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  • 04May

    Review: Her Pet Peeves by Seventeen

    Her Pet Peeves by Seventeen is available from the iTunes Application Store for $1.99. Rating: 4+ Number of Players: One Seller: Stone Creek Entertainment Release Date: April 5, 2010 PASS Her Pet Peeves by Seventeen is one of those games that has come along with a fun concept, but that I don’t know that I can recommend to others to play. ┬áThe idea is to pop as many bubbles and pet peeves as you can while avoiding positive aspects of teenage life. This bubble popping app is targeted toward teenage girls and herein lays the dilemma. In the first level, players are asked to pop pet peeves bubbles – “Jerks” or “Bad Dates” and avoid “Loving Hearts.” The “Bad Dates” are represented as a female and a male image. Not only am I a gamer and a reviewer, but also a mother of a daughter. I’m just not sure I

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