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  • 08Nov

    Guest Review: Eden of the East

    Title: Eden of the East Release Date: October 19th, 2010 Publisher: Funimation Entertainment Imagine you’ve just graduated college, and took a trip to Washington, D.C. to celebrate. While snapping a photo of the White House, you encounter a naked man with gun, a cell phone, and no memories. Do you lend him your coat? Do you follow him back to Japan? Saki Morimi finds herself in this situation in the first episode of the anime Eden of the East, soon to be released from Funimation Entertainment. The naked man reveals himself (not like that) to be Akira Takizawa, a young man who lives in a shopping mall and may or may not be a terrorist. Eden of the East follows Takizawa’s increasingly-bizarre journey to find out who he is and why he voluntarily erased his memories. Takizawa’s cell phone is also a mystery, as it contains 10 billion yen and

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  • 26Mar

    Special Guests Announced for PBS Video Games Live Special Filming April 1

    Video Games Live is recording a concert on April 1 to start airing on PBS affiliates on July 31. So if the tour never comes near you, this could be your best chance to see the show. The show they’re taping is in Kenner, LA, and will be available as a DVD, Blu-Ray disc, and CD. This particular production will have more special effects, screens, and…special guests. Guests for this concert include the “father” of video games, Ralph Baer. He will demonstrate his original “brown box” gaming system, and one audience member will be chosen to challenge him, while the Louisiana Philharmonic provides the soundtrack. The meet and greet portion of the evening will include Video Games Live creators Tommy Tallarico and Jack Wall, not to mention Marty O’Donnell (Halo), Russell Brower (Blizzard), Gerard Marino (God of War), and Christopher Tin (Civ IV). Special soloists during the concert will include

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  • 24Mar

    Hyperskin’s Text Link Remote for the PS3

    I am the queen of lazy. No really, I am.  If there is a lazy way to do things, I am doing it that way. Get up to turn on the TV? Oh, hell no. I have a remote for that.  Get up to turn on my game system? Hell no! I have a controller for that!  I mean if I can get all the convince from a touch of a button, then boy am I doing that! So, what can be better then having a remote control with a built in slide QWERTY board that is designed to work specifically with the Playstation 3’s Home Network? That’s right, you got nothing. This remote is first third party remote developed to control your Blu-ray, DVD’s CD’s and other media files with the click of a button. As well, with the QWERTY board function, you are able to sent text messages

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  • 17Feb

    Warner’s New Redbox/Netflix Rental Policies Bound to Bring Out the Pirates

    Today, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment announced a multi-year distribution agreement with Redbox that will require Warner new-release DVD and Blu-Ray titles to only become available 28 days after official release. (Netflix has agreed to the same terms.) What does that mean for you, the eager DVD renter-to-be? Well, as far as Redbox goes, you’re going to need to be a lot faster when attempting to obtain Warner titles on the first day of availability (well, as long as your local Redbox has fairly heavy traffic). Netflix users need to decide what to rent and put it on their list a lot earlier — the first two releases to fall under the new rule, The Invention of Lying and Whiteout, currently have a longer-than-usual wait list. (Netflix did actually get something out of the deal — the ability to stream more Warner titles.) It also means that piracy of Warner titles

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  • 05Jan

    The Final Destination 3-D on DVD & Blu-Ray

    Last year’s The Final Destination, the 4th in the Final Destination series hit theaters in 3-D, and today, January 5th, you can get your hands on the 3-D version of the movie on DVD and Blu-Ray.  The Final Destination, like it’s predecessor, Final Destination 3 has a brand new cast, and a brand new story.  New story, same theme. The Final Destination is directed by David R. Ellis (Snakes on a Plane) and stars Bobby Campo (99, Legally Blondes), Shantel Vansanten (TV’s One Tree Hill), Nick Zano (TV’s Cougar Town, TV’s Melrose Place) and Mykelti Williamson (TV’s 24, August Rush). Here’s the basics: Nick and some friends head to the racetrack for the weekend to watch a car race. , when the terrifying accident flies into the audience at 180 mph. People will splatter and be ripped apart, one girl gets her head knocked off by a flying tire, massive

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  • 21Dec

    Video Games Live to air nationwide on PBS

    For those who haven’t had a chance to catch Video Games Live while they’ve been on tour there is exciting news! PBS and Video Games Live will be working together to film a show at the Lakefront Arena in New Orleans with the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra that will air in 2010 on PBS in the US. Tickets for the concert which will take pace on Febuary 5th, 2010 just went on sale this past friday Dec 18th and start at $15. The concert itself will be put on the air in June 2010. “We believe the concept of introducing young audiences to an orchestra through the music of video games fits perfectly with PBS’s mission in a very new and creative way,” said PBS Vice-President of Programming Joe Campbell.  “We are very optimistic that the program will be a big success!” Along with the concert that will be broadcast on

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  • 03Dec

    Paranormal Activity Available on DVD

    I’ve been hankering to see this movie, and I’m excited to hear that it’s finally coming to DVD so I can get the chance.  If you’ve been hiding in a box somewhere and don’t know what the movie’s about, here’s what you need to know: This intense and chilling story, written and directed by Oren Peli, follows a young, middle-class couple who become increasingly disturbed by a presence that may or may not be demonic, but is certainly most active in the middle of the night.  Especially while they sleep. The movie will be available on DVD and Blu-Ray December 29, 2009, as well as an online only Collector’s Edition that will feature the unrated version of the movie with an alternate ending.  The Collector’s Edition is a Limited offer and will also come with a film cell from the movie, and a limited run t-shirt in honor of all

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  • 26Oct

    Netflix is coming to the Playstation 3

    Netflix has confirmed that the rental service is going to be on the Playstation 3 in North America some time in November. Netflix has been available to Xbox 360 users for streaming. The PS3 service will cost $8.99 a month. Instant watching is available with an unlimited Netflix membership for no additional fee. While it’s free, you will need to reserve a instant streaming disc that can be ordered here. “The PS3 has always been about more than just gaming, and it will soon be the only platform in the industry to offer consumers such a variety of convenient options for enjoying movies and TV shows,” SCEA president and CEO Jack Tretton stated. “Whether you want to watch content on Blu-ray disc and DVD, download it from the PlayStation Network’s video delivery service, or stream videos instantly from Netflix, the PS3 system is the only solution that offers it all.”

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  • 19Oct

    Kristie Kelly and Disney to unveil new Couture Bridal Gown

    Designer Kristie Kelly and Disney will be announcing a brand new dress to add to the Disney Bridal collection. The dress in the picture is inspired by Giselle while the new dress is inspired by Princess Tiana from The Princess and the Frog. The new collection will also include Snow White Diamond Edition gown, all new “Maidens” for bridesmaids, “Blossoms” for flower girls and a new line of jewelry. The Princess Tiana gown has an ivory hue with a hand beaded rouched bodice of silk chiffon; a cascading pleated silk skirt and a waterfall train. The Snow White Diamond Edition gown is in conjunction with the release of the Blu-ray disc of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. “The Princess Tiana gown is a very special part of the Disney Princess collection,” said Kelly. “When I look at this gown I see a modern woman that is very comfortable with

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  • 07Oct

    Red Dwarf Back to Earth Comes to DVD, BluRay

    The Director’s Cut of Red Dwarf: Back to Earth landed on store shelves yesterday. This special finds the travelers being sent through a portal, back to the 21st Century, where they are not space adventurers at all, just mere characters on a TV program. The DVD and BluRay versions contain a Director’s Cut and the original 3 part broadcast version, as it originally aired in the UK. There are oodles of bonuses included: commentaries, deleted scenes, and an all new documentary. Did I mention it was shot completely in High Definition? Don’t miss out! If you are a Red Dwarf fan, then this should already be in your DVD or BluRay player. If it isn’t, then get out there and pick it up today! Here’s a little clip to tide you over: Follow

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