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    Sponsoring GamingAngels

    Our staff love attending events all over the world. However, the costs of covering all of these great conventions can become a bit pricey. There’s plane tickets, hotel and food expenses, camera equipment and promotional materials. Sponsors assist us in being able to attend these events, and in exchange for giving us the opportunity to bring coverage from these road trips to our readers, we like to give them some exposure in return.

    Interested in sponsoring a group of women who will in turn be advertising your product or service to thousands of women and a few good men?

    Here are just a few examples of what you will receive in return for investing in GamingAngels:

    ~Your company logo on event apparel, signage and flyers
    ~Recognition on our Affiliates page
    ~Highlighted product or advertisement in our monthly community newsletter
    ~Sponsorship mentions during GamingAngels podcasts
    ~Promotion of your product through our Twitter and Facebook accounts

    If you want to sponsor a particular event, that can also be arranged. Please contact Annette at pr@gamingangels.com if you are interested in exploring sponsorship opportunities with GamingAngels.

    Advertising on GamingAngels

    Averaging over 3.5 million views a month, GamingAngels is the premiere female gaming community. Ninety-eight percent of our members are female, spanning the 18 year old to 40-something demographic. These women range from casual to hardcore gamers, interested in a wide variety of products. We are just as interested in the same video games as men, and we are important decision-makers in the household. You would be wise to start advertising your first-person shooters and strategy games to us.