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  • 10May

    Make a Pinnatta interactive card for the Mommy in your life

    Hi everyone! It’s getting close to Mother’s Day and if you haven’t found a card yet, I have a great FREE interactive card solution! has a free app for iOS and android that allows you to create and send a message to your loved ones (cough Mother..cough). Remember e-cards? I used to send those all the time. But they are clunky and made in Flash and that doesn’t run on most phones. These messages are not only fun, but they look good too! This year they even made the First year Mom card shown above! As a first time mom, I appreciate the effort! I don’t think you can even find a regular card for first time moms! Pinnatta has a card that can work for any holiday and they are constantly adding new ones! Follow them on Facebook and

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  • 01Sep

    Featured Facebook Game of the Week – Words With Friends

    Zynga has finally brought the crazy popular Scrabble-esque app, Words With Friends, to Facebook! I have been playing this since I got my iPod touch and am completely obsessed by it. It”s incredibly easy to get started, just go to the app, find some friends who play, and start a game. The thing I like best about this adaptation is that you CAN take it with you. Start playing a game on Facebook, and that same game carries over to your iPhone or Droid. It’s free (with ads) and truly social, with a chat built in. Enjoy! Follow

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  • 26Jul

    Interview: Sharon Wood, Founder and CEO of Stone Creek Entertainment

    Sharon Wood is an innovative female leader in the former “boys club” of the gaming industry, her past experience includes work on projects like Grand Theft Auto.  Now, Sharon is debuting Luminous, a lifestyle app that allows women to compare their opinions with those of famous female leaders. The game seeks to continue the discussion about ladies’ growing power in the gaming industry and Stone Creek’s unique approach. Sharon’s background is mainly in marketing, so the goal of her new lifestyle app, Luminous, is to get a high profile sponsor on board to use it as part of Stone Creek Entertainment’s digital marketing campaign. Recently, for example, MTV sponsored a Facebook game Stone Creek created to promote this season of The Real World. Her career has taken an interesting transition. Her first job was with a sports marketing agency, working on campaigns such as Major League Baseball. She then transitioned

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  • 08Mar

    iRig and iMic

    Have you ever wanted a practice amplifier for an acoustic-electric, or electric guitar that is the size of your iPhone, iPod or iPad and had effects too? Not many years ago you would not have believed it possible. IK Multimedia created the AmpliTube software a few years back, and once iOS came along they started making not only the software, but also the iRig. That tiny little item does a great big job of making it possible for a guitar to be attached directly to any iDevice. The iRig adaptor manages the guitar’s input and allows you to plugs directly into the iPad or iPhone/Pod using the 3.5mm headphone jack, without toasting the thing. It just doesn’t seem like it would be feasible, but it is and it works great. Then you can listen to your guitar either through the earbuds, or the speaker. The iRig itself is small and

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  • 21Nov

    Lego Harry Potter is Available at the App Store

    I won’t lie, the internet has been hijacked by Harry Potter, so why not your mobile device? Now, you can play Lego Harry Potter on the move with the newly downloadable app, Lego Harry Potter, Years 1-4 for your Apple device. Be transported into the Harry Potter universe and reexperience the magic of the first four novels/movies; Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s StoneTM, Harry Potter and the Chamber of SecretsTM, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of AzkabanTM, and Harry Potter and the Goblet of FireTM. The adventure builds from Privet Drive to the Triwizard Tournament in an interactive journey that takes players through some of the most detailed and expansive environments ever created for a LEGO game.  Playing as Harry Potter, Ron Weasley™ and Hermione Granger™, as well as more than 100 other favorite characters, fans will have the opportunity to attend lessons, cast spells, mix potions, fly on broomsticks and complete tasks to earn rewards. The game is available for the iPad,

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  • 03Nov

    Viz Media launches iPad app

    Viz Media has a great anime streaming website, but now they are taking another tech step forward. Viz Media is launching a new iPad app that is a free download at the iTunes store. The Viz Manga App is an app where you can read manga on the iPad. The app will launch with the following manga series: Bleach Vol. 1-2 Death Note Vol 1-2 Dragon Ball Vol 1 Naruto vol 1-2 One Piece Vol 1-2 Bakuman Vol 1 On week 2 Ouran High School Club vol 1 is released. The volumes are $4.99 each, which is cheaper than purchasing the volume manga at the bookstore. “Fans have been clamoring for an official manga-dedicated app from the moment they heard of the iPad’s existence,” says Alvin Lu, Senior Vice President and General Manager of VIZ Media. “It’s easy to see how manga and the iPad make for a perfect and

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  • 23Oct

    Gain Access to the world of Aion with their new App

    Gamers are always on the go and I know that many of them are carrying the latest piece of technology with them as they travel. There it is no coincidence that a number of apps are geared towards the gamer. This is no different for the new app developed by NCsoft for ISO devices (iPhone, iPod touch and iPad). The app titled, Aion Exchange, is an app that lets gamers gain access to online world of the popular MMORPG, Aion without even having to gain access to a PC. The main features of the app are; My Aion and Item Search: View all the characters on your game account, along with stats, equipment, and more. In addition to giving instant access to character info, Aion Exchange also serves as a comprehensive item compendium containing information about all the equipment available in the game. Broker and Price Stats: Leverage the power of

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  • 03Oct

    Scrabble App for Amazon’s Kindle.

    I adore Scrabble. I play it on Facebook, I play it on my iPod touch, and sometimes I get to play it in real life.  Now, you can play Scrabble in your kindle. The new Scrabble application is the first pay for application of its kind for the Kindle or for most e-readers. The game itself uses the directional pad to move and then once you have your space you can then type out the word using the keypad. The application itself has also includes the ever useful two letter word dictionary, and short cuts to shuffle the letters, reorder, exchange and even to help find the best word. A few draw back to the game is that there is no online. In order for you to play a two player game you would actually have to find a living friend and hand the kindle back and forth. This is a great move

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  • 22Jun

    More Super Monkey Ball 2 for iPhone

    Good news for Super Monkey Ball fans! Sega has released two new new mini games for the iPhone/ iPod Touch. Monkey Target launches your character into the air and it’s up to you to guide your character back down to a safe landing while grabbing as many bananas as possible along the way. Monkey Golf lets players meet up with friends to play an 18 hole course. Super Monkey Ball 2 is currently available from the Apps Store for $5.99 & the mini games have been released as an update. Follow

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  • 08Feb

    iPlants vs. iZombies – The Trailer…

    In anticipation of the February 15th release date of PopCap’s much adored Plants vs. Zombies for the iPhone, we get a small taste of what it will look like on the touchscreen… Enjoy! I would love to see what it is like to play it on the iPhone, how do you think it will compare? . Follow

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