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  • 07Sep

    ‘A Game of Thrones – Genesis’ arrives September 29

    A Game of Thrones – Genesis, based on the world from the series by George R.R. Martin and developed by Cyanide Studio, is being released both in retail outlets and digitally on September 29. The RTS supposedly allows you to use both military and non-military approaches to tackle your enemies. The single-player campaign, which takes you through the founding events and battles of Westeros, was written under supervision from Martin himself, but a multiplayer option is also available for up to 8 players. Follow

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  • 16Feb

    A Game of Thrones – Genesis Coming this Summer

    A very good looking new game is on the horizon this summer. The graphics of A Game of Thrones – Genesis from Cyanide Studio really popped in the mail box today. It is said to be a new strategy game for PC. This is a video game adaptation of the successful saga, A Song of Ice and Fire by George R.R Martin. They have released two of the first screenshots. The real-time strategy game focuses on your political, strategic and military skills. There will be a well-developed single player campaign written under supervision of the author George R.R. Martin. Victory does not necessarily result from brute force alone a military approach, an economical war, or diplomacy to politically crush enemies. Follow

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