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  • 27Mar

    Leland Ye turns out to be a hypocrite

    For several years we covered the attacks from Leland Ye on the video game industry. Time and time again he lost, only to swear that he would be victorious next time. Spending tons of public funds in an attach that was totally unnecessary. Mature games are marked as such and are meant specifically for gamers 18+. Parents are given many tools from the ESRB to find out what the rating on a game is and why. They are also incredibly good at being fair in rating games. The rating lists the reasons and on their site, they offer larger explanations. All the tools are available to help parents in their game choices for their kids. And yet Ye kept attacking. Well, I’m not sure if it was his own guilt, or maybe he felt he needed to divert attention, but Ye may have been busy living out his own real

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  • 14Mar

    Enter for a chance to win tickets to see Team Crafted Live!

    Are you a huge MineCraft fan? Love everything Minecraft including Team Crafted? We have two sets of tickets to giveaway for lucky GamingAngels reader to see TeamCrafted live at Nokia Live! As you may know, I’m not huge on Minecraft, so I went to the experts, a 10 year old boy I know. This group must be a big deal because he lost his mind. Just putting it out there parents…if you win these tickets, it could mean MAJOR bonus points for you from your kids. You can watch the announcement video here on their Youtube channel. On Saturday, March 29 at 1:00 PM (doors open at noon), join TEAM CRAFTED and meet the stars of the video game “Minecraft” LIVE! Fans of all ages can enjoy in-game interaction, Q&A and a meet & greet with Team Crafted as well as live musical performances from MINECRAFTUNIVERSE and SKYDOESMINCRAFT. Club Nokia

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  • 26Feb

    Why is co-op an after thought in Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare

    I have been waiting anxiously for Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare since the launch of the Xbox One. There were a couple of delays, but yesterday I ran to the Local GameStop to get my reserved copy. At this point our Xbox One has only been used to feed the cable through and play Assassins’s Creed and the Titanfall beta. I was anxious for a game that my husband and I can play together. Ever since having pumpkin my playing time has been almost non-existent. It’s incredibly difficult to find time to play. Naps are for errands, cleaning or job hunting and when she goes down at night we have two hours to eat dinner and watch tv before I go down too. Last night we chose to take those precious two hours and play Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare. The installation took some time, so we watched Castle. Then

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  • 25Feb

    Tomb Raider #1 Comic Review

    Dark Horse comics has been responsible for several amazing comic series based on video games, and on February 26th, they will introduce another such series, Tomb Raider. Written than none other than the venerable Gail Simone, Tomb Raider appears to be as wonderfully executed as the Tomb Raider video game reboot early last year. The first issue of Tomb Raider takes place not long after the video game ends, with what’s left of Lara’s crew trying to live their lives post the trauma at Yamatai. Lara is struggling with nightmares, and her best friend Sam violently protests that she’s not traumatized after that experience, nevermind the fact she suddenly sleepwalks. As Lara torments herself that she is the one responsible for everything that happened at Yamatai, she learns that the horrors they experienced on the island are not over. And really, what fun would it be if they were over?

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  • 24Feb

    Confessions of a Gadget Junkie: Fitbit Force Recall

    I absolutely love my Fitbit Force. And I’m really sad I’m going to have to send it back. On February 20th, the CEO of Fitbit posted a public letter alerting all Force owners that a small percentage of users have developed an allergic reaction to the Force, either in the nickel from the device itself or from the adhesives in the band. It manifests as a small rash on the arm/wrist, and it’s been diagnosed as allergic contact dermatitis. As such, Fitbit is hosting a voluntary recall for a complete refund on the Force. As soon as I got the news, my heart sank. Now I know what was causing that rash on my wrist. The rash only appeared a couple of weeks ago, and since I’ve had the Force since December, I never correlated the two. I assumed it sprung from sweat as I was sleeping, as it suddenly

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  • 21Feb

    Titanfall Art Book Revew

    There has been just a wee bit of hype as of late for Respawn’s Titanfall, the online multiplayer shooter that features lots and lots of mechs. The game won’t release for a few more weeks, but you can revel in the beauty of the game now with Titan Books’ The Art of Titanfall art book. For 191 jaw-dropping pages, fans of Titanfall can drool over the incredible artwork that goes behind the game and learn a bit about the game’s history. The art in an art book is only half of what makes a video game art book so fantastic; the other half does come from the writing, as insane as that might sound. The Art of Titanfall does more than give the reader pretty pictures to look at; it also tells the story of how Titanfall came to be. Several of the game’s artists and animators pitched into describe

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  • 14Feb

    Happy Valentine’s Day from StarCraft II team

    Happy Valentine’s day from us at GamingAngels! Hopefully you will have fun playing video games with your loved one today. I’ll be playing Titanfall beta with mine. Here is a Valentine’s Day greeting from the StarCraft II team! Follow

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  • 06Feb

    GameStop & Square Enix team up to offer a trip of a lifetime

    Through the month of February, gamers have a chance to enter to win a trip of a lifetime at GameStop locations. GameStop’s “Epic Reward Giveaway” teams up with Square Enix to celebrate the launch of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII which comes out next week. One winner and a guest will start in Las Vegas for dinner and a show, then get whisked away to France for some touristy action. Next comes a trip to Egypt to check out the past, and ending with a trip to Costa Rica for an adventure. All PowerUp Rewards members that make transactions at a GameStop store or online at throughout the month of February will be automatically entered for a chance to win the epic trip. PowerUp Rewards Pro members automatically get two entries. Just by logging into their account, PowerUp Rewards Pro members can receive points. Good luck and visit here

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  • 23Jan

    Confessions of a Gadget Junkie: Fitbit Force

    Considering I’ve been into walking half marathons for the last couple of years, it’s honestly amazing I’ve held out from getting a Fitbit at all. But then the Fitbit Force was announced, and I was instantly intrigued by its slick design and its many features. I preordered one, and it’s only off my wrist when I shower or when I charge it. And I admit I have become downright obsessed with checking my stats throughout the day. The default goal for Fitbit is to walk 10,000 steps a day, which sounds super easy, but it’s really 4-5 miles. As much as you think you walk throughout the day, it’s amazing to realize how far even 1,000 steps are. I had to lower my goal to 5,000 steps a day since I work from home and I have a five-month old baby, as having a baby pretty much means plenty of

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  • 03Dec

    Review: Just Dance 2014

    Thank you Ubisoft for sponsoring this post. To learn more about Just Dance 2014, visit the Just Dance Facebook Page! What I loved: The track list is full of hits! What I hated: Sometimes took me awhile to get the moves. 40 GB storage needed for Xbox One install What surprised me: How well it tracked the moves via Kinect We’ve reviewed games in the dance genre on GamingAngels before. Mostly because I believe it’s one of the best workouts you can do in the privacy of your own home. You can groove like you’re Beyonce without anyone else staring at you. Dancing not only lifts your soul, but while you are having a great time, you are burning serious calories! In Just Dance 2014, Ubisoft has provided another dance game that is a consistent mark in the franchise. Just Dance franchise is known for having the hits and Just

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