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  • 17Jul

    Firefly MMO announced at SDCC 13

    The first announcement I have seen from SDCC will cause many Browncoats to lose their minds. It appears that the Firefly MMO we covered in 2009 is alive and happening! The teaser below was released today and SDCC con-goers are encouraged to stop by the booth for information. Register at to get up to date information and ability to play in the beta. The only date in the trailer is 2014. No word on if Firefly stars will be lending their voices to the MMO. Follow

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  • 19Apr

    There’s a Comic-Con in Dallas?!

    Last week, a dear super geeky friend of mine texted me asking if I would go with her to Dallas Comic-Con. My initial response was, “Dallas has a Comic-con?” which was followed up with, “And why would I want to go to that?” Dallas has a decent anime convention scene with A-kon every year, but as a whole, Dallas kind of sucks when it comes to geek fairs. They’re more like attempts at bringing in interest than anything else. Well, my friend was quick to respond about that, showing me how utterly clueless I’ve been about my own home town for awhile now. Dallas Comic-Con is HUGE. Just take a gander at the guest-list and you’ll see what I mean. I was sold instantly when I read the following names: Patrick Stewart; Stan Lee; Val Kilmer (crush goes all the way back to Top Gun); Adam West; Burt Ward; and Kevin Conroy

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  • 09Apr

    Wondercon 2012

    Wondercon 2012 was in Anaheim this year instead of San Francisco which benefited me because it made it an easy trip to attend. Wondercon in San Francisco has always been difficult because it’s surrounded by GDC, SXSW and PAX East. Making it a very expensive few months if you make the trip. Sadly, due to other obligations I could only attend Wondercon for one day. From the beginning I was worried about Wondercon. Parking was a disaster! They had streets blocked off every which way and it seemed to take people hours just waiting in the car line to park. I had never seen such a mess. Even when I attend Anaheim Convention Center for BlizzCon. Round and round we went until we found a lot that we were able to park at. Unfortunately for cosplayers and anyone trying to look good (I was wearing my new Star Wars dress

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  • 02Apr

    Still looking for a SDCC hotel?

    Many awaited their emails from Travel Planners on April 1. Yes, April fools day is the day that many of us find out what hotel we get. Luckily, the odds were in our favor as GamingAngels got the hotel we wanted. But others were not so lucky. A search for #sdcc on Twitter shows that many still have yet even receive an email on their hotel reservation. If you are in the group that either got a room they don’t want or didn’t get a room at all, a Facebook group has started for people to either find roommates or swap rooms. My only warning, be careful about finding roommates online with people you don’t know. I know that I have always felt that I have to stay with people I know. Other options is waiting to see if you get placed on a wait list while there are cancellations.

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  • 13Mar

    Wondering about WonderCon

    This weekend I will be attending Wondercon for the first time. Wondercon is in the family of San Diego Comic Con conventions (they also produce APE) but previously it was located in San Francisco. Starting Friday, Wondercon will invade Anaheim, CA. I’ve always heard that Wondercon is a great experience because it really is about the comics. People say that it’s a great alternative to San Diego Comic Con because a) people can actually get in and b) it’s about the comics and less about the pop culture. I never attended before because it was too close to GDC and there are only so many cons I can afford to attend. I’ve been telling anyone that will listen to attend Wondercon. But I have to wonder…why did it move to Anaheim? One would figure that it moved in order to grow it’s audience. Or grow the con itself. But I

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  • 09Feb

    Comic Con announces Lightsaber Run to benefit Make a Wish

    What better way for a bunch of geeks to donate to Make a Wish Foundation than to involve the Force. Lucasfilm Ltd., Nerdist Industries, Octagon and Machinima have teamed up to create a lightsaber relay leading up to San Diego Comic Con. The relay will start from Santa Monica on July 7 and end in San Diego on July 11. At every quarter-mile there will be a new participate to hand off the official Course of the Force lightsaber to. This coincides with San Diego Comic Con which starts July 12-15. The relay will benefit Make a Wish foundation and there will be many ways for fans to get involved and donate. Any participants in the relay are encouraged to come decked out in their Star Wars gear, but they also want to encourage any cosplay or pop-culture themed gear. “The Course of the Force lightsaber run is a great

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  • 22Jul

    Weekly Roundup Episode 16

    It’s SDCC week, so we’re joined by fellow Angel Evy and we also get a recorded rundown of what Trina’s been up to so far at the show. Later, we talk about Capcom, Gameloft’s poor working conditions, unnecessary Xbox refreshes, Origin pre-order strangeness, and…I admit an addiction to Tiny Tower, because I am clearly a horrible person. Here’s the show (and you can subscribe on iTunes, or just download the mp3): Follow

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  • 19Jul

    Guide to SDCC Exclusives

    People go to San Diego Comic Con for many reasons. Hopefully most go at least for comics and then there is a bonus of learning about upcoming movies, your favorite tv shows and maybe meeting a star or two. Then there’s the parties. But everyone’s inner collector comes out at SDCC. Since I’ve been attending SDCC for 13 years now, I thought I would list some of my tips for getting the exclusives that you want. Trust me, they are based on experience. 1. Do your research The list of exclusives is actually up on the SDCC site here. They are listed in alphabetical order by studio and I suggest you browse each one to see what they are offering. The post will show an image of the item (for most), the quantity that will be available at SDCC (very important to know!), and the cost. For example: I want

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  • 18Jul

    Nintendo’s bringing an avalanche of games to Comic-Con

    Nintendo’s coming to San Diego for Comic-Con this year, and they’re bringing what looks like the whole family. Not only are they trotting out the 3DS holiday releases (Super Mario, Mario Kart, and Kid Icarus: Uprising), but this is the spot they’ve chosen to give The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword its first North American public playable demo. Very nice (if you’re there). Nintendo’s booth (#5135) isn’t the only place to go for gaming fun, either. A special “Gaming Lounge” is being set up in the San Diego Ballroom at the Marriott Marquis & Marina, which is apparently right next to the convention center. A special Legend of Zelda art piece will be created there over the course of the convention, special Pokémon meetings will take place (and hey, you can grab a few special AR cards, too) and there will be giant AR cards on hand for fun photo

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  • 07Jul

    Wednesday & Thursday SDCC schedule is up!

    It’s the most wonderful time..of the year. That’s what I sing every year (for the past 13 years!) when San Diego Comic Con comes around. It’s not only my favorite convention, but the city is amazing too. I have been complaining on Twitter that the schedule has not come out yet. Well the SDCC gods must have heard me because the schedule for Preview Night and Thursday is now out. It has many surprises already and I’m so pumped I can hardly sit still through work. Leading up to SDCC, I will be writing preview articles as well as what tips I’ve learned after 13 years at SDCC. Yes, this will be my 14th year. I used to go as a regular attendee before GamingAngels existed. It was such a different convention back then and I look forward to seeing how SDCC changes as some studios start pulling out of

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