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  • 05Feb

    Show support for indie game Pingo

    Pingo is a new puzzle game created by Eve Park, an indie games developer. In Pingo, the player earns points by creating poker hands along any direction. There are a two modes, Casual and Speed mode and for players that aren’t familiar with Poker can go through the tutorial levels. Pingo is part of the OUYA Create contest which runs from January 23- February 18th. Check out Pingo (which is also looking for playstesters) by checking out the video above and sharing it. Check it out and support Indie Female game developers!

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  • 08Jul

    Snap App Sunday: Instagram

    ​Welcome to the first installation of Snap App Sunday, where I will give you all the information you need to know about photography based applications. Personally, I’m Team Droid, so controls and functions may be specific to my oft used smartphone, but I’ll make sure I predominantly write about apps on both Apple and Droid operating systems. If you have a Blackberry, I’m sorry that you have a Blackberry. Today we’re going to start with the most popular photography app out; Instagram.​ I’m sure you’ve heard that two seconds after their Droid app was released, Instagram was acquired by Facebook for one. billion. dollars. Since then the app has gone through a few updates, most notably a recent redesign, to improve functionality and finally make room for the kabillions of infiltrating Droid users. When Instagram launched on Droid, I immediately downloaded it to see what the fuss was about (I was using the now defunct

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  • 03Apr

    Sign up for Instagram on Android

    Taking pictures on your phone has become a new artform. Instagram is so popular there are businesses around various ways to print your Instagram pics. Sadly when I walked away from Apple iPhone, I also said goodbye to Instagram. Currently there is no program for Instagram on Android and really there isn’t a fit substitution. It looks like Instagram is looking to change that by offering signup for Instagram on Android. There is no official date on when the program will be released. Also no information on what you are signing up for. It can be an email when Instagram for Android is released or it can be signups for a beta program. Either way…I’ve already signed up.

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  • 09Mar

    DC Entertainment Releases VERTIGO App and a SANDMAN Digital Comics Sale

    If you’re a fan of digital comics, VERTIGO, and good deals, today is a red letter day for you. DC Entertainment’s new app featuring all VERTIGO digital titles is now available for download on the App Store. The app (free to download) will feature popular VERTIGO titles like THE SANDMAN, TRANSMETROPOLITAN, AMERICAN VAMPIRE, PREACHER and Y: THE LAST MAN, as well as many others. But wait, there’s more! If that weren’t incentive enough to download the app, those who do will have access to a three-day in-app sale on all THE SANDMAN digital comics for $.99 per issue. THE SANDMAN (written by #1 New York Times bestselling author Neil Gaiman) has been described by Norman Mailer as “a comic strip for intellectuals.” A mix of dark fantasy and mythology, THE SANDMAN is a series where historical drama, contemporary fiction and legends come together to tell what is arguably one of

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  • 23Dec

    Guest Post: Jumala – Handmade for the Holidays

    There are only a handful of days left before Christmas, and the pressure is on to finish shopping for friends and family. Worse, the funds set aside for gifts may be dwindling or altogether gone. What can you give that’s from the heart but on the cheap? Personalized video games, made by you! It’s not often that you can give a gift that’s both techie and do-it-yourself, but there is a solution: Jumala. Jumala is the game of making games and it’s in beta now for PCs. This small Seattle-area start-up offers a robust –and deceptively simple—app for creating, testing and sharing video games that you make yourself. The graphics are gorgeous and the possibilities endless. The best part? All it will cost you is your time. Download the Jumala app ( and you’re off and running. Choose a template to start with and start raising—or razing—mountains, painting terrain, placing

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  • 17Nov

    Show your Alliance on your iPhone

    Oh I know a certain GamingAngels editor that would love this! PDP just announced that they have created Alliance and Horde iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S cases. This is a new line and the Alliance and Horde symbols are the first cases to be released on and GameStop locations. The cases are $29.99 each. “We’re excited to offer World of Warcraft players a new way to show their enthusiasm for the game wherever they go,” said Bill Otte, SVP of Sales and Marketing for PDP. “Players can proudly display our new line of Horde- and Alliance-themed iPhone cases as a badge of honor — or as a challenge to their rival faction.” For Blizzard fans that may not play WoW, PDP will be coming out with Diablo III and Starcraft cases! Which is pretty cool! I can’t wait to see those designs! The Diablo III case was at Blizzcon

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  • 10Nov

    Call of Duty and Disney Vets start new company Jupiter Moon

    Who says guys can’t have a softer side? Industry Vets, Christopher Cherubini and David Chiapperino have created Jupiter Moon Studios. Christopher is from Activision/Infinity Ward as a Lead Artist for Call of Duty and the Modern Warfare series. David comes from Disney having worked on Pirates of the Caribbean and Toontown. They plan on creating their own IP. Jupiter Moon’s first title will be for the iOS. Bunny Popper will be released this December. Bunny Popper was created with accessibility in mind. Basically gameplay can be done with one finger. Don’t let the cute look fool you, these bunnies are evil! The premise of Bunny Popper is, “evil inflatable bunnies from outer space are invading a carrot farm. The carrots need you to stop the hoards of hares from taking them away!” Mom’s don’t have to worry about passing their iPad or iTouch device to their kids to play. Bunny

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  • 03Nov

    Angry Birds crosses half a billion downloads

    Angry Birds is more than a game now, it’s plushies, Halloween costumes and baby clothes. Rovio is celebrating a new milestone by crossing 500,000,000 downloads. This is across multiple devices/browsers and apps. Think you play too much Angry Birds? You’re not alone. Rovio released information about players’ time with the game, with a total combined playtime of 200,000 years and 400 billion in-game bird launches. Next up animation and more licensed products.

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  • 13Sep

    Contract Killer iOS Shooter

    Glu Mobile, with it’s perky little letter ‘g’ logo has made a science out of game addiction. They specialize in freemium games and Contract Killer will be the next to take your time and seduce you into micro transactions. It is a first person shooter where you pick up contracts from icons on the map. Each one explains who to take out or shoot with a tranquilizer gun. Everything takes place starting with the map that has locations for your Safehouse and a Store. On the map the location icons reveal more about the story line. Or contacts give you assignments to fulfill. Gameplay is mainly centered around the shooting and the variety if guns available in the game. You play as a lone sniper hidden in the rooftops of the city. But your character is not immune to the barrage of bullets that may come at you from below.

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  • 21Aug

    Eternity Warriors for iOS and Android

    Eternity Warriors is a fourth offering from Glu games. They have released a few other skinned over games based on a similar engine and have had success. They could be some competition for Gameloft on iOS. Their games are free to play, and extra items and currencies are able to be purchased in game through the App Store. It is a fun ‘Freemium’ game. It’s a Diablo-esque hack-and-slash fantasy game. Eternity Warriors control set up has a stick and an attack button. An AI controlled companion follows your character around and gets in the way. The two burly icons bumble into each other like a pair of magnetized dwarves. Enemies come in waves monsters with swords and axes come at you on all sides. The character is difficult to move and the control stick does not work as fluidly as I am used to from other games with virtual joystick.

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