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  • 14Mar

    Inspired by Indie Game: The Movie

    Up until recently, I’ve been quite uninspired by the video game industry. The constant sequels, the constant fan complaints, and the community/industry gender battles grew tiresome. I was worn out. Something I once loved had become a chore. The community became flooded with noise and nothing seemed to be changing. I have been running GamingAngels for nine/ten years and sometimes it feels like nothing has changed. We have the same online arguments. Games that might be innovative are shelved for “proven” franchises and studios are in jeopardy of closing constantly. One day while pumping, I came across Indie Game: The Movie on Netflix. The movie came out in 2012 and follows independent game developers on their journey to release. We see their excitement, innovation, and sometimes depression. These guys (more on that in a bit), pour their heart and being into their game. And why? For self satisfaction. The movie

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  • 04Aug

    Humble Indie Bundle 3 adds the last bundle’s contents (if you pay enough)

    The contents of the Humble Indie Bundle just doubled… if you never bought the last one, anyway. Right now, when you choose to pay more than the average ($5.16 at the time I wrote this), you get your Humble Indie Bundle 3. But you also get Humble Indie Bundle 2, which adds Braid, Cortex Command, Machinarium, Osmos and Revenge of the Titans. Ten games. (And a half, if you count the Minecraft demo.) Pretty good deal — and a smart move on Wolfire’s part. Think about it. If everyone keeps paying more than the average, the average goes up. So if you’re looking to pay the bare minimum for ten (and a half) games, now’s the time to buy. What do you think the average is going to hit by the end of the bundle? (This is in five days, if you need a reminder.)   Follow

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  • 03Jan

    First Look: Lost in Shadow

    Lost in Shadow is a puzzle game with a twist. The game is known as “A Shadows Tale” in the UK or “Kage No Tou” in Japan, which translates to “Tower of Shadows.”

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  • 22Dec

    Humble Indie Bundle 2 surpasses previous compilation’s sales, adds a bonus

    The first Humble Indie Bundle raised $1.2 million over a pretty short period of time. Impressive, right? Well, this is even more jaw-dropping – with slightly less than three days to go, they’ve almost gotten to $1.5 million. (When I wrote this, it was up to $1.44 million.) That’s a lot of bundles. The highest sale so far? $3,141.59 from a “grflwitz.” Because everyone loves some pi, right? To celebrate surpassing last year’s numbers, if you bought the second Humble Indie Bundle before today, you get the first one for free! Eleven games for the price of…well, whatever you paid for six. If you want in on the bonus action, you’ve got to help keep the average up – right now, everyone choosing to pay more than $7.49 for the second bundle also gets access to the first. Not too sure whether that’s going up in the next couple of

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  • 22Jul

    Review: Limbo

    I’ve never been afraid of a game before. Afraid of something in the game, sure – I remember having lost the Resident Evil 2 N64 cartridge for about a month, having thrown it across the room after a particularly shocking Licker assault. But to be afraid of the actual game, what it could be about, what the game play will be like, what horrors await in the shadows… that’s new. Limbo is that kind of scary.

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  • 18Dec

    Braid available on European PlayStation Network

    For all the European gamers who have been waiting to get their hands on the game Braid, the wait is over! As of yesterday, Braid will be available for download on the PSN for 9.99 euro. A pretty decent price point for what has been said to be an amazing game! Braid has already seen great success on the Xbox live arcade as well as on the PC. Metacritic has also named Braid as one of the best games of 2009 for the PS3. Follow

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  • 12Apr

    Braid Review

    Platform: Xbox 360, PC (future release) reviewed on Xbox 360 ESRB: E10+ Genre: Puzzle/ Platforming Number of Players: 1 Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios Release Date: August 6, 2008 (360), TBA (PC) Official Website Writer: KagoMegan Rating: 8.6Buy I had played Braid at E4All 2007 and I didn’t think much of it at the time. In fact, I picked up in the middle of someone else’s playthrough and didn’t know what the hell I was doing, so my first impressions of the game were frustration and confusion and I quickly put the game aside. Once it was set for release and I heard others saying it was good, I had to give it a second try and it has turned out to be one of the best games I have purchased for the Xbox Live Arcade. It tells a cryptic and seemingly scattered story of the main character, Tim and a

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