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GamingAngels Presents is a network of sites that we love and want to help promote in any way that we can. All of these sites are completely separate entities and wholly owned by the great people who have worked so hard on them.

Our Partners

When Geeks Wed was created by Cassandra, a newly-wed who while planning her own wedding in 2010 realized that there wasn’t a place for inspiration for brides like her – a geeky, gamer girl who loves killing zombies especially the Call of Duty kind. Her blog focuses on inspiring other geeky, gamer and alternative brides and grooms with daily updates, photos and DIY projects. She believes social media plays an important part in the wedding planning process and enjoys hearing from brides and grooms through Twitter and Facebook.

Check it out at When Geeks Wed or on Twitter @WhenGeeksWed

The Fickle Fangirl is a blog and audio podcast about TV, movies and entertainment from the fangirl perspective. We cover news, reviews and recaps for shows like HBO’s True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones and whatever else it is we are in to this week.

Check them out at Fickle Fangirl or on Twitter @ficklefangirl

Game Dames is a bi-weekly audio podcast about all things video games from a female perspective. Hosts Leala and Dana discuss the latest in gaming news and in-depth discussions on topics of interest to the female gamer. We discuss all types of video games from console, handheld, mobile, Facebook and PC. Expect a lot of opinions, insight and laughter in each episode. The purpose of Game Dames is to celebrate the girl gaming community and create an environment that encourages thoughtful discussion on subjects that are both meaningful and fun. We also aim to highlight and interview women who work in the gaming industry.

Check them out at Game Dames or on Twitter @GameDames.

Girl Gone Geek is a blog created and run by Jamila Rowser. Jamila started her blog in May 2010 as a way to mashup her love for writing and her obsessions about all things geek. These obsessions include but are not limited to anime, video games, comics, literature, sci-fi, fantasy and zombies. She enjoys and encourages a collaborative community with her readers and loves having good old-fashioned geek outs on Twitter and her Facebook Page with them as well. Although Jamila is a girl, her readers consists of fangirls and fanboys and everything in-between.

Check them out at Girl Gone Geek, @girl_gone_geek and on Facebook.

GKick podcast – hosted by Shal, Hya, Tor and Ali – presents the latest news and discussion topics on World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic. Originally, the show was a guild-only affair for members of Northrend Travel Agency, a clan on the Doomhammer server in World of Warcraft. It has not only evolved into a much bigger show featuring great, entertaining music and ridiculously mature content but it also spawned the GKick Network, located at, a location not only featuring the latest news from the worlds of gaming, entertainment and sports but also a collection of podcasts, humor sites, blogs and more from all around the internet. GKick will be celebrating it’s first anniversary this October.

Check them out at GKick or on Twitter @GKick.

GANetwork-Affiliate-BannersTMGThe Married Gamers began in August of 2007 as both a podcast and website.  Started primarily as tool to open communication between Chris and Kelly, whose ten year marriage was at a crossroads, The Married Gamers became a healing tool for their marriage and an important independent voice in the video gaming community.  Their weekly podcast is heard by thousands from around the world each week.  Their community is made up of gamers from all walks of life: single persons, married and unmarried couples, gays and lesbians, and people of various race, creeds and colors.

Check them out at The Married Gamers or on Twitter @MarriedGamers.

PrincessCast is a weekly podcast produced by and dedicated to ladies who love comic books, movies, games, television, and pop culture. One main topic is explored every week, with various topics ranging from cosplay to Doctor Who to horror movies. With weekly segments like Comic Talk, Ranty Panties, and FMKs (you have to listen to find out what that means), there is a little bit of something for everybody.

Check them out at Panels on Pages: The PrincessCast.

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