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  • 23Feb

    Do you want to be my PlayDate? Undercover at GameCrush

    This article contains some sexual themes. Day One All Player 1 wanted was a smile. So I gave it to him. “When you don’t smile, it looks like you hate me.” I didn’t hate him by any means (the young man in question was actually quite a nice fellow, based on our limited interactions), but to put it simply, I wasn’t used to this webcam thing. I wasn’t used to someone watching me while I made decisions in Battleship or Checkers. It’s all new. So, I’m sorry if my face was a little lost in thought – it’s because I was thinking. I don’t like to lose, darn it. Welcome to The Arena on GameCrush is a place where paying customers can request to play a few games online with the girl – or guy – of their dreams. It’s pretty simple – buy credits, spend credits on time

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