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  • 15Nov

    Convention Beat: November 2011

    Despite planning ahead, illness has made me late again this month. Once again, I am wishing I had an unlimited travel budget, along with no other job or family to tie me down to home. There are a lot of fun things happening! Note: I have tried to include information on a variety of science fiction/fantasy, gaming and generally geeky conventions, but I am not guaranteeing this covers everything. Please feel free to suggest other conventions, for this month or future months in the comments! Hurricane Who November 3-5 Orlando, FL Naoko Mori from Torchwood and Arthur Darvill (Rory) will be at this convention, which seems totally cool for a Dr. Who Convention. Also featured are Jeremy Bulloch, who played Boba Fett in the Star Wars franchise, and Paul Bradford from Ghost Hunters, who seem a bit more tangential to the theme (although Jeremy Bulloch has guested on Dr. Who),

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  • 20Oct

    Preview: Doctor Who, A Fairy Tale Life

    Opening scene: children playing. One falls down and breaks her ankle; the other children run away as something big, black and full of tentaclescomes to take her away.Cutaway to the Tardis, where the Doctor and Amy are deciding on their next destination. They decide to head to a famous vacation world with a fairytale kingdom filled with knights, wizards, dragons and that lot. Only when they get there, no one seems to know this is a vacation experience, and everyone is ignoring the crying children sitting in a doorway off to the side. Upon questioning, they reveal that their sister has been taken off to the Dread Tower by the serpentines, who come along and take away anyone who is sick or hurt. If that sounds a lot like a mishmash of three episodes from this past season of Doctor Who to you, I can assure you, you are not

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  • 13Jun

    Supernatural Saturdays

    Although I am totally going to geek out on Doctor Who and talk about what happened on this last episode before the summer break, that’s not actually all I am going to talk about here. First we have to get this out of the way: How come British SF tv is so much more awesome than American SF tv? Personally, I think the problem can be traced to the same idiocy that caused the SciFi channel to change their name to Syfy. If you are trying to appeal to science fiction fans, why would you want to disguise the fact that you are showing science fiction on your channel? Especially since that just enrages SF fans. Of course, it wasn’t like they were really showing much SF by that point anyway, but still. This attempt to straddle the line–keeping the sound of the name while trying to move away from

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  • 30Nov

    Giveaway-Great Gifts with a British Accent!

    This Holiday, we invite you to enter to receive Great Gifts with a British Accent through our contest ending December 15th Good Luck to all who enter!

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  • 09Oct

    IDW announces Doctor Who Comic

    IDW has announced that it will be continuing with the Doctor Who comic book series. Doctor Who #1 will be launching in January 2011. Doctor Who #1 is written by Tony Lee with artist Andrew Currie and Tommy Lee Edwards creating the covers. Said IDW’s DOCTOR WHO editor Denton J. Tipton, “There’s going to be something for everyone in this story. For example, fans of the classic series should be on the look out for a classic DOCTOR WHO villain!” Follow

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  • 20Jul

    IDW announces SDCC events

    It’s getting close to when we head out for the greatest con of the year…San Diego Comic Con! This year is going to be busy and packed! IDW sent us a list of what they are going to have to feature at the con. At the IDW booth #2643, Michael Chiklis (Pantheon), Berkeley Breathed (Bloom County), Joe R. Lansdale, Peter S. Beagle (The Last Unicorn), Scott Morse, Steve Niles, and the creative teams for True Blood, Star Trek, TRANSFORMERS, G.I. JOE will all be signing. Exclusive items will be available such as the wrap around cover for True Blood #1, Doctor Who #13 photo cover, and The Rocketeer Artist edition. The full list of items from IDW is here. On Friday, IDW editors will be talking about Transformers, G.I. Joe and Dungeons & Dragons. On Saturday, IDW will be talking about the next year for the company. On Sunday they

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