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Iinterviews with women that work in the Gaming or Tech industry.

  • 21Feb

    SOE now taking applications for G.I.R.L. Scholarship

    We are a HUGE supporter of Sony Online Entertainment’s effort to encourage women to go into game design through their G.I.R.L (Gamers in Real Life) scholarship. SOE is now accepting submissions for the 2013 scholarship. This is the sixth year of the scholarship that focuses on helping women pursue a career in the creative and applied arts. SOE will choose one winner for the scholarship which is $10,000 to be applied toward tuition and educational expenses. The winner will also get a paid internship of up to 10 weeks at SOE headquarters in San Diego and actually get to work on the company’s games. “At SOE, we believe that diversity is one of our keys to success and it is truly woven into the fabric of who we are as a company,” said Laura Naviaux, Senior Vice President of Global Sales & Marketing, Sony Online Entertainment. “We want to help

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  • 12Feb

    It’s Game on for The National STEM Video Game Challenge

    It’s time to get a group together and submit to enter the annual National STEM Video Game Challenge presented by the Joan Ganz Cooney Center at Sesame Workshop and E-Line Media. The challenge hopes to inspire students’ interest in science, technology, engineering and math through video games. Entries from US students in Middle School and High School can enter through the website. Both categories can have teams (of up to four students) or individual entries. Entries can be created with any game-making platform or a written game design concept. Here are some example game making platforms: Gamestar Mechanic Microsoft’s Kodu GameMaker Scratch Moms and Dads, please encourage your kids to enter! This is a great way to encourage creative thinking and possibly expose your child to a future career. There will be design workshops and events in cities across the country to help prep for this contest. Entries are being

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  • 28Nov

    1 Reason Why is a great conversation but what’s being done

    Being sick doesn’t allow you to stay on top of the latest that is going on socially. I can barely get five minutes between nose blowings. Yes, that was probably tmi. But I honestly feel horrible. What does warm my heart is this #1reasonwhy discussion that is happening on Twitter. These great articles summarize what has been going on today such as Buzzfeed and Bitscreed. It all began with Luke Crane, who specializes in Gaming Projects at Kickstarter, posted a tweet asking, “Why are there so few lady game creators?”. This spurned a LARGE discussion on Twitter and this article Too Many Reasons Why, which makes my heart hurt. Some people have asked for my opinion. Unfortunately, it may not be a popular one. In the last year, I have been stuck by the amount of what I call Passive Community Action. This is where people think that by liking

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  • 24Oct

    Interview with MacKenzie Mason – Come Fall in Love with the New Cortana!

    The Halo franchise has been undergoing quite a few changes with the shift in regime that has officially started with Halo 4 (and unofficially with Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary). One of these changes, in case you weren’t aware, involves Cortana, the lovely yet rather chatty and annoying AI who accompanied Master Chief during his personal war with the Covenant, the Flood, and the orbiting Halos. Not only is Cortana’s role changing a little, but Cortana has an entirely new voice actress–MacKenzie Mason. We were lucky enough to snag a few minutes of Ms. Mason’s time and find out exactly why we should fall in love with her Cortana. Mason is a relatively new actress in the world of film and TV, and Halo 4 is her first voice acting role, period. For many new actors and voice actors, getting a gig in a video game is simply that: a gig. But for

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  • 15Oct

    Nintendo misses the mark with their “I’m not a Gamer” campaign

    I have to admit, I spend a portion of my free time watching reality TV that is aimed at women on channels like Lifetime, TLC and Bravo. It’s how I enjoy my downtime, with that all the advertising catered to that audience (women). Unfortunately, one of those commercials is the latest Nintendo 3DS campaign, “I’m not a gamer.” The two commercials are below and focus on Olympian Gabrielle Douglas and Dianna Agron from Glee. There may be more commercials, but those are the only ones I have seen. According to a press release (that for some reason I still have in my mailbox) Gabrielle’s campaign is supposed to be focused on “Play as you are.” I remember reading the press release and the following line struck me as weird… “..which is designed to show women and girls that you don’t need to be gamer to enjoy Nintendo 3DS.” This is

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  • 17May

    To Lydia With Love, Two More Times

    Kristen Nedopak, the hardest working woman on the web, currently has a plan to get two more Skyrim parody videos created to follow up her super successful Skyrim: To Lydia With Love video, and she needs your help to get them done! One of the main things Kristen talked about in her interview with us a while back was the need for community when trying to create your own content. Without community, it can be very difficult to get creator owned content not only made but finished and distributed for an audience to see. As Kristen is always more than willing to help out other creators with their projects, now’s the perfect chance to return the favor and help her out a little with her projects. You don’t have to be skilled in the art of  Thu’um to help out, or even smithing or necromancing to help out (she’s making it

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  • 15May

    Women in Games: Amanda McGinnis from Console to Closet

    Amanda McGinnis shops around and finds the best outfits and accessories inspired by video game characters. Currently a junior English major in college, Amanda hopes to one-day work for a gaming publication, or become a community manager for a gaming community. In addition to keeping everyone up on gamer fashion Amanda founded Assassionista, a gaming blog. Here is my conversation with Amanda about her Tumblr, Console to Closet. Natasha: So, how did you come up with this idea? Amanda: I actually came up with this idea a few months ago, when I decided that I wanted to learn how to make jewelry. I had this idea that I could make jewelry that looked inspired by games for people who wanted to show their nerd pride, but still look fashionable. After one trip to Michaels, I realized I had no idea how to make jewelry. Fast-forward a few months, I was

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  • 03May

    Interview: Whitney Wade (God of War Senior Producer)

    On Monday, we posted about God of War Ascension. We were invited to the reveal of God of War Ascension’s multiplayer mode. It must have been funny to watch the room full of press trying to figure out what the team was showing us throughout the demo. After the demo we sat with Sr. Producer Whitney Wade to talk about God of War Ascension and what this new adventure means to the team. GamingAngels: Hi Whitney. Describe to us what it’s been like to return to the God of War series. Whitney: It’s exciting times! We love making God of War and so we’re happy to do it. The franchise is so strong, I think that in focus testing we did, fans want more. So who are we to deny the fans? The major reveal is the multiplayer concept. How did that idea come about? Is it something you wanted

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  • 26Mar

    Meet Cassandra from When Geeks Wed

    This month’s Geek Woman feature is Cassandra from When Geeks Wed. When Geeks Wed is a great site for female geeks particularly for those wanting to plan a geeky wedding. The site has great geeky party themes as well, there is definitely something for everyone. When Geeks Wed is joining the She’s Geeky Inc network of sites and I want to introduce everyone to Cassandra! GamingAngel: Tell us a little about yourself – would you consider yourself a gamer? What are some of your favorite geeky things? What are you playing lately? Cassandra: I’ve always been that creative, artsy girl who also liked to play video games; growing up I played Super Mario Bros, Starfox, Mortal Kombat etc. That’s probably why I ended up becoming a modeler/ texture artist making characters for games like Smackdown vs Raw, NBA Ballers and Ironman. Now that I’m “grownup” I tend to prefer first

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  • 27Feb

    Interview: Kristen Nedopak – Actress, Host, Producer, Geek

    It’s hard out there for the creative people with big ideas and projects. How do you get your project started? What happens when you need help with parts of it? Where do you go to get the project exposure? The entertainment industry can be like the tank from Indian Jones and the Last Crusade and you can be the dude that gets crushed under its caterpillar tracks if you’re not careful. Failure can seem inevitable. That’s why awesome people such as Kristen Nedopak are riding in much like Indy himself and throwing you a lifeline before you follow those tracks down to an untimely doom. Last November, Kristen took a big step forward in her mission to help inspire people to be able to do things they are passionate about by putting together the “Geek Girls Creating Their Own Films and Shows” panel at LA’s first Comikaze Expo (which she and her lovely panel of geek ladies

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