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  • 29Sep

    Welcome GKick and Girl Gone Geek to the GamingAngels Presents family!

    Girl Gone Geek and GKick are joining Panels on Pages’ PrincessCast, Game Dames and The Married Gamers as members of the GamingAngels Presents Network, which is currently in its second year. Let’s learn about them! Girl Gone Geek Blog was created by Jamila Rowser, and it’s been running since May 2010. Jamila started her blog in May 2010 as a way to blend her love for writing and her geeky obsessions — sci-fi, comics, literature, anime, you name it. She enjoys and encourages a collaborative community with her readers and loves having good old-fashioned geekouts with them on her Twitter (@girl_gone_geek) and Facebook pages ( The GKick podcast — hosted by Shal, Hya, Tor and Ali — presents the latest news and discussion topics on World of Warcraft and Star Wars: The Old Republic. It’s gone from a guild-only guilty pleasure to a giant show with music features and very

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  • 01May

    Game Dames Episode 12: Not So Achievement Junkies

    This time on the show, the Dames are back to discuss the continuing PSN saga, the new Marvel MMO and Popcap’s move toward Facebook gaming. We also take some time to discuss our feelings on achievement systems in games and how they could be done better. We share what we’ve been playing including Wizard 101, Zentia, Torchlight, Portal and lots and lots of Peggle. Thanks for listening and you can always contact us via email at gamedamespodcast(at) or on twitter @gamedames. Music in the episode provided by Museum Creatures and the song “Forest of Chest Hair” by Arch4ngel/Gembat. This episode is sponsored by Typefrag. Listen to learn how you can win a $20 gift certificate to Geek Chic Cosmetics. Deadline to enter is Sunday, May 8 at noon central. Direct Download Follow

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  • 03Apr

    Game Dames Episode 7: Dragon Age 2 Review

    This week on the podcast, the Dames discuss the very anticipated game Dragon Age 2. We share our thoughts on all aspects of the game including graphics, customization, classes, leveling, armor, combat, crafting, story, companions, love interests and more. We also give some tips for achievements in game and answer listener questions about DA2. Thanks for listening and you can always contact us via email at gamedamespodcast(at) or on twitter @gamedames. Music in the episode provided by Museum Creatures. This episode is sponsored by Typefrag. Direct Download Follow

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  • 23May

    Play Like a Girl – Episode 6

    It’s not just a podcast . . . it’s a podcast about Alan Wake! We discuss (and spoil) the crap out of this game and also talk briefly about Red Dead Redemption.

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  • 01Feb

    GamingAngels Launches Presents Network With The Married Gamers

    It’s been a month of biting our tongues so as not to spill the beans, but today is finally here and I can tell everyone about something GamingAngel and I have been working on behind the scenes. There are a lot of great sites out there that we love and so we’ve created the GamingAngels Presents Network. The Presents network features communities that we feel share similar interests with GamingAngels and we want to help promote them, because you may not know about them, and they are some pretty cool people. The first site to join GamingAngels Presents is The Married Gamers, a site and podcast hosted by LeftyBrown and MrsLeftyBrown. We’ve had the pleasure of being on their podcast a couple of times and hanging out with them at gaming conventions, so their inclusion in our family of sites just seems so natural. If you check out the sidebar,

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