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  • 30Jul

    Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog makes TV debut

    What started as an online masterpiece, will now be making it’s way for television. Unfortunately it’s not a sequel, but the original Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog that will be on CW on Tuesday, October 9 (9-10pm ET). Joss Whedon created the three-part online musical in 2008. It stars Neil Patrick Harris, Felicia Day, and Nathan Fillion. All in hilarious roles. Neil Patrick Harris plays Dr. Horrible who is trying to get accepted into he Evil League of Evil. Of course with Nathan Fillion as his superhero arch nemesis, Captain Hammer, hilarity ensues. If you haven’t seen it yet, tune in. If you have seen it, tune in. Either way support for Joss Whedon on TV can only lead to more Joss Whedon ideas on TV. And we can only hope for more Dr. Horrible. Follow

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  • 12May

    Intel provides a look at who you are online

    Intel has created a campaign called “What about me”. By connecting your online social presence , (Twitter, Facebook and Youtube), Intel’s machine gives you a look at who you are online. Remember a couple days ago when we talked about people that lie about who they are online? This provides insight, but unfortunately only for the individual. I am unable to look up my friends (online or irl) and see what their profile looks like. It drilled down what I talk about online in percentages by topic. According to my wheel you would think I’m not online all that much (the percentages aren’t that high). Also it states that I spend more time talking about tv than gaming. Which is really weird. After that it breaks down your most popular tweets, posts and pics. There is also a look at your connections. It really feels like the Intel program choose

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  • 09May

    One in five people post false information on social media sites

    Social Networks are commonplace now. New networks show up all the time, companies are created to measure your influence online and all generations are sharing online in a variety of ways. But did you ever wonder if the person you are following is real? Or if what they are tweeting about is accurate? According to a recent report showcased on Reuters, one in five people in the study outright lied in their social media profile. What’s even more interesting is that while people are “liking” posts, or commenting, 90% of those surveyed believe people are “oversharing”. That’s right, not everyone cares about the angry face your baby made, or the tacos that you ate today. If you think about it, many of us share things online that we may never say to someone else in person. For example, on my private blog I tend to write about various things I’m

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  • 15Feb

    Pinterest has increased my spending habits

    It was bound to happen. I’ve written about my addiction to Pinterest. At first I loved the visual nature of Pinterest. I loved seeing what people pinned, signifying that this item was important to them. I have created boards, but I’m not much of a pinner. I’m starting to pin more, but that’s typically stuff from GamingAngels to remind me I want to purchase this game at home point. But this past week Pinterest has altered my real life spending habits. First, I decided to get a hair cut. Typically I would look online or through magazines, but really not bring anything in for the hairstylist and end up just getting a trim. This time I used the magic of Pinterest. I created a hair styles board, then search Pinterst for Hair. Then I searched for “hairstyles”. I think I used a variation of the term hair a few times

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  • 03Nov

    Google does a Barrel Roll

    If you haven’t seen this explode on Twitter or Facebook yet, go to Google and type “Do a Barrel Roll”. Google is known for updating it’s logo, but this new trick is actually something pretty cool. Everyone from News organizations to celebs are tweeting about it (some people are a little sick of it already). The New York Times Bits Blog suggested in a tweet that “Google responds in something of a Siri-like fashion.” What are the true motivations behind this new web trick? Not sure but in the end, it’s pretty cool trick. Follow

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  • 30Sep

    Retro Nostalgia: 72 Pins

    This afternoon marks the release of a really interesting revival of something those of us that have been gaming for a long time are going to remember very well.  The NES Cartridge.  But, these cartridges don’t have the games you remember listed on the label.  Instead, they’ve been upgraded with modern day game titles and pretty awesome retro-flavored art.  The crew at 72 Pins, has taken these old cartridges and repurposed them for your home as collector’s items- as art- or whatever else you can think to do with your very own copy of… Bioshock, Dead Space, Okami, Halo.  Starting today, they is 8 different game types of retro-fied art cartridges available for sale to decorate your home. Over the coming weeks, they’ve already got more games they’ll be launching. Individual cartridges will be available for $20.  So, if you’re looking to get your hands on a cool copy of

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  • 02Jun

    Your picture can inspire a Hollywood film

    On GamingAngels we are holding a weekly camera contest to inspire and get us to learn/use our camera. Photography can inspire anyone and right now it is inspiring film director, Ron Howard. Ron has teamed up with Canon to create his next film based on the inspiration from pictures that are sent in to the Project Imagination YouTube channel. The project launched on May 22 but goes through June 14th. “I’m known as a narrative storyteller, so when Canon approached me to partner on the ‘Long Live Imagination’ campaign, I was moved by the opportunity to collaborate with the masses, tapping into consumers’ creativity and using their photos as building blocks to produce a film,” said Howard. “I hope the project stimulates people’s imaginations whether they are an amateur photographer, a world traveler or a proud parent, and I hope what we create is meaningful.” You can go to the

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  • 19Apr

    Check out Perky Jerky: Beef and Turkey Jerky with a twist

    Perky Jerky…two words I would’ve never thought to put together in my life.  But, it’s been done.  Through a lucky set of coincidences the people over at Perky Jerky have come up with beef and turkey jerky with enough guarana in it to give you a small energy boost; good enough for high activity pursuits, or healthy snack options. I recently had the chance to sample some of both the beef an turkey flavors and was pleasantly surprised.  I’m usually a fan of beef jerky — I think it makes for good snack and good travel food.  Perky Jerky is different than your standard convenience station fare however.  They’ve done their best to give it good flavor, this is not teriyaki jerky like you’ve had before.  It’s all good ingredients, premium meats, lots of flavor and low in both fat and calories. In terms of flavor, I think the turkey

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  • 09Mar

    Warner Bros to offer films on Facebook

    Warner Bros has announced that they will be making some of their films available on Facebook. But not for free like you may be hoping. Warner Bros has set it up so that consumers can pay for the movies using Facebook Credits. Yeah those things you use to send gifts or buy things in games. Facebook will take 30% of the revenue through advertising. Initially the service will be available in the US. The first movie available will be,”The Dark Knight”. Rentals will cost $3 for 48 hours where viewers can pause or restart the movie. Follow

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  • 04Mar

    Want to be Winning?

    A certain celeb has had a pretty funny string of outbursts in the media and now on Twitter. The common theme seems to be about #winning. Well now you can be #winning with your own Tiger Blood. Our friends who brought you Mana and Zombie Jerky have now released Tiger Blood B. It’s a limited edition, energy drink that does not contain 7 gram rocks. Packing pure Winning. Pouches are available for purchase here. Just be careful…seems like too much winning may cause you to act funny. BRRRRRING IT! Follow

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