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  • 22Sep

    Are You a Pinball Wizard?

    Sony Ericsson has brought Pinball back into the spotlight with their new Emusicon Pinball app on their Facebook page, allowing Facebookers to reminisce in the greatness of Pinball days and challenge their friends to a good old fashioned Pinball showdown on with a new look on a new platform. Emusicon Pinball is fun and easy to get started with. Choose a persona that best matches your personality, and launch away… make your friends spin for bonus points! It takes me back to my early days on Atari pinball, one of my all time favorites, and earliest addictions. I am excited to be playing it again. It brings the best parts of a Facebook game to light – competition, nostalgia, fun, and a quick escape from reality. I look forward to playing it more, and if you’d like to check it out, visit the Emusicon Pinball app anytime! Go on, spread

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  • 22Sep

    Review: Expedition Egypt

    Developer: YayZee Platform: Facebook Release Date: March, 2010 Expedition Egypt is a relatively new Facebook game that takes us on a mission through Egypt completing quests, raiding other rival gangs’ camps, and buying supplies, vehicles, weapons, and properties, collecting loot, and building collections of ancient Egyptian artifacts. Played in a similar style as the popular Mafia wars and Vampire wars, Expedition Egypt offers new themes, ideas, graphics, and locations. Initially, it takes a while to get anywhere with this game, with so few energy points, it’s tough to do too many quests, and the raiding doesn’t seem that important to me. But as far as the actual game play, it’s easy enough to get started. Click to do quests, click to raid camps, etc. I personally learned from playing vampire wars that beefing up the energy in the beginning is the easiest way to get more out of the game

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  • 24Aug

    Supermarket Mania Sweeps Facebook

    Starting today, G5 is bringing Supermarket Frenzy to Facebook for free. Supermarket Mania has players assist Nikki in running 5 different stores in her hometown, stocking products according to customer desires, competing against the big business corporations who try to destroy her business. The Facebook version is a fast paced competitive form the survival mode of Supermarket Mania in which players can race the clock, earn as much as they can, and then share and compare with friends. Try Supermarket Mania for Facebook here Download it for the iPhone or the iPad (opens iTunes). The original PC version can be downloaded from Alawar games and across most major online distributors. . Follow

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  • 19Jul

    Join Chocolatier: Sweet Society on Facebook

    PlayFirst is bringing its delectable sweet shoppe management game to Facebook with Chocolatier: Sweet Society. This marks Playfirst’s first journey into the every expanding world of social gaming. Set in 1882 (the same time as the original Chocolatier), the new social version of Chocolatier features both a shoppe and a factory to manage, creation of “lickable art” displays, unlockable secret recipes, and player uniting social features. “Our goal with Chocolatier: Sweet Society was to take a franchise millions of players love and bring it to Facebook in a way that is authentic and compelling to both the brand and the social platform,” said Mari Baker, CEO of PlayFirst. “In limited release, we’ve already reached over a quarter million players and we’re confident this game will please the sweet tooth of Facebook gamers everywhere.” “The chocolate theme of Chocolatier: Sweet Society should resonate well with consumers,” says Mike Vorhaus, President, Magid

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  • 15Jul

    Get Ready to be Blitzed – Zuma Style

    Following the huge success of Bejeweled Blitz, PopCap Games is taking Zuma to Facebook with the all new Zuma Blitz, allowing players to match ball-blasting wits with friends. “We’ve received a ton of feedback regarding how players consume Bejeweled Blitz and other leading social games, and incorporated a number of those insights into this initial phase of Zuma Blitz, with more to come,” said Jason Kapalka, co-founder and Chief Creative Officer at PopCap. “Zuma is a very different game than Bejeweled, so the social adaptation has gone in different directions. Zuma is already a fast-paced arcade game, so the challenge was to make it feel approachable to players of all skill levels, even with just sixty seconds to play.” Like they did it would Bejeweled Blitz, PopCap plans to take it slow with Zuma Blitz, allowing it to over time,with the addition of new features and ways to play. New

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  • 07Jul

    Battle Your Facebook Friends for Supremacy

    Nvinium Games Inc has released the first trailer for the latest chapter in the Strategy First’s Space Empires saga, Space Empires: Battle for Supremacy. Battle for Supremacy introduces a new audience to the popular series, sending social gamers forth on a journey for peace and discovery in the midst of interstellar war on Facebook beginning July 27th. “We’re all big fans of the Space Empires franchise, which has provided rich game play and beautiful visuals that we’ve fully utilized when creating this game,” said Matt Abrams, CEO, Nvinium Games. “This is the perfect project for us to begin delivering on our goal of integrating well-known IPs with our social game development experience and success in building online communities to create games that players will enjoy.” Space Empires: Battle for Supremacy Features: Unique real time combat system Large galaxies with over 100 solar systems and countless planets to explore Advanced technology

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  • 26Jun

    Interview: James Kosta of 3G Studios, Inc. creator of Brave Arms

    Facebook is on the verge of having it’s very first FPS, by 3G Studios, and we were lucky enough to interview James Kosta, CEO and lead creator of the game to give you all a preview! With over 10,000 Facebook fans already anticipating the title, it’ll perhaps even rival the success of Farmville. GA: Could we have some details on the game? JK: Brave Arms is the premier 3D social shooter available on the Facebook platform. Brave Arms will simulate action packed gameplay from traditional console games, but will also allow players to create and customize their avatars and play with Facebook buddies in 3D environments. Players are put in the first-person perspective as they battle in teams or in a death match in different levels. GA: What made you decide to utilize Facebook at a platform? JK: Facebook is a network that is connected socially and that’s the goal

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  • 10Jun

    Explore Egypt on Facebook

    YayZee games has just released their first Facebook RPG Adventure game, Expidition Egypt. So get your crew together, pack up your Indiana Jones hat and whip, and get ready for some ancient tombs, breaking and entering, and camp raiding. Complete quests such as interviewing locals, breaking into museums, stealing treasures, and riding crocodiles on the Nile, build up your inventory of weapons and supplies, raid camps to add to your stash, and snatch up some properties to build on your wealth. As the guys at YayZee said, “Whip out your totally practical axe-gun and conquer the sands!” I am pretty excited to be starting one of these games from a time near the launch. I always feel envious of people who started way before I did and are much farther along by the time I start. Come join my crew! Follow

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  • 26May

    Get the American Idol Star Experience

    Interactive entertainment company Ludia and FremantleMedia Enterprises (FME) have announced the release of American Idol Star Experience game today, May 26th, to coincide with the Season 9 finale of American Idol (the show). Idol lives on in every player as they put together online performances for friends and the entire Facebook community. Download the free performance creator for your PC and design your original stage performance with an avatar of your creation, one of your favorite rock, punk, pop, hip hop, disco, R&B or country hit songs, fun dance choreography, different camera angles, and flashy special effects, which you can post on Facebook for others to enjoy, rate, comment on, and discuss with others. “We are excited to release a unique game experience based on American Idol, one of the most important entertainment franchises in the world,” said Alex Thabet, Founder and CEO of Ludia Inc. “American Idol Star Experience

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  • 25May

    Social Gaming With Six Flags

    Six Flags Entertainment announced today that it’s joining the ranks of Social Gaming with its entertainment based game, Mascot Park, in which players will create shows for their friends and cheer or jeer their friends’ shows. Creativity and cheers will earn fans and coins to improve the shows with new sets, costumes, and training. For those twistier players, you can also jump in and sabotage friends’ shows with special effects or pranks. “The Six Flags brand stands for fun and unparalleled thrills and the introduction of Six Flags Mascot Park brings that signature experience to the virtual reality world,” said Mike Antinoro, Executive VP of Marketing and Entertainment. “We want to offer fans a forum to entertain, amuse and interact while also recognizing the importance of integrating a unique experience to the online community.” Six Flags Mascot Park is a combined development effort between Six Flags, Noise and Making Fun.

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