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  • 01May

    Summer Movies are HERE

    That time of year is upon us: the summer movie season! For four glorious months, movie goers can experience what film companies think are the best of the best. Summer is typically packed with the movies that everyone flocks to theatres to see and 2012 is no different. So, grab your large tub of popped kernals and your expensive boxed candy and get ready for what appears to be a summer full of fantastic flicks. Follow

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  • 14Apr

    Funimation acquired live action horror comedy

    FUNimation announced that they’ve acquired the rights to the live action horror comedy, Vampire Girl vs. Frankenstein Girl. You read that correctly, live action horror comedy. Those are four words I didn’t think I’d see together. Here is the plot of the movie: “Valentine’s Day turns twisted for Mizushima after the vampire schoolgirl Monami gives him a chocolate laced with vampire blood. One bite of the delicious sweet infects him with immortality. This does not sit well with Mizushima’s jealous girlfriend Keiko. She wants him all to herself. A bloody battle between the two women ends with Keiko falling to her death. To her luck, Keiko’s mad scientist father reanimates her into an undead Frankenstein girl. Now on a level playing field, the undead damsels fight for the heart of Mizushima.” If you are in Ontario, Canada you can see the film April 15 and 16 at the Mayfair Theater.

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  • 28Jan

    Love and VIZ Cinema

    Love is in the air as we get closer to Valentine’s Day. San Francisco’s VIZ Cinema is releasing two new movies for February. First up is Josee, The Tiger and The Fish, which is screening February 5th-18th. This movie is about a college student, Tsuneo, who meets a young woman named Kumiko, aka Josee, who embraces life with her feisty personality, even though she has cerebral palsy and a baby buggy for transportation. This movie has already won a lot of awards in Japan, and it seems to be a very sweet, feel-good kind of movie. Then there is La Maison De Himiko, showing from February 18th until March 4th. Family secrets, redemption, and the power of love in aiding to renew family bonds are explored with a father and daughter who cant understand each other and a man and woman who can’t love each other. The odd and beautiful

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  • 04Jan

    Let’s go see an “eiga”!

    Thinking of going to the movies with some friends or that special someone? If you’re a San Francisco resident, there could be something for you on right now at the VIZ Cinema complex! Our friends at VIZ have let us know about some of the cool Anime and Japanese films you will have the opportunity to see from now until the beginning of February! They’re calling the whole event “Hit Me With Music, Volume 2“, taking inspiration from the way in which music can shape the ways of our lives. So what can we see, and when? Starting off, we have “Shindo“. This film has been screening since December 26th 2009, and finishes up on January 7th 2010. Shindo is based on a manga series created by Akira Sasou. Wao is a high school graduate wanting to go to music school and he meets Uta, a 13-year-old child prodigy pianist.

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  • 15Dec

    Win a red carpet screening of Paranormal Activity in your home!

    Paramount has announced a great contest to coincide with the release of their movie Paranormal Activity! Fans have the chance to enter and win a new home theater system as well as a red carpet screening of the movie on December 28th in their homes! You can enter here on the Amazon page (there’s a box with the contest in it midway down the page), and the deadline for entries is December 18th. The DVD, 2 disc Blu-ray and digital download will be available on December 29th! Follow

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  • 19Nov

    Have the time of your life 12 hours straight

    Patrick Swayze may have passed, but many films he starred in will live on as classics. This Christmas you can have the time of your life for 12 hours. That’s right, for 12 hours on the TV Guide Network, they are showing Dirty Dancing. “Sometimes a movie encapsulates a period or a moment in all of our lives in such a way that it never dies. And I think ‘Dirty Dancing’ did that,” Swayze commented in an interview featured on the film’s 20th Anniversary DVD release. Dirty Dancing fans will be able to chat on to share favorite moments, watch rare cast interviews and chat about the film. Nobody puts Baby in a corner, so if you haven’t seen Dirty Dancing, schedule a two out of the twelve hours to make sure you watch this classic. Follow

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  • 13Nov

    Gurren Lagann at the movies!

    Lucky Gurren Lagann fans in the San Fran area are being treated to a double-feature movie special at the NEW PEOPLE/VIZ CINEMA complex on the 17th and 18th of November! As a part of the Weeknight Anime Program, the cinema are holding a two-night only special presentation of Gurren Lagann: The Movie 1: Childhood’s End and Gurren Lagann: The Movie 2: The Lights In The Sky Are Stars. The movies are subtitled, and are shown back-to-back. In the first movie, Simon and Kamina are forced to live within the limits set by the village elder – but that changes when, just as Simon discovers a “fantastic” device, the village becomes victim to a wild intrusion. They are soon entangled in a battle against surface “Beastmen” who control giant robots known as Gunmen. The underground inhabitants manage to commandeer one of these robots for themselves and name it GURREN, which they

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  • 13Nov

    20th Century Boys #1 coming to DVD!

    Lately we’ve been telling you about Naoki Urasawa and his creation “MONSTER” that you can find on SyFy’s Ani-Monday, but did you know that Naoki was also behind the 20th Century Boys series? Well, if you didn’t know before I’m sorry I ruined it for you! When we sent Renochan to see the 3rd installment of the 20th Century Boys films, she became a fan in a big way – evident by her recommendation in the Turning Japanese Holiday Guide this year! Renochan (and fellow 20th Century Boys otaku), your Christmas wishlist just expanded! The 1st film will be here on the 15th of December – just 10 days before Christmas! The films are based on the manga by Naoki Urasawa, and are directed by Yukihiko Tsutsumi (who also directed the live-action movie HAPPILY EVER AFTER – also available from VIZ Pictures). So what’s the story?: It all begins in

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  • 12Nov

    Evangelion 1.0 You are (Not) Alone first nine minutes

    Evangelion 1.0: You are (Not) Alone is coming out on November 17! To celebrate that we have a synopsis of the upcoming movie as well as the first nine minutes to show you! It is a full length feature that they spoke about at Anime Expo this year. You don’t have to be already familiar with the series to enjoy it. “Created by the same production team behind the hugely successful Neon Genesis Evangelion series, EVANGELION 1.0: YOU ARE (NOT) ALONE is a futuristic tale which tells the story of schoolboy Shinji Ikari as he is summoned by his estranged father to the vast city of Tokyo-3. The tearful reunion he was hoping for does not materialize as his father has a far more nefarious reason for wanting his son by his side again. Led down into the underground labyrinth of NERV headquarters, he learns that he is one of

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  • 04Nov

    Marvel talks upcoming games in financials

    Marvel announced dedicated video games for comic favs Captain America and Thor will be coming in 2011. GameSpot noticed the announcement in Marvel’s recent quarterly financial report. Thor is scheduled for a May 2011 release, the same time as the movie is set to come out. The Captain America title will be one month later and will also have a movie supporting the title called, The First Avenger: Captain America. And yes, that evil, little girl is me. ^_^ Follow

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