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  • 16Dec

    Review: Ivy the Kiwi?

    When I first started to play the game, I was hoping that the question “Ivy the Kiwi?” would be answered.

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  • 14Dec

    An Epic Giveaway!

    He might be the most recognizable character on Earth but it’s been a long while since Mickey Mouse made a significant splash in the world of gaming. Now, the mouse is back on consoles in Disney Epic Mickey.  GamingAngels is giving YOU the opportunity to win this Epic game for your Wii console through our Epic Giveaway! Contest Rules: To enter, post a comment on this entry telling us why you want Epic Mickey for your Wii console! For extra chances to win, RT this on Twitter: Enter me to win “An Epic Giveaway”  @GamingAngels #GamingAngels Contest ends Tuesday December 21st! We’ll randomly pick a winner from all the comments and tweets. Good luck, and for more information about Disney Epic Mickey, you can check out their Facebook Page. Follow

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  • 23Nov

    Video Games Holiday Guide

    It’s all been leading up to this moment, all of the Holiday Guides we’ve been posting have been leading up to this guide: the one where we tell you about all the video games we’re recommending for this holiday season. I asked our entire staff to send me their recommendations and then I compiled them all together to provide to you, our loyal readers. There’s plenty of good ideas here and I’m sure you’ll be able to find something that someone on your list would like. (If not, don’t forget to get yourself something nice for the holidays too!) Xbox 360 (and Xbox Live) Plants Vs Zombies was on our Casual Game Guide for 2009, the limited edition for the PC was on this year’s guide, and we like it so much we’re recommending it one last time. This popular game came to Xbox Live just a few months ago

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  • 15Oct

    A One on One look at Epic Mickey with Warren Spector

    I was lucky enough at New York Comic Con to get some one on one time with Warren Spector and to get a walkthrough of Epic Mickey from him and another lead developer on the game. I was able to check out the game a bit while at PAX last month, but being able to check out some new areas and talk about the creation of the game with Spector and a lead developer was probably the best experience ever. I got to see a new area from the intro area shown at PAX and it was here where I learned that not only are old characters found by Mickey in this land, but so are old and forgotten rides from Disney parks. Going through this one area in the game already brought up a lot of memories since the main toon characters you saw were the gremlins and it

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  • 22Sep

    Review – Metroid: Other M

    For me, turning on Other M and finding a sort of side-scrolling 3rd person throw back, meant a pleasant reception to the game. Even so, it did take some getting used to.

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  • 23Aug

    Review: Trauma Team (Wii)

    Is the latest "Trauma" game even worth it, or does it just bang some more life out of a tired franchise? The answer may surprise you.

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  • 03Aug

    First Look – Metroid: Other M

    Last week I was invited to the Nintendo offices in NYC to get a sneak peek at the new Metroid game: Metroid: Other M. It was a smaller event where members of the press were able to get a good taste of what this next game in the Metroid series has in store for us. I have to say I left feeling excited about the game. Metroid: Other M takes place between Super Metroid and Metroid Fusion. There’s a great cinematic at the beginning that really brings you into the story and helps to give you a slight recap on events. A Nintendo representative also told me that the creators of this Metroid (Yoshio Sakamoto and Yosuke Hayashi) really wanted to focus on the story of Samus, and that this game is  something that they have been waiting for in order to do that. The basic plot of the story

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  • 10Mar

    Demo Review – Rooms: The Main Building

    The demo for Hudson’s new Wii game, Rooms: The Main Building is sadly too short. I don’t feel I got a great feel for what the full game might hold in terms of the story they’re trying to tell. It did however give me a decent feel for how the game works. You play as Chris who has been transported to Rooms Street, where in order to figure out what’s going on, and how to get home, you have to solve the puzzles of the Rooms mansion. This plays a little like those sliding picture puzzle games, where in order to build the full picture, you have to slide the pieces around. The concept is similar here, where in order to get through a room, you have to slide around the jumbled pieces of the room so that Chris can get out of it. The picture concept is important because

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  • 04Mar

    Hands On with Disney’s Guilty Party

    Last week I had a hands-on with Disney’s original title for the Wii, Guilty Party. Guilty Party is a party game geared toward families and young children and where other Third Party Wii titles have failed Disney just might excel. Guilty Party is created like a mystery board game akin to Clue. Stubbs the Zombie creator Wideload Games is working with Disney on Guilty Party, which results in a cute and hilarious game. The title has a story that is woven through all the various mysteries to be solved. The clues are earned through various mini-games. Just because it’s a party game does not mean it has to be easy. There are levels of difficulty and the game will also increase the difficulty if it thinks the current level is too easy for you. The mini-games vary from things we have seen before to bribing a witness or staring them

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  • 21Feb

    Guest Review: Boogie Superstar

    Boogie is EA’s attempt to cash in on the singing and dancing sensations made so popular by DDR and SingStar. The concept is sound, the Wii’s motion sensing controllers make it the perfect console to support this kind of game, and with the addition of a Logitech microphone and EA’s history of always including excellent music in their games, it would seem like it would be hard to get wrong. Unfortunately, EA is up the challenge, and managed to completely ruin a perfectly feasible game concept. Developer: EA (Montreal) Genre: Rhythm, Singing, Dance ESRB: E+ 10 Number of players: 1-4 Publisher: Electronic Arts Release Date: October 14th, 2008 PASS The game consists of two main types of game play, a singing mode and a dancing mode. The singing mode isn’t terrible, it has just been done before. The words are displayed at the bottom of the screen, and a series

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