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  • 18Dec

    First Unreal Game for Android

    Dungeon Defenders: First Wave is coming to the Android Market on December 23rd from Trendy Entertainment. This will be the first time that a game is powered by the Unreal Engine for Android devices. The Unreal Engine will work on devices with dual-core processors, and many existing phones. Following the enormous record breaking success of Infinity Blade, the Unreal powered game for iOS, Epic Games has released the new Unreal Developer Kit (UDK). The first developer kit will be support for iOS, and the public Android release is coming. It is likely to be announced when to see UDK support for Android next month at CES. Dungeon Defenders runs on the iPhone and the game is said to offer cross-platform online play so iOS and Android users can be fighting friends too. Follow

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  • 18Dec

    Infinity Blade Update

    There’s good news for the rabid players of Infinity Blade on the iOS platform. Coming next week, from studio Epic Games there will be a release of free content. This is the first action role-playing game on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch that is really three dimensional, and uses the famous Unreal engine. In a sword fighter game with environments that look  a lot like Unreal Tournament 3 expectations have become high. The game casts you as a knight who must defeat a deathless god-king who exists inside a castle for generations. The twist is that if you don’t succeed in killing him, your son will have to do it. Each time you fail to kill the king you are reincarnated as your own progeny, who is outfitted with your equipment and gold posthumously. Although criticized for being repetitive, as the animations do often repeat, the game’s deceptive simplicity

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  • 17Dec

    Jigsaw Mansion iPad Puzzle App

    Jigsaw Mansion is a fun way to put together a puzzle. It ingeniously uses the interface. A photo of the finished puzzle is provided, and it can be moved anywhere on the table. It can be zoomed in and out also. The puzzle pieces float below on a toolbar making it easy to grasp them and put them in the puzzle. You can sort the pieces and try them on the board, and you can put them back into the tool bar if you need to. It auto saves for you as you go along. It has 9 original pieces of artwork with high quality graphics. They have managed to make puzzle solving have very fluid and convenient controls. Jigsaw Mansion from Extend Interactive is actually a digital remake of a classic puzzle game. It’s iPad only and recently had a price drop at the Apple App Store. Follow

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  • 16Dec

    Lara Croft Comes to iOS Devices

    On Thursday December Crystal Dynamics Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light App will be available at the App Store. Two versions of the app, are being presented. One is for for iPhone and iPod Touch and there is also a special iPad-exclusive HD version. Which should look good on the iPad’s large high res screen. The App features Lara and a partner named Totec. It will be ia fast paced action adventure. Included are the expected enemies, traps and puzzles. New innovations to the Lara Croft game IP are co-op play and using the isometric camera that can be used to view graphical details. The iOS controls have been optimized to take advantage of the devices and their graphics. Follow

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  • 15Dec

    Despicable Me Game App gets Free Update

    Despicable Me Game App gets Free update. If you have the Despicable Me: Minion Mania game then you will get a free update that includes five completely new levels with 25 stages where you take control of Gru’s minions with new weapons and power-ups throughout the laboratory. Along with the Despicable Me DVD release Namco has made several games available for iPhone or iPad. Despicable Me: Minion Mania Lite which is Free, Despicable Me: Minion Mash Up, Zap a Minion, Despicable Me: Minion Photo Madness and iMoo are all Free games for the iOS platform. Follow

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  • 14Dec

    Infinity Blade Game App Make Sales Record

    About a month ago Epic games let loose a free demo called Epic Citadel featuring the Unreal Engine on iPad. It looked stunning, and was a true teaser. As of Monday morning the iOS hack and slasher Infinity Blade made $1.7 million in four days. Infinity Blade is now the “fastest grossing App” ever. The game is an action RPG sword-fighting game for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch developed by Epic Games’ award-winning studio, ChAIR Entertainment. It is now the first mobile game to be powered by the Unreal Engine 3 technology. It looks gorgeous with the stunning resolution of the iPad, and is no doubt the first of many full 3D games to come to the tablet. Follow

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  • 13Dec

    Labyrinth HD by Dr. Reiner Knizia arrives in the app store

    Today, Tribeflame released a new puzzle game, designed by prolific board, card and role-playing game designer, Dr. Reiner Knizia. In Labyrinth HD, you take on the role of a hero heading deep into the earth in search of treasure. Along the hero’s journey you will face different dangers and opportunities. The game mechanics are simple, but hopefully also addictive. You build a labyrinth by dragging tiles into a 4×4 grid and rotating them into place. Then you have objectives for building your labyrinth: Get through the labyrinth to the upper side Avoid the monsters Collect swords that let you deal with the monsters Collect treasures on the way The game is divided into 3 scenarios. You start off in the Hedge Maze, with the basic game as described above. When you have completed all levels of the Hedge Maze, you proceed into the Castle Ruins. This scenario is haunted by

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  • 09Dec

    The Witcher Versus Game App

    Today EA and  popular indie games developer, one2tribe have announced the immanent launch of The Witcher Versus for the iOS platforms.  ‘The Witcher: Versus’ is coming soon to the Apple App Store. The game has had previous versions as a free to play PC browser game, and is headed for Facebook as well. The Witcher: Versus, for iPhone and iPod Touch and iPad, will also allow you to play with your character  across the three platforms. You can get into the game no matter which one of your devices that you use. The background of the games was inspired by the fantasy books of the Polish author Andrzej Sapkowski. In the 2D gameplay you are one of three character classes; Witcher, Sorceress, or Frightener. Then you would fight monsters, complete quests, loot, acquire more weapons, amulets, and magical items. There are achievements you can collect as well as  badges. You

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  • 07Dec

    Review: The History of the World

    The History of the World game App is surprisingly more fun than the scholastic name implies.

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  • 27Nov

    Review: Virus Strike

    Indie developer Vertigo Software's Virus Strike is a very good new twist on some old timer puzzlers.

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