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  • 08Feb

    Here I go Again Pulp Angels review

    For this Pulp Angels review, we read Jen Lancaster’s Here I Go Again as part of the Blog Her reading club. I loved High School. Maybe I’m delusional about my “status” at the school, but I had a great time. I was on a World Champion Dance Guard team, had tons of great friends, and was a member of as many clubs as I could join (I think that started my need to multitask). Highschool was full of friends, laughter and good times. For Lissy Ryder, High School was where she dominated. As part of a Heather’s type group called the Belles, Lissy ruled the school and her “friends”. She set trends and lashed out harshly at those is slightly different social classes than her. In Here I Go Again, Lissy is about to attend her twenty year high school reunion when basically her “perfect” life, falls apart. Her high

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  • 07Feb

    Hyperion Books takes on She-Hulk and Rogue romance books

    Hyperion Books is working with Marvel to publish two novels focused on female superheroes. The novels are set for a June release, and while promise to be action packed, the written description in the press release is very much focused on the fact that for each of the heroines they are looking for love. That’s right two novels that star women that seem to come right out of the Bachelor. She-Hulk Diaries will follow Jennifer Walters as she works during the day and battles villains, but also “trying to navigate the dating world to find a Mr. Right who might not mind a sometimes very big and green girlfriend”. Rogue Touch will follow Rogue as she goes through the challenge of finding romance when she can’t touch anyone. She has run away from home after putting her first boyfriend in a coma. She meets another guy and “sparks fly”. The

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  • 15Jan

    What I read January 13th

    Hi everyone! How are you doing? I hope that you are avoiding the plague. I, unfortunately caught it which doesn’t leave much room for working on GamingAngels or reading/gaming on my own. When you’re a kid, you LOVE sick days because all you do is relax, read and play. Or at least that’s what I did. But when you’re an adult, you have to work through it, or you sleep. With this flu, I found myself sleeping more than not. But that could also have to do with the fact that I’m 9 months pregnant. lol This past week I’ve only read two books. One is for pumpkin so it’s almost cheating. While my volume of output is pathetic, the books themselves were pretty cool. In continuing with the Archie theme, I read the book above (another score from a SDCC long ago). This book differs in that it basically

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  • 03Jan

    Plume #1 review

    Title: Plume #1 Publisher: Devil’s Due Creator: K. Lynn Smith Recommendation: BUY We received a review copy of Plume # 1 from Devil’s Due and so I dived in right away. With the help of 497 backers on Kickstarter, Plume was able to go from Web Comic to Print. I had not heard of Plume in the web comics and it’s great that this title has the opportunity to head to print and gain exposure. Because it’s worth it! Plume features Vesper Grey, a strong female lead who’s father is an archeologist. A role us gamers are familiar with, but don’t think this is just a Tomb Raider rip off. Vesper Grey teams up with her supernatural bodyguard, Corrick (you find out a little about him in the first issue), to hunt for ancient mystic artifacts discovered by Vesper’s father. The comic is a mixture of Western meets Fantasy with

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  • 01Jan

    What I read week of December 30

    Ah the last week of the year…. and what did I choose to end the year reading? Wonder if what I list below is a reflection of my year as a whole. What are your thoughts? First up I took on Echo by Terry Moore. Terry Moore is one of my favorite comic book writers. I fell in love with Strangers in Paradise (PLEASE READ IT IF YOU HAVEN’T YET). For a long time my online nick was Katchoo inspired by one of his characters in Strangers in Paradise. For some reason when Echo came out, I bought the first two graphic novels and just kindof dropped it. I never read them and basically just skipped the entire story. Big mistake. Because Echo is exactly what I have come to expect from Terry Moore. I love the characters and their interactions. Since I only have the two issues, I actually

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  • 24Dec

    What I read Week of 12/23

    Even though I’m getting everything ready for Pumpkin, I do have some downtime. It’s typically when I’m already laying on the couch and too tired to move anymore. It hit me last night, that I have a HUGE stack of books and comics (actually many stacks) that I have never read. So I gathered a few and each week I’ll give a run down of what I read and if you should pick it up. Prepare yourself though…some of this stuff is old (like from a few comic cons ago), but you might have missed out too and it’s easy now to go back and start on what you’ve missed. This week I read…. I am a huge fan of Archie comics. I remember as a kid in Germany running to the base to make sure I bought that week’s digest. I bought them all too. Betty and Veronica, Archie,

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  • 27Nov

    Zelda’s Hyrule Historia Limited Edition is so very pretty

    Dark Horse Books has teamed up with Nintendo to bring you a Limited Collector’s Edition of The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia. Not only is the faux-leather hardcover just beautiful, but the book contains the first historical collection of the Legend of Zelda franchise. The Legend of Zelda: Hyrule Historia Collector’s Edition is limited to only 4,000 copies. The book contains concept art, in-depth making of, full history of the Zelda franchise and an introduction by the one and only Shigeru Miyamoto. The following retailers will have the Collector’s Edition on sale February 12, 2013 for $69.99: Nintendo World Store Think Geek Things From Another World Forbidden Planet UK PBM (Holland) Amazon.com Barnes & Noble (online) Or you can pre-order it from your local comic book store!

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  • 05Nov

    Finding new wonder in the Wizard of Oz

    Title:Wizard of Oz – pop-up Publisher: Insight kids Price on book: $22.99 Illustrations by: Nicola L. Robinson Story by : L. Frank Baum The story of the Wizard of Oz is a classic one, but Insight Kids has taken a very interesting twist by bringing it to life with beautiful three-dimensional pop-up scenes. The book itself has a hard, sturdy cover which is great for making sure the pages and the 3D pop-up scenes stay protected. Inside, it’s the same Wizard of Oz story that we all know and love. The illustrations from Nicola are not kept just to the Pop-up scenes, but are are also around the corners of the pages. The real magic is a new-to-me innovation to pop-up scenes in a book. I am in LOVE with this style of pop-up and no other book may be the same again. A pop-up page starts with a picture

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  • 28Sep

    BlogHer Book Review: Daring Greatly

    I’m not big on self help books. I figure why spend my time reading those when I have the internet and friends who are there when I need someone. But Brene Brown’s How the Courage to Be Vulnerable Transforms the Way We Live, Love, Parent, and Lead intrigued me because if I have learned one thing in the last five years, it is that change will happen. You have to be ready for it, embrace it and make the changes work for you. Otherwise you are in for a major shock when it happens to you. Dr. Brown is a research professor at the University of Houston Graduate College of Social Work. She works from the idea that feeling vulnerable can be the beginning of feeling things like joy, innovation and creativity. She says, “Everything I’ve learned from over a decade of research on vulnerability has taught me this exact

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  • 20Sep

    The Art of BioShock Infinite Coming in February

    From what I understand (see: not really a video gamer), BioShock Infinite is not a pornographic game, despite the incredibly phallic nature of this cover. This is certainly a very striking and attention-grabbing cover, and I know my colleagues here who play this type of game are very excited to see this book. I am impressed with the quality of the art, at least, and the behind the scenes look at the elaborate staging of this game looks fascinating. According to the press release from Dark Horse, this will be a hardcover book which will feature: …production designs and concept illustrations focusing on main characters Booker, Elizabeth, and Songbird from the highly anticipated BioShock® Infinite video game. See the evolution of the Heavy Hitters, the populace of Columbia, the Sky-Hook, Vigors, airships, and much more! The book is scheduled to hit bookstores and comic book shops on February 27, the day

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