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  • 11Jan

    Robin Hood Season 3 on DVD January 12th

    The BBC revitalized Robin Hood a few years ago with a brand new series.  It’s an extremely good series, and a great addition to the Robin Hood story, even if it’s only three short seasons.  Tomorrow, you’ll be able to grab the third and final season of this popular BBC show for yourself.  The third season is tougher and darker as the gang splits up and Robin heads out on his own to revenge Marian.  And it’s the intervention from Tuck (David Harewood) that works to stop Robin. Toby Stephens joins the cast as evil Prince John putting pressure on the Sheriff (Keith Allen) and Gisborne to take down Robin Hood once and for all. The third season is a 5-disc DVD box set with over an hour of bonus material including behind-the-scenes features, character profiles, video diaries and more.  If you’re looking for bonus features: A Legend Reborn (behind the scenes feature) A

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  • 03Aug

    Fairytale Fights gets a trailer

    Playfirst has sent us the latest trailer from Fairytale Fights. In the trailer you can see Little Red Riding Hood’s mad chainsaw skills, how much Snow White loves axes, and quite a bit of blood. You can read what Cherith thought about the title during her E3 first look here. Follow

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  • 07Jul

    Lit. Angels #8 – Fairytales

    In our last podcast, Stealthyslyth and I took on the fairytale genre.  There’s a lot of different books out there, and most of them are poorly written, so we hope to help by giving you some good books, and some good authors to check out.  You can see the notes from our show, with links to the books we talked about below.  And!  Be sure to check in with us this Thursday, July 9th when we talk about parody novels.  Should be a good time! Hello and Welcome to Lit Angels Podcast #8 Music Intro – Ghosts II #8 NIN Update – Books we’ve recently finished: Dresden Files #5 & #6  by Jim Butcher (Stealthyslyth) and Beauty by Rose Daughter by Robin McKinley (Cherith) Fairytale Definition: (From Wikipedia) A fairy tale is a fictional story that may feature folkloric characters such as fairies, goblins, elves, trolls, giants, and talking animals, and usually enchantments, often involving a far-fetched sequence of events.

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  • 12Apr

    Folklore review

    Platform: Sony Playstation 3 Genre: Adventure ESRB: T for Teen Number of players: 1 Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Release Date: October 9, 2007 (US) Official Website Writer: Vix Rating : 9.0 Sony Computer Entertainmentís Folklore for Playstation 3 is far from being an ordinary action adventure game. It takes the player beyond the mundane and deep into the very scenes of our imagination, proving it is more than just eye candy. Folklore includes two roles to play, in which you maneuver through the story by solving a series of mysterious murders to uncover a secret and hidden past. You will travel through five ërealmsí including a ëFaeryí Realm, ëWarcadia,í a battle torn land, and an ëUnderseaí Realm: each filled with the hopes, fears and dreams of the characters, some beautiful and some quite disturbing. You will encounter fierce beings called ëFolks,í representing human fears, whom once defeated give the ultimate

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