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  • 13Jul

    Fantasy Friday: Shopping for Medieval Attire

     In New York the Sterling Renaissance Festival season is in full bloom. So, while at work in between delivering the mail and handing out office supplies, I looked for an affordable wardrobe for this year’s festival. No matter which way you cut it, a full medieval outfit costs a big purse, but I found this one site that satisfies any geek, even if you don’t  actually buy anything.  Medieval Collectibles has a category for everything. In addition to individual cloaks, swords, breastplates, etc., the site has collections based off movies, television shows and video games. The best part is not all the collections are from the medieval era. The Harry Potter collection is tantalizing. 25 bucks for a Gryffindor scarf could satisfy New York winters and show off my not so inner geek. The Harry Potter collection is one of the more extensive collections.  Some of the others only have

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  • 12Jul

    MAC collaborates with Archie Comics for makeup line

    MAC is always so so smart. They’ve had great short-term makeup lines in the past specifically aimed at the female geek. From Disney Villians to Wonder Woman and now Betty and Veronica. At SDCC MAC is hosting a pop-up cosmetic store to showcase their Archie Comics Makeup Line. I guess you finally get to pick if you are a Betty or Veronica girl. M·A·C Archie’s Girls will be launching in Spring 2013. It is inspired by Dan Parent from the Archie Series. The full colour cosmetics collection will celebrate the iconic beauty looks of Betty and Veronica. The pop up store has limited hours, but I will hopefully drop in later tonight for pictures and more information on the line. Update: Went to the MAC store last night. Stood for an hour and 45 minutes for an Archie sketch only for the artist to decide he couldn’t do anymore sketches

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  • 05Jun

    UNIQLO celebrates Metal Gear Solid 25th anniversary with sale

    UNIQLO is celebrating 25 years of Metal Gear Solid by hosting autograph sessions with the one and only Hideo Kojima and artist Yoji Shinkawa. Hideo Kojima is extremely nice to meet in person. It may be E3 right now, but right after, Kojima is heading to the UNIQLO event in New York for two days. June 8th is at UNIQLO 5th avenue from 6-8pm. June 9th is at the 34th st UNIQLO location. They do have tshirts forum women sizes as well. The event does require a minimum $30 UNIQLO purchase to participate in the autograph session. The 10 exclusive designs retail for $19.99 each and are limited edition. The merchandise will go on sale for both days in the morning of the 8th and 9th. The new line of tshirts feature characters and classic lines from the game. To get a look at the collection early head over to

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  • 07Dec

    Meet Project Runway All Stars

    The wait is almost over! I was so sad when Project Runway All Stars was delayed. But now the new date is approaching! The show starts Thursday, January 5, 2012 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime. Basically 13 past Project Runway contestants will get a second shot at proving that they are the best. Neiman Marcus is a sponsor for the show and to kick things off, they have a scheduled meet and greet. Tim Gunn will not be on this show and he explains in an interview on AOL that they were filming Season 9 at the same time as All Stars which was a bit too much for him to handle. “It may be a failing of mine, but when I’m with something, I’m there 150 percent,” Gunn continued. “I couldn’t possibly have a brain that’s going back and forth between those two workrooms of designers. I was

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  • 22Nov

    Her Universe adds new products for the holidays

    God I want that PJ set soooo badly. The Battlestar Galactica pajama set is only one of the new items added to the Her Universe store for the holidays. I love that the pjs say good hunting! These new items will premier on on Cyber Monday. New items cover Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Warehouse 13 and Eureka. I mean just cause it’s the holidays doesn’t mean you can’t buy for yourself right? The first 500 orders will received a free limited edition Star Wars holiday pin of Yoda and a signed card from Eckstein. Orders of $40 or more will also get free shipping. “Available for the first time this holiday season is a new thermal hoodie design with original art by Star Wars artist, Cat Staggs. Also from the beloved Star Wars franchise is a regal sterling silver plated Jedi charm to add to the already popular Star

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  • 11Oct

    This Week in Etsy: Fall, Fall Down.

    For those of you that don’t know Etsy is a website that is detected to the buying and selling “handcrafted items, or vintage items, art, and supplies.” There are a number of sellers which run stores filled with their handmade or vintage goods. Here at Gaming Angels, we will be starting a new feature, where we shall bring the best of Etsy to you. It will be items that we have found . Sometimes they will be theme based depending on season, game release, anniversary, item or theme. For this addition of  our Etsy finds, I wanted to embrace a fall theme. Fall is my favourite time of year. It is the time for scarfs, hats, apple cider and the colour of leaves. I have collected a few items off of Etsy that have a beautiful autumn theme. To begin, it would not be a fall themed article without the appearance

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  • 11Oct

    Anti- Pink T’s coming soon

    Recently we wrote about at tshirt at JC Penny’s that sent the wrong message to young girls. So many of us wrote about the shirt wondering how JC Penny could approve the shirt and really wondering about the company that made the shirt in the first place. The JC Penny shirt is not the first with this type of messaging. We found out that Forever 21 also had a similar shirt. Now someone has decided to create shirts that have the right message on them and we know her very well…. @trixie360 whom we know and love is teaming up with Shelly Armstrong to launch @AntiPinkTs. The goal of Anti Pink T’s is to create a line of clothing with a positive message. A message that girls can be proud to wear and moms should want to buy. I have never let people like that hold me back – but

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  • 13Sep

    Missoni for Target launches and crashes

    Fashionistas everywhere woke up early to hit the Target website today. The Missoni collection officially went on sale today and promptly crashed the site. Unfortunately those going to brick and mortar stores may not fair any better. There are reports of people online since 2am and just filling their cart with as much merchandise as they can. Probably not in the manner of keeping, but for re-selling at a marked up price on Ebay. The collection that includes everything from signature zig-zag print sweaters for $44.99 and silk scarves for $19.99 to iPad covers and furniture. This photo makes me sad. As someone that wanted to purchase a pair of shoes and a dress, this is just disgusting to witness: Target Missoni picture. Target’s press release stated that the sale will go through October. But will that mean they will refill what’s been sold? Will we get another chance to

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  • 31Aug

    No need to learn if you are pretty and shop at JC Penney

    I sat down for lunch and saw a tweet from Sarah Kimmel about a tshirt that has a message. Unfortunately, given the world we are in right now, this message is about the worst thing you can have on a shirt. “I’m too pretty to do Homework so my brother has to do it for me”. The back to school shirt (wow the irony) is listed for Girls 7-16. The text is in varying colors, scripts all in an effort to look “girly”. The accompanying text states that the shirt’s wearer is too cute and should be listening to new Justin Bieber albums. *breathe* The official update is that the shirt has been pulled from online. No word on if it is being sold in stores and of course, no official statement. I think it would be best for JC Penney to officially apologize and create a scholarship to help

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  • 29Aug

    Designer brings Rapture to beautiful jewelry

    I know GamingAngels readers are always looking for unique and fashionable ways to wear our favorite hobby, gaming. Etsy is usually a great place to look because one finds the most creative items on there and usually at a great place. This week we found, Land of Rapture where gaming and fashion meet. “Geeky, curious, odd and whimsical jewellery from deep down in the nuclear bunker of one English womans mind. From a love of whimsical brass to a love of video games, it’s all here.” The necklaces are awesome (including the Portal necklace), but I love her Plasmid Brass Hairclips. Her prices are very reasonable from $12 to around $20. She doesn’t only have gaming jewelry, I saw various crests from Hogwarts. The store is full of awesome and I am probably going to order the pixel bow for myself! Follow

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