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Historically, my favorite games are linear Role Playing Games. I started with text based games and arcades as a kid and later fell in love with the worlds in Final Fantasy. I love other genres as well but I always make my way back to rpgs.

In watching the announced games at E3 this year, many are shooters but then more and more of my Role Playing Games are going the way of a sandbox. Ugh. That is literally my worst case scenario. I know that sandbox games give you more “game for your buck”. Allowing the gamer to explore. But I have never felt the need to do that. I want to play a game like a visual book. Where I can follow the storyline and see it enacted in front of me. There’s a beginning, middle and end and I typically can figure out how far along I am while playing.

My time available to play games has whistled down to nothing, but even when I had loads of time, I hated “wasting” time on sidequests or open exploring when it didn’t add to the main story line. I have a stack of games I’ve never returned to because I went off the beaten path and couldn’t find my way back. I would have to start the game over to figure out the main story line again. Even though I LOVE the game, there is no way I can make the time to replay in this manner.

But am I the last person on earth that prefers linear gameplay? According to my husband and maybe E3 2017, I am a stubborn dinosaur. Gaming will never go back to linear again and it’s better for it. My wallet and I disagree.

So what do you say? Am I holding on to a relic? An ancient way of playing? Should games offer a way to select if you want a linear or open world mode? Is there a trick for staying focused on the main story line that I haven’t discovered yet?

E3 2017 has started! Mon, 12 Jun 2017 22:26:17 +0000

E3 2017 kicked off yesterday with announcements from EA, Bethesda and Microsoft. Today is Ubisoft and Sony. No, I’m not there. Do I miss it? Maybe a little. But even if I could get a pass, I couldn’t take off work or be away from the babies for that long. Never mind logging the amount of hours that covering E3 takes.

We had some great times covering E3 at The volunteer writers did amazing work as we started the week with tons of energy and wonder. E3 is a monster to cover for anyone, but they took the challenge head on and had some amazing experiences throughout the years.

This year, I’ll be armchair QB’ing it with my husband. You might have noticed, got a facelift. I’ve been neglecting it for a few years while learning how to balance life with babies. When it came time to pay the personal hosting bill, I just realized it was too much. Time to re-do the site, on the cheap and get back to the fun of posting and talking about all things geek.

Hubby and I will go over the E3 news, and post our (sometimes uninformed) opinions on what is announced. We’ll hopefully do game reviews in the future and hopefully I can convince my husband that we need the newest consoles to stay on top of gaming. Sadly, my gaming time has gone down to zero, but I’m always trying to see where we can make time to game. Sleep always seems to overrule gaming.

I hope you enjoy this format and will join me for the ride!