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  • 12Oct

    Guest First Look – Need for Speed: Nitro

    EA Black Box hosted a Need for Speed: Nitro preview event recently and I was given an opportunity to test out the game. Curious about the Wii title, I was happy to get a test drive. Never having owned a Wii and little interested in the racing genre, I had no idea what to expect. I saw other people giving the game a go, latching on to the Wii Wheel, enthusiastically steering left and right. Naturally, I wanted to give the Wii Wheel a try! Waiting in line, I passed the time talking to people around me. One of those people happened to be Assistant Producer Anouk Bachman! Incredibly generous with her time, she explained the development process for Nitro and what the team hoped to achieve with the game. During our impromptu interview,she led me over to the Wii Wheels and gave me a general walkthrough of the features

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  • 11Oct

    Guest First Look – Need for Speed: Shift

    EA Black Box hosted a Need for Speed: Shift demo event recently and I was given an opportunity to attend the event. Needless to say, I jumped at the chance. Stations were set up with the game running so I took a stab at it. Mind you, I’ve never really dug the racing genre so I was a little bit hesitant to give the game a try. Instead of featuring an open world map like Burnout Paradise, it was closer to a racing simulation, comparable to Gran Turismo or Forza. Right away, I noticed the level of detail that went into the cockpit area, giving the viewer a sense of actually being the driver. Familiarizing myself with the controls, I sat on the available bar stool and set to playing. My first foray into the track was not pretty. In fact, I didn’t factor in how sensitive the controls were

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