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  • 31Jul

    Sailor Moon Sailebration with VIZ at Otakon 2015!

    Sailor Moon has had an enormous year since the release of Sailor Moon Crystal in mid 2014, along with an updated English adaption, with improved visuals, aspect ratios and new voice acting. The quintessential Magical Girl anime and manga took over Otakon [one of the largest anime conventions on the east coast] this past weekend, with an array of Sailor Moon events, guests, panels and convention exclusive items. VIZ Media’s booth had an Otakon special edition t-shirt and canvas tote for fans, limited edition collectable coins, pins, posters and paper tiaras along with special prize packs. As a major fan of the series myself since my early adolescence, I fully embraced my inner Moonie , and with it’s pink shimmery visuals, flowing brightly colored hair and signature Sailor fukus, it would be a challenge for Sailor Moon to not bring out the little girl in most of us. It was

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  • 17Apr

    Turning Japanese Weekly News (April 11th – April 24th)

    New People Presents Artist Village Vol. 5 to Celebrate Cherry Blossom Festival Eclectic Art Market Takes Over Dynamic J-Town Venue For Two Consecutive Weekends This Month With Works From A Talented Mix Of Local Asian And Western-Influenced Artists NEW PEOPLE, the dynamic San Francisco entertainment destination bringing the latest examples of Japanese popular culture to North American shores, teams up with BAZAAR BIZARRE SAN FRANCISCO to celebrate the 45th Annual Cherry Blossom Festival and present the NEW PEOPLE ARTIST VILLAGE Vol. 5 – a fun and festive vertical arts and crafts show to be stationed throughout the spacious Japantown venue for two consecutive weekends – April 14th / 15th and April 21st / 22nd from 11:00am to 6:00pm each day. The free event extends the Bay Area’s yearly celebration of Asian tradition with a dozen unique artists and merchants, stationed in colorfully decorated kiosks throughout the building, offering an eclectic

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  • 12Apr

    Preview: Accel World

    Viz Media announced on Friday the simulcast of Accel World on Viz Media website. The first episode is embedded below and a new episode will be released every Friday. Accel World follows Haruyuki who is a bullied kid. He doesn’t enjoy his real life and escapes to a virtual world. In this anime, kids are always hooked onto the internet through gear around their neck. Haruyuki sometimes disappears onto this online world where he is the best at an in-game squash game. One day the most popular girl takes an interest in him. She convinces Haruyuki to install a program that will forever change his real life. Haruyuki’s avatar is a piggy and in the first episode you can already get a feel for how lonely he is. How he wants to strive to be someone special, or someone better than he is. Haruyuki also doesn’t want to tell people

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  • 02Apr

    Turning Japanese Weekly News (April 3rd – April 10th)

    VIZ Media’s Haikasoru imprint releases author Natsuki Ikezawa’s surrealistic novel, THE NAVIDAD INCIDENT: THE DOWNFALL OF MATIAS GUILI! A Modern Classic Of Magical Realism And Political Satire That Reinvents Myths Of 20th Century Japan VIZ Media’s Haikasoru imprint has announced the release today of author Natsuki Ikezawa’s surrealistic novel, THE NAVIDAD INCIDENT: THE DOWNFALL OF MATIAS GUILI. The book is published by the company’s Haikasoru imprint and carries an MSRP of $24.99 U.S. / $28.99 CAN / £16.99 UK. An eBook edition is also available on the Amazon Kindle, Apple’s iBooks Store, the Barnes & Noble’s Nook Books Store, and the Sony Reader™ Store. Haikasoru publishes some of the most compelling contemporary Japanese science fiction and fantasy stories for English-speaking audiences, and is the first imprint based in the U.S. dedicated to Japanese science fiction and fantasy in translation. In this sweeping magical-realist epic set in the fictional south sea

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  • 20Mar

    Turning Japanese Weekly News (March 12th – March 27th)

    Japanese Game Event Comes to S.F.’s New People on March 23rd NEW PEOPLE about the first-ever U.S. installment of “The Real Escape Game: The Escape From The Werewolf Village,” beginning Friday, March 23rd thru Sunday March, 25th. NEW PEOPLE is located in San Francisco’s Japantown at 1746 Post St. NEW PEOPLE invites visitors to become amateur detectives for a very special event as it welcomes the first-ever U.S. installment of “The Real Escape Game: The Escape From The Werewolf Village,” beginning Friday, March 23rd thru Sunday March, 25th. NEW PEOPLE is located in San Francisco’s Japantown at 1746 Post St. “The Real Escape Game” is an inventive live game event originally created in Japan that requires players to cooperate and use their detective skills to solve multiple mysteries to locate a hidden key in order to escape from a locked room within a limited time. The U.S. edition, “The Escape

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  • 06Mar

    Pray For Japan: Nationwide Charity Theatrical Engagement

    Pray For Japan Special Nationwide Charity Theatrical Engagement on March 14, 2012 Honors One-Year Anniversary of Japanese Tsunami Tragedy!! On March 11, 2011, Japan’s Tohoku coastal region was destroyed by a 9.0 magnitude earthquake and devastating tsunami that followed. PRAY FOR JAPAN takes place in the devastated region of Ishinomaki, Miyagi – the largest coastal city in Tohoku with a population of over 160,000 people. Filmmaker Stu Levy – an American living in Japan – filmed the tsunami aftermath during his trips to Tohoku as a volunteer and over a period of 6 weeks, captured over 50 hours of footage. PRAY FOR JAPAN focuses on four key perspectives of the tragedy – School, Shelter, Family, and Volunteers. With each perspective we meet victims who faced significant obstacles and fought to overcome them. Through these four vantage points, the audience is able to understand the vast ramifications of this large-scale natural

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  • 05Mar

    Turning Japanese Weekly News (February 22nd – March 11th)

    VIZ Media & Warner Brothers To Develop Bleach Live Action Movie VIZ Media’s Mega-Hit Franchise Continues To Expand Across All Entertainment Channels, Win In Ratings, And Top Best Seller Lists VIZ Media announced today that Warner Bros. Pictures has acquired the live-action feature film rights to the hit manga and anime property BLEACH. The announcement comes after another successful year for BLEACH in print, digital publishing, cable television, streaming video, consumer products and video-on-demand. “BLEACH has built a huge international following in its manga and anime formats, and we’re excited that Warner Bros. shares our belief that BLEACH can also become a fantastic live-action film,” said Jason Hoffs of VIZ Productions, VIZ Media’s Hollywood-based production company. “BLEACH is an exciting opportunity to mix Japanese and Hollywood storytelling to create something new for the big screen, and we’re thrilled for the opportunity to further expose its unique characters and story to

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  • 14Feb

    Turning Japanese Weekly News (February 8th – 21st)

    VIZ Media Expands Digital Manga Titles Available For Nook Tablet 15 New Shonen Jump Series Now Available For Barnes & Noble’s 7-Inch NOOK© Devices, Including BAKUMAN。, BLEACH, DEATH NOTE, NARUTO, ONE PIECE And More! The digital manga convergence continues across North America as VIZ Media, LLC, largest distributor and publisher of anime and manga in North America, announces the launch of 15 additional manga (graphic novel) series for the Barnes & Noble NOOK Tablet and NOOK Color. Beginning today, the company expands its library of digital manga titles offered in the NOOK Store™ to include a variety of popular manga series published under the Shonen Jump and Shonen Jump Advanced imprints. Volumes are presented in their original Japanese Right-to-Left reading format and are available for purchase and fast download in the U.S. and Canada for $4.99 -$9.99 (U.S. / CAN) each. Over 35 series and 400+ volumes are now available,

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  • 30Jan

    Turning Japanese Weekly News (January 24th – February 7th)

    VIZ Media Kicks Off 2012 with Naruto Official Character Data Book New Guide Offers Fans Essential NARUTO Character Info As Well As Never-Before-Revealed Data And Secrets VIZ Media opens the new year with the latest addition to its extensive library of NARUTO titles. NARUTO: THE OFFICIAL CHARACTER DATA BOOK is available now, offers essential information on key characters from the smash-hit action series, and includes 8 full-color pages. NARUTO: THE OFFICIAL CHARACTER BOOK is rated ‘T’ for Teens and will carry an MSRP of $14.99 U.S. / $16.99 CAN. A ninja knows all! And now you can too! Here’s all the intel you need on who’s who in NARUTO!.THE OFFICIAL CHARACTER DATA BOOK gives you all you need stay the expert on all things NARUTO. Whether you’re catching up, brushing up, or just getting started with the goings-on in ninja world, this handy, huge guide covers the whole story all

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  • 16Jan

    Turning Japanese Weekly News (January 17th – 24th)

    VIZ Media Simulcasts New Sci-Fi Anime Series Lagrange – The Flower of Rin-Ne Kinetic Action Comedy Series Created By Production I.G. Features An Arsenal Of Robots Designed By Nissan; First Episode Available To Stream Now! VIZ Media excites anime fans with the announcement of the U.S. online simulcast premiere of the brand new series, LAGRANGE – THE FLOWER OF RIN-NE, on VIZAnime.com, the company’s own website for free anime, as well as on the free, ad-supported Hulu service and in high-definition on the Hulu Plus subscription service (www.Hulu.com). The first episode (subtitled) is available now with new installments scheduled to debut each Sunday! In addition, Kazé SAS will be the official partner in the United Kingdom for the simulcast of LAGRANGE – THE FLOWER OF RIN-NE. Episode 1 is now available on www.anime-on-demand.com, with new episodes debuting every Sunday. LAGRANGE – THE FLOWER OF RIN-NE just launched on Japanese television

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