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  • 09Feb

    Want to play your downloadable PSP games on Vita? Sony’s got a list of games you can do it with

    Less than a week before Sony launches the PlayStation Vita First Edition (not that I’m counting or anything), the company has detailed the process of getting downloadable PSP games onto the device. It’s really easy, actually! You can either purchase PSP games directly from the PlayStation Store using the device (or check out your list of purchased games via the Store), or you can also connect your Vita to your PS3 to download any games you might have loaded on your PS3’s XMB. Granted, this will require you to download games to your PlayStation 3 first, assuming you have one, but the Vita’s Content Manager will take over and make the process easy. Of course, all of this knowledge is useless without knowing which games you can actually play — 275 PSP titles and Minis will be available for play on day one with more on the way. This effectively

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  • 17Aug

    Nintendo making permanent changes to the Wii in Europe

    Nintendo is creating a new Wii package for sale in Europe this holiday season. What makes it different? Well, first off, the console has a new, smaller size. How did they come about that smaller size? Cutting backwards compatibility. This console is also designed to sit horizontally, as opposed to in the vertical stand some people (like myself) use. If you’re in Europe and want to play GameCube titles on a Wii, you’d probably better buy one now, as the redesign will be replacing the old console. This new package will include Wii Party and Wii Sports along with a Wii Remote Plus and Nunchuk. No word on whether this will spread to other territories, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did. Follow

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