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  • 24Nov

    PopCap has an Angry Bird Thanksgiving?

    PopCap Games wishes everyone a happy Thanksgiving with the card above. But I have to wonder…is that an Angry Bird they are eating? Follow

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  • 11May

    Oh No! Angry Bird are on Google Chrome?

    As stated by one of our editors at GA said “Workflow must be going down all over the place.”, and to be honest, who can blame you? ¬†These angry birds are everywhere! I do mean everywhere. This beautifully addicting game is available for most smartphone platforms (iPhone, and Android) and can be downloaded onto the iPod. As of today is has been announced that the game will be available for the Google Chrome web browser, as well as the Chrome O/S. ¬†For those of you who don’t know, Angry Bird is an addicting bird flinging game, where you aim birds at structures to destroy that will destroy green pigs….you arch nemesis! What makes this version a little different then previous versions of the game is the fact that there is little homage to the Chrome version with little hints of chrome in the environment, as well as new levels for

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