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  • 21Nov

    Review: Godville (Facebook)

    A friend of mine suggested I try out a new-ish game on Facebook. Since this friend does not normally play games on Facebook, I was intrigued. When he said it was called “Godville”, I stared in shock. He HATES those type of games. What was going on here? Had I entered a new dimension? Were there pod people loose? Turns out, the answer was “no” to both of those questions. The game in question, “Godville”, is a zero player RPG. Yes, you read that right. You do not need to do ANYTHING to play this game. You just sign up, name your god (you) and name your follower. Then you send them off into the world to quest, make friends, fight monsters, collect treasures and level up. They generously keep a journal of all their goings on for you to read (only the last 10 events, mind you). You don’t

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  • 21Oct

    Featured Facebook Game of the Week – Tetris Battle

    Even though a lot of people have a lot of problems with the way Facebook is laid out or functions, I am still enjoying the feed that pops up when I start playing a game letting me know what my friends are playing. This gives me a good heads up and I get to try a bunch of great games this way. One of these is Tetris Battle. Tetris Battle is a throwback to the original Gameboy game played very much in the same way, only with a good “social” component. Tetris Battle pits players against each other head to random head, sending lines to each other and trying to knock each other out in a 2 minute all out battle (sort of a Tetris Battle Blitz), or finishing 40 lines before each other, or many other challenges. The one thing I wish was that we could choose to play

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  • 12Oct

    Games Toddlers Play

    One day, during a round of going between almost every Zynga game in existence, I realized that my toddler son (then about two and a half) kept tugging on my arms and climbing on my lap. At first, I was annoyed by the constant badgering, but then it occurred to me that he was bored, asking for my attention, and I was ignoring him for a fake farm. Not my proudest Mom Moment. I came close to just not playing any Facebook games at all because it was obviously causing issues in my relationship with my child. Not huge issues, I realize, but since I already worked 40 hours and went to school, my time at home was precious, and this was not how I really wanted to spend it. Then I thought, “Wait. He likes watching me play, and he asks a ton of questions. He recognizes all the

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  • 30Sep

    Featured Facebook Game of the Week – Pig Up

    When Pigs Fly… I got a surprise the other day when checking out one of the newer features of Facebook. While playing one game, I looked over at my games feed and saw someone who usually sticks to PopCap Facebook games had started playing a game called “Pig Up.” Intrigued, I searched it, and what I found was pretty awesome… Right now on Facebook, there is a preview available of a new PopCap creation called Pig Up. Finally, the long time dream of pigs to take to the skies is coming to reality. Launch your pig from the pickup truck cannon with his little makeshift wooden wings and flap to cover major distance and earn some pig pence. Of course it’s not a game without a challenge, so bring in the mean bees. Bees hover with their stingers out and then charge, taking away precious flaps. But, eat some apples

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  • 01Sep

    Featured Facebook Game of the Week – Words With Friends

    Zynga has finally brought the crazy popular Scrabble-esque app, Words With Friends, to Facebook! I have been playing this since I got my iPod touch and am completely obsessed by it. It”s incredibly easy to get started, just go to the app, find some friends who play, and start a game. The thing I like best about this adaptation is that you CAN take it with you. Start playing a game on Facebook, and that same game carries over to your iPhone or Droid. It’s free (with ads) and truly social, with a chat built in. Enjoy! Follow

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  • 17Aug

    Review: Little Cave Hero for Facebook

    Little Cave Hero is a sort of throwback to pixellated games of my youth with a twist of sociality. Your town has been ravaged by monsters and it’s up to you to put it back together and build it back up to help make the mayor look good again. The games starts players out getting used to mining the caves for treasure, completing missions for the mayor, and rebuilding the necessary components to start the town running and pump up population. At first, I wasn’t sure how I felt about the exaggerated pixelation of the game, but before too long, it grew on me. Now when I play, I find it endearing and nostalgic. The beginning of the game feels good. The character of the mayor is humerous, and spouts some witty remarks. The missions come fast and are completable in a reasonable amount of time, which adds to a

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  • 10Aug

    Featured Facebook Game of the Week – Mahjong Saga

    King.com has compiled a Mahjong adventure Facebook users have been waiting for in Mahjong Saga. Mahjong Saga has users follow the lead of a Sensei Panda through a 100+ level progressive adventure that offers challenge in both puzzle solving and time. Players start out with 5 energy and can keep recovering energy by achieving a 3 star time solution, which is a good way to be able to continue playing. The game starts out almost ridiculously easy to get players warmed up, but quickly progresses to challenge even the most seasoned Mahjong players. Challenge your friends and see how you measure up! . Follow

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  • 22Jun

    Develop “Hacking” Skill With Facebook Friends for Prototype 2 Content

    Radical Entertainment has launched a Facebook application which allows players to uncover new Prototype 2 content such as gameplay videos, screenshots, wallpapers, exclusive interviews, and more by helping each other “hack” into the interface. There will be new content added each week to keep the Prototype fans coming back up to and after the projected 2012 launch of Prototype 2. Hack into blacknet today! Follow

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  • 08Jun

    Featured Facebook Game of the Week – Uno Boost

    Uno always reminds me of good times in college on the park bench with our beach umbrella and lawn chairs. So, when I found Uno Boost on Facebook, naturally it drew me in. Basically the difference between Uno and Uno Boost is that, when there are no playable cards in hand, it’s possible to choose from a selection of special cards from a panel to keep the turn going. Of course, the number of Boosts available is limited, which I actually appreciate it. Once I ran out, I felt like I got in the groove of playing with strategy. Playing and winning more hands earns coins which can be used to buy more Boost cards. In Uno Boost for Facebook, players play Uno against coaches, cavemen, sea creatures, aliens, and other interesting characters of varying difficulty levels that react to winning, losing, and changes in the luck of the draw

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  • 19May

    Jamie Oliver’s Social Game Revolution?

    EA’s Playfish and Chef Jamie Oliver have teamed up to create an appetizing new social game on Facebook, Restaurant City. For the next four weeks, Restaurant City will feature one of Jamie Oliver’s signature recipes including Farfalle Carbonara, Asparagus Fettuccine, Basil Pesto Pasta, and Meatball Pasta. Players will be challenged to gather up all of the ingredients, including Jamie’s special ingredients, in order to create the dish and receive both an exclusive in game item as well as a link to the real recipe in order to make the dish in their own real kitchen. “I’m really excited that some of my recipes are becoming part of Restaurant City as it’s such a phenomenon,” said Jamie Oliver. “I’m always interested in new social media and I hope that by creating my recipes in the virtual world, the Restaurant City community will be inspired to try making them for real.” I

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