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  • 06Feb

    GameStop & Square Enix team up to offer a trip of a lifetime

    Through the month of February, gamers have a chance to enter to win a trip of a lifetime at GameStop locations. GameStop’s “Epic Reward Giveaway” teams up with Square Enix to celebrate the launch of Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII which comes out next week. One winner and a guest will start in Las Vegas for dinner and a show, then get whisked away to France for some touristy action. Next comes a trip to Egypt to check out the past, and ending with a trip to Costa Rica for an adventure. All PowerUp Rewards members that make transactions at a GameStop store or online at throughout the month of February will be automatically entered for a chance to win the epic trip. PowerUp Rewards Pro members automatically get two entries. Just by logging into their account, PowerUp Rewards Pro members can receive points. Good luck and visit here

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  • 23Jan

    Confessions of a Gadget Junkie: Fitbit Force

    Considering I’ve been into walking half marathons for the last couple of years, it’s honestly amazing I’ve held out from getting a Fitbit at all. But then the Fitbit Force was announced, and I was instantly intrigued by its slick design and its many features. I preordered one, and it’s only off my wrist when I shower or when I charge it. And I admit I have become downright obsessed with checking my stats throughout the day. The default goal for Fitbit is to walk 10,000 steps a day, which sounds super easy, but it’s really 4-5 miles. As much as you think you walk throughout the day, it’s amazing to realize how far even 1,000 steps are. I had to lower my goal to 5,000 steps a day since I work from home and I have a five-month old baby, as having a baby pretty much means plenty of

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  • 03Dec

    Review: Just Dance 2014

    Thank you Ubisoft for sponsoring this post. To learn more about Just Dance 2014, visit the Just Dance Facebook Page! What I loved: The track list is full of hits! What I hated: Sometimes took me awhile to get the moves. 40 GB storage needed for Xbox One install What surprised me: How well it tracked the moves via Kinect We’ve reviewed games in the dance genre on GamingAngels before. Mostly because I believe it’s one of the best workouts you can do in the privacy of your own home. You can groove like you’re Beyonce without anyone else staring at you. Dancing not only lifts your soul, but while you are having a great time, you are burning serious calories! In Just Dance 2014, Ubisoft has provided another dance game that is a consistent mark in the franchise. Just Dance franchise is known for having the hits and Just

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  • 26Nov

    Mario surprises Southwest customers

    About 100 travel weary Southwest customers are going to get a very nice surprise…a visit from Mario. Mario will be bearing gifts too! People flying out of Dallas Love airport Southwest airline may be in for a treat as Mario will be there to give 100 people a special Wii U package! Nintendo is bringing Black Friday deals to customers that are not these lucky 100. “This year, there is a dizzying amount of affordable Nintendo options for any holiday shopper looking to stock up on fun gifts for family and friends,” said Scott Moffitt, Nintendo of America’s executive vice president of Sales & Marketing. “And if there is ever a question of why shoppers should choose Wii U and Nintendo 3DS this holiday season, the answer is simple: Because it’s Nintendo.” A Deal So Great It’s Scary: A Cobalt Blue Nintendo 3DS system that comes installed with the well-received

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  • 21Nov

    Xbox One launch date is here!

    How many of you are going to midnight launch events to pick up your Xbox One? My Xbox One seems to be stuck in UPS land but hopefully I will get mine soon! Launches are always so exciting, but they definitely change when you have a baby. There is no way I can stay up until midnight anymore. I’m asleep on the couch by 10pm most nights. Sadly this means that I will not get to start to use my Xbox One until after work the next day. How do you handle launch dates with your baby? Do you bring him/her to the event? Another interesting discussion my husband and I have been having around the Xbox One launch is where to put it! At this point we are out of HDMI slots so that means it will probably displace the Xbox 360. We’re still in the middle of playing

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  • 14Nov

    Interview With “Tales of” Producer Hideo Baba, at New York Comic Con

    Hideo Baba made an appearance at this year’s New York Comic Con to connect with fans and promote the upcoming Tales of Symphonia Chronicles and Tales of Xillia 2. As a fan of the series, I was fortunate enough to sit down and touch base with him about the series he’s extremely proud to be apart of. VB: How do you feel about the record breaking success of the Tales series here in the states, Tales of Xillia especially? HB: We are extremely pleased that more and more fans are picking up the series! I’ve been visiting the states more, and we’re very proud that the series has maintained it’s level of quality across so many generations and could appeal to a wider audience of gamers! VB: How has the Tales series stayed so popular in the West with increasing volume in sales, while interest in JRPGs has been on

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  • 30Sep

    Announcing Risk: Plants vs Zombies Collector’s edition

    Habro has teamed up with PopCap Games to create RISK: Plants vs Zombies Collector’s Edition. The game takes the characters from Plants vs Zombie game and brings it to a real life tabletop battle. This is a new take on two-player RISK. The gameboard is double-sided and offers three ways to play. You can either play Tower Defense, Mission Objective or Total Domination (sounds eerie huh?). The map of Brainsborough is on one side and the backyard or battlefield is on the other. The figures are Peashooters, Threepeaters, Brown Coat Zombies and Zombie Mobs. Risk: Plants vs Zombies Collector’s Edition is available for ages 10+ for $29.99. Follow

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  • 25Sep

    How bug free do you expect your open world game to be?

    I know GTA V has made gobs of money already. A report I saw mentioned that it was the fastest selling form of entertainment making more than a billion dollars for developer Rockstar Games and publisher Take-Two Interactive. When a game is that popular in terms of sales, I expect that mainstream media might mention it here and there. But queue my surprise when mention of a new bug found in the game was news on KFI am News Radio. I shook my head. Did I hear that correctly? Was mainstream media trying to discuss a bug found in the game? I found the report to be a bit clumsy with not enough information and no quote or mention from the company. Even NBC News is reporting on the bug. The bug itself is that cars are sometimes just vanishing. A slightly humorous bug given that most of GTA is

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  • 19Sep

    Geek & Sundry starts Magic The Gathering show

    Many people don’t know this, but I’m a huge Magic the Gathering fan. I’m not as good as my husband at it, but I love playing. There is so much to love about MTG. The artwork, the strategy and of course the collecting. Now add Day[9] to the mix. That’s right, Day[9] is doing SPELLSLINGERS, a new Magic The Gathering based show on the Geek & Sundry network. Let hilarity ensue. A new geek icon will take on Sean with the hope of emerging victorious in an all-or-nothing match. Definitely tune in! Follow

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  • 22Aug

    GamesCom brings Diablo III: Reaper of Souls

    Blizzard announced Diablo III: Reaper of Souls at GamesCom this week. “Malthael, the fallen Archangel of Wisdom, vanished after the events depicted at the end of Diablo II: Lord of Destruction®. In Reaper of Souls, he returns as the Angel of Death and seizes the Black Soulstone, which contains the essence of the Prime Evil. It now falls to the players to track down Malthael and stop him before he unleashes irreversible havoc on the world.” Diablo III: Reaper of Souls adds to the story but also increases the game’s level cap to 70. There will be new spells and abilities as they advance in level. “From the beginning, Diablo has always been about the struggle between good and evil, and Reaper of Souls explores the darker notes of that conflict,” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment. “This expansion also represents a big milestone in the ongoing

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