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  • 23Jul

    ‘Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance’ Gameplay Footage Released

    Thrust in a world with plenty of cyborg technology, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance brings action gameplay to the forefront. This video demo shows  how the slicing and dicing mechanics work in the game.  The cybernetic technology has created conflict and power imbalance among organizations. To combat these criminals Raiden must delve into his past and resolve his problems so he can chop through his enemies.  MGR: Revengeance is due out early 2013.   Follow

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  • 22Jun

    Develop “Hacking” Skill With Facebook Friends for Prototype 2 Content

    Radical Entertainment has launched a Facebook application which allows players to uncover new Prototype 2 content such as gameplay videos, screenshots, wallpapers, exclusive interviews, and more by helping each other “hack” into the interface. There will be new content added each week to keep the Prototype fans coming back up to and after the projected 2012 launch of Prototype 2. Hack into blacknet today! Follow

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  • 20Apr

    Review: Just Cause 2 (PS3)

    There’s a ridiculously good chance that if you buy Just Cause 2, you won’t be done with it for another six months (unless you’re playing 20 hours a day). Rating: M/PEGI 18 Players: 1 Genre: Action Publisher: Square Enix Developers: Avalanche Studios, Eidos Interactive Release Date: March 23, 2010 (NA) BUY In Just Cause 2, you are Rico Rodriguez, performing acts on behalf of a United States “Agency,” mostly called “The Agency,” because they’re super-inventive.  Your job: Oust Baby Panay from his dictatorship over the small island nation of Panau. He’s oppressing the people, first of all, but he’s also cut all ties to the United States. (Panau was once an ally to the U.S.) This makes you very unhappy. Adding to the confusion is the knowledge that Rico’s ex-commander, Tom Sheldon, has apparently gone rogue. Finding Tom is summarily added to your duties. He was previously a great friend

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