adventure style gaming.

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  • 01Sep

    Review: Puzzle Bots (PC)

    Puzzle Bots. It’s a puzzle. It has robots. Under any normal circumstances, this game should be giving PC owners a taste of cold, calculating steel.

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  • 29Jul

    First Look: Zuma Blitz

    This year at Casual Connect Seattle, I was fortunate enough to sit down with some of the folks from PopCap and talk industry trends, social gaming in general, and more specifically, the much anticipated Zuma Blitz. Overall, it seemed like they were in sync with the opinion that there is and has been a pretty obvious shift in the casual gaming space toward social gaming, but still respect the notion that sometimes, we do still want to just sit down and enjoy a game without the pressure of beating each others’ scores or getting in all of our good moves in under a minute. So, there is talk of integrating social feature into their existing games, giving players the freedom of playing solo, or send some smack talk to their friends, getting into the competitive spirit. Having said that, the main topic of conversation was the upcoming speedy, completely social,

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