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  • 24Jun

    Victorian Mysteries: The Moonstone for iOS

    This week Square Enix announced the launch of Victorian Mysteries: The Moonstone for iOS, including iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. This is another hidden object puzzler in the Victorian Mysteries series. Developer Freeze Tag has adapted The Moonstone game from Wilkie Collins’s 19th century novel. The book was widely considered as the first detective novel written in the English language. You would play as Detective Cuff who is drawn into a world of suspense, suspicion and deception. Tasked with solving the mystery of the missing Moonstone, the investigation will be focused on the disappearance of a large Indian diamond. The stone, previously given to a young Englishwoman for her eighteenth birthday disappeared. When the gem goes missing, suspicion falls on all parties involved. The Victorian Mysteries series of games has been a smash hit with PC and Mac gamers, said Freeze Tag CEO Craig Holland, we’re excited to be working

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  • 27May

    Order and Chaos MMO for iOS

    As promised Game Loft has produced it’s first MMO clone. Order and Chaos is a World of Warcraft knock off. With elves that have long ears, and characters with tree trunk shaped feet. The character designs strongly resemble those good old shoeless, ugly, WoW avatars that you have come to love. Right now for $6.99 at the Apple App store you can play in any iOS device for three months. It is the usual fair of choosing from four races, human, elf, ogre, and undead. There are professions to choose from such as warrior, mage, cleric and rouge. Since it is new you can expect glitches. I was able to see other characters walking around up in the air as the surfaces they were traveling on disappeared. And my character was also able to see through walls and stick her feet through them. They probably should have done an open

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  • 19May

    Heartwild Solitaire

    Heartwild Solitaire is a new game that just came out in Friday the thirteenth in the Apple App Store. The iOS game features pretty graphics. With backgrounds which have a mystical theme, as well as many more high quality beautiful art. In addition the game uses some traditional Tarot art work and meanings mixed in with the story line that unfolds with successive chapters in the game. The 120 gorgeous levels have layouts with breathtaking color schemes. Some are dark purple and silver backgrounds that are highlighted with orchids. Or other have a deep turquoise theme. The designs are so beautiful it can become an addictive pleasure to play. Simple game play is matching of cards for points. There are power up cards that get you more chances to solve the variety of solitaire layouts. It is anything but traditional solitaire, though you get more points for removing cards from

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  • 17May

    Army of Darkness Defense

    Remember those great old Army of Darkness games? Well now you can play new versions of the franchise. A different studio has picked up Ash. Backflip Studios, along with MGM Studios has put the new game out over at the Apple App Store. Army of Darkness: Defense has been re-imagined as a mobile castle defense game based on the 1992 Sam Raimi’s classic “Army of Darkness”. Available for the iPhone/iPod Touch for $0.99 and for the iPad for $2.99, Army of Darkness: Defense takes place during the pivotal castle scene within the movie where Ash and his allies defend the powerful Necronomicon within Lord Arthur’s fortress from the onslaught of the zombified Deadites. Voice acting features include over 150 direct lines of dialogue from Bruce Campbell as Ash Williams. The Army of Darkness: Defense is lead by Ash who has the ability to call upon a wide variety of allies

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  • 16May

    PopCap Gets Droidified

    PopCap Games has announced a partnership with Amazon which will (finally) bring some of its beloved games to the Amazon Appstore for Android. The fun begins this week (through May 30th) with Chuzzle, the slidey smooth match 3 game filled with furry little round guysthat need to be freed and sent home. The Droid version of Chuzzle features four modes of play including Classic, Zen, Mind Bender, and Speed for hours and hours of Chuzzle action, as well as a trophy room to keep track of achievements, a scrambler to shake things up, and a generator that makes absolutely certain that all levels are unique for eternity. “PopCap is a brand synonymous with great mobile games, and we’re thrilled to offer our customers Chuzzle and Plants vs. Zombies for Android exclusively through the Amazon Appstore,” stated Aaron Rubenson, category leader at Amazon. . What’s that you say? Plants vs Zombies?

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  • 10May

    Family Vacation on iPad

    Family Vacation – California is a new hidden object game for iPad. It was  designed by Meridian4 and developed by Ocean Media, Family Vacation offers a unique alternative with the goal of this hidden-object game is to find the fun in a family adventure.   Family Vacation breaks the hidden object mold. From the story and gameplay right down to the art style. Casual gamers will enjoy the addictive one-click action they and a lighter and brighter style subject matter. You play as Barb, a woman who never thought she’d win anything, but she did.  She is on her way to be a contestant on the game show; ThePriceisNice! She and her family have adventures going to sunny California.  The scenes deal with packing, getting to the airport on time, boarding the plane, and getting to their hotel. Once at their destination, you’ll see the beach, a ballgame and Playland Theme Park,

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  • 05May

    Namco Bandai Games Expands to Mobile

    Last week we found out that Barnes & Noble just announced a huge expansion to their NOOK Color. They have managed to connect with Namco Bandai Games. Even though their brick and mortar stores are going away in an economy that has effected the publishing industry they will continue with The Nook. The device features a 7-inch color touchscreen and updated Android operating system. In anticipation of better success with digital infotainment they have announced four launch titles for Nook Color including Flight Control, Crush the Castle, More Brain Exercise and Learn to Fly. In fact Namco Bandai has also been preparing mobile games for Nintendo 3DS, iPad 2 and some Android Smartphones like the Kyocera Echo. The company which was best known in the past for hardcore console games has had an iOS hit with Bird Zapper. Follow

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  • 25Apr

    The Empress of the Deep The Darkest Secret HD

    This recently released seek and find puzzler from Big Fish games just came out for iPad. There is a Free Demo which is worth downloading and seeing for yourself. The game has a very interesting feel to it that will draw you right into your iPad screen. The theme is a mash up of Myst and Bioshock. There is bubbling underwater sound effects and an eerie sound track. The graphics are especially gorgeous. The game play is the standard seek and find puzzle style. It is lots of fun and the story is well put together. The Hidden Object puzzles aren’t easy. There is a variety of different types of puzzles and even a book of pressed flowers as part of it. The main characters are all female. Although you don’t see much of them, there is a great deal of female voice acting, as well as creepy laughter. It’s

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  • 23Apr

    BlackBerry PlayBook

    BlackBerry PlayBook came out this week. This time there is finally something to rival the iPads. There is a market of people who love their Blackeberries, as much as iPhone owners, love (or have a complicated relationship with) their iPhones. If you are one of those who is a Blackbery enthusiast, including our President then this is beginning to look like a good alternative in reviews. One of the main selling points about the BlackBerry PlayBook is the rock solid operating system called  QNX . Each week seems to bring another story of how Android based devices have leaked information, been back-doored or hacked. You most likely won’t hear that about the PlayBook. It is slightly smaller than an iPad at seven inches. It will play Flash. But for some reason there is no 3G. That could be a downside. It measures up at 0.4-inches thick being less than a

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  • 21Apr

    King of Frogs Game App Free

    Today there is a Free Game at the Apple App Store. Playlithium just announced that the new version (2.0) of King of Frogs is available NOW for FREE on the App Store. The new King of Frogs version contains 120 free puzzles that will put your brain to a severe test and challenge your puzzle solving skills. Enjoy it as a freebie now either alone, with friends or family, King of Frogs is the perfect game to test and train your brain’s capacity. Players can also continue to tease their neurons with many packs to purchase and extend the fun with hundreds of new levels. King of Frogs 2.0 is available NOW for FREE on the App Store. Follow

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