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  • 07Feb

    Hyperion Books takes on She-Hulk and Rogue romance books

    Hyperion Books is working with Marvel to publish two novels focused on female superheroes. The novels are set for a June release, and while promise to be action packed, the written description in the press release is very much focused on the fact that for each of the heroines they are looking for love. That’s right two novels that star women that seem to come right out of the Bachelor. She-Hulk Diaries will follow Jennifer Walters as she works during the day and battles villains, but also “trying to navigate the dating world to find a Mr. Right who might not mind a sometimes very big and green girlfriend”. Rogue Touch will follow Rogue as she goes through the challenge of finding romance when she can’t touch anyone. She has run away from home after putting her first boyfriend in a coma. She meets another guy and “sparks fly”. The

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  • 03Jan

    Plume #1 review

    Title: Plume #1 Publisher: Devil’s Due Creator: K. Lynn Smith Recommendation: BUY We received a review copy of Plume # 1 from Devil’s Due and so I dived in right away. With the help of 497 backers on Kickstarter, Plume was able to go from Web Comic to Print. I had not heard of Plume in the web comics and it’s great that this title has the opportunity to head to print and gain exposure. Because it’s worth it! Plume features Vesper Grey, a strong female lead who’s father is an archeologist. A role us gamers are familiar with, but don’t think this is just a Tomb Raider rip off. Vesper Grey teams up with her supernatural bodyguard, Corrick (you find out a little about him in the first issue), to hunt for ancient mystic artifacts discovered by Vesper’s father. The comic is a mixture of Western meets Fantasy with

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  • 09Jul

    Why I Can’t Get Into Comics

    I am and forever will be a huge X-Men fan. I got into the mutants when I was in high school when a fantastic cartoon simply called “X-Men” wowed me every afternoon. If I had band practice (yes, I was that kind of a nerd in high school), I set our upstairs VCR to record it. It was then around my senior year in high school that I ventured into my first comic book store and started to collect the X-Men rebooted series. For those who are super hardcore comic book nerds, it’s the X-Men reboot from the early 1990s, also simply called “X-Men.” I collected it all the way up to leaving for college, which led me up to about issue 60 or 70. I honestly can’t remember and my stash is in a box somewhere. I left the comics at home, because I was in an uncomfortable place

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  • 04Apr

    Review – Heart #4

    Publisher: Image Release Date: March 18, 2012 Writer: Blair Butler Artist: Kevin Mellon Price: $2.99 Age range: Mature (violence and profanity) When last we saw Oren, he had just gotten the crap beat out of him. In the final issue of the series, we find out how having his clock thoroughly and completely cleaned effects him and how or if he gets back on his feet again. This entire series has been a wonderful character study from start to finish. The fact that the study was on a character that probably isn’t the first choice for many to fill the role of protagonist. Oren was pretty much a royal jerkface the entire series, his jerkiness growing with every MMA match he won. But with a title like “Heart”, I kept expecting him to show a little in some form or another. So while the route Butler takes with Oren at the

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  • 04Apr

    DC Entertainment Announces New Batman Graphic Novel

    DC Entertainment has announced a new graphic novel that’s taking an original spin on the world of Batman by focusing on the famed city of Gotham itself. BATMAN: DEATH BY DESIGN is set to explore the “sinister truth behind the destruction of Gotham’s most iconic historical landmarks” by building up a mystery around the city’s architecture and design. A collaboration between four-time Eisner award winning writer Chip Kidd and critically acclaimed artist Dave Taylor (BATMAN: SHADOW OF THE BAT, BATMAN & SUPERMAN: WORLD’S FINEST), BATMAN: DEATH BY DESIGN promises to be a unique take on the Batman mythology by setting the story during the period of an expansive construction boom that will combine both the visual and thematic elements of works like Fritz Lang’s Metropolis, Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead and Elia Kazan’s The Waterfront. The combination of Kidd’s idiomatic take on the iconic hero and the visual realization of that

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  • 03Apr

    DC Entertainment and 3000 AD Announce Line of Defense

    3000 AD and DC Entertainment are bringing comic books fans to the edge of conflict with Line of Defense. A video game where forces are trying to take over the resources of a distant planet and build a super weapon, all of which causes conflict for Galactic Command, Line of Defense was designed by veteran Derek Smart and developed by 3000 AD. For many years the Terran military forces of GALCOM have been engaged in various conflicts with the Insurgents– a splinter group of military personnel opposed to the Terran governing body. In a surprise move, the Insurgents setup shop on the long abandoned planet of Lyrius, previously used by GALCOM for weapons testing, R&D and other forms of military operations. This move wouldn’t normally warrant a deep space troop deployment, except for the fact that the Insurgents were rumored to be developing a super weapon on the planet. Firefight, a special limited-edition,“First Issue”

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  • 20Mar

    DC Announces Release Dates for the Collected Editions of the New 52

    Coming this May, DC Entertainment will be releasing the first volumes of four of the New 52 titles. Intended to appeal to avid and lapse fans as well as new readers, the New 52 marked an almost company-wide “do over” with new origins and designs being introduced for the publishing house’s classic characters, as well as starting all iconic series at issue number 1. For better or worse, the massive relaunch was done to introduce the iconic heroes of DC Comics to a new generation of readers. So if you were interested in seeing what’s been done to the DC line-up but missed out on the release of the single issues, May will be a good month for you to them in a collected trade. The first four titles and their release dates are as follows: Justice League Vol. 1: Origin Written by Geoff Johns, with art by Jim Lee

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  • 01Feb

    Oni Press announces Yo Gabba Gabba! for Free Comic Book day

    Oni Press has always supported Free Comic Book day and this year they have a title for the older and younger comic book fans. Free Comic Book day is in it’s tenth year and will be on May 5, 2012. For the older crowd, Oni Press is giving away #1 issue of Bad Medicine. Written by Nunzio DeFilippis and Christina Weir (New X-Men: Academy X, Batman Confidential) and artist Christopher Mitten. The comic book is about a doctor working to try and explain the unexplainable. “This is not a zero issue, it’s not a preview or an advanced look, this is the actual issue #1 of Bad Medicine. This follows the model that we used to launch The Sixth Gun two years ago and Spontaneous last year,” Oni marketing director Cory Casoni explained. “At Oni Press, we believe that Free Comic Book Day is about Free Comics! By launching a

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  • 25Jan

    Review: Batgirl (of the New 52)

    When DC released the new 52, I sadly missed out on all of them. This is because my comic book store couldn’t get their stuff together to get my pull list filed. Email after email I watched as I missed out on all the issues. I read about the roar of the new 52 and decided that maybe it was for the better that I missed out. I would have been too upset to give DC another dollar after reading about how some of my favorite characters turned out. But in that, I almost missed out on one of the best stories I have read. This weekend I picked up Batgirl Issues 1-4 from the New 52. The art is amazing and the writing even better. This is what excites me about comic books. The story focuses on Barbara Gordon as she gets back into the Batgirl gear after just

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  • 18Jan

    New Comic Series Bridging PROTOTYPE and PROTOTYPE 2 to Launch in February

    On Tuesday, Radical Entertainment and Dark Horse Comics announced that they have activated their Wonder Twin powers in the form of an all-new comic series set in the PROTOTYPE universe.  With Activision Pulishing, Inc. rolling out PROTOTYPE 2 on April 24, 2012, fans should watch out for this collaboration for a deeper look into the game series. The series will be digital in format (available at Digital.Darkhorse.com every other week starting February 15, 2012)  and broken into three original stories that will fill in the gap between PROTOTYPE and PROTOTYPE 2.  The first story, “The Anchor,” will continue PROTOTYPE protagonist Alex Mercer’s story. Tthe second story, “The Survivors,” will follow a group of New Yorkers trying to escape the city (now transformed into NYZ due to the outbreak of the Blacklight virus).  The third story, “The Labyrinth”, will provide fans with a deeper look into PROTOTYPE 2’s new protagonist, Sgt. James Heller. “We’re always looking for meaningful ways to expand the PROTOTYPE universe, and Dark Horse Comics is an

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