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  • 19Sep

    Geek & Sundry starts Magic The Gathering show

    Many people don’t know this, but I’m a huge Magic the Gathering fan. I’m not as good as my husband at it, but I love playing. There is so much to love about MTG. The artwork, the strategy and of course the collecting. Now add Day[9] to the mix. That’s right, Day[9] is doing SPELLSLINGERS, a new Magic The Gathering based show on the Geek & Sundry network. Let hilarity ensue. A new geek icon will take on Sean with the hope of emerging victorious in an all-or-nothing match. Definitely tune in! Follow

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  • 06Aug

    Geek A Bye Baby celebrates the geeky family

    First there is WhenGeeksWed for assistance in thinking about ideas to celebrate geeky weddings, but what about that next step? Having a baby is an amazing time in your life. While there are some trying moments, it should be fun too. Geek-A-Bye-Baby gives us geeky families a way to celebrate our geeky fandoms. Everything from Star Wars to Dr. Who. The site started when Beth began to create fun things for her geeky baby. They started with a few items and today they have over 90 items in the store. The items range from burp clothes to bedding and costumes (you know you have to take monthly baby pictures anyway). But they also have products for nursing moms (lactation cookies) and custom made ring slings/mobys. I love this site so much because it shows that you don’t have to change who you are when you become a mom. You can

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  • 09May

    The Novo Geek store opens for business

    Being a geek as you get older has it’s benefits. One of those is having the disposable income to spend on things that make you happy. The other is being able to celebrate your geeky hobbies in public ways at work. A new company has launched to help provide you with a variety of geeky products. The Novo Geek just opened online this week. The store already has items for Star Trek and Battlestar Galatica fans. Even Dexter fans can purchase a “thumb” drive inspired by Cherry’s “donation” to the infamous ice block at the hands of the Ice Truck Killer. “We’re geeks, and we’re proud of it – and our mission is to make every day better for all geek-kind,” said Joe Salcedo, founder and CEO of Anovos Productions LLC, whose staggeringly detailed and precise Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica replica uniforms have become enormously popular with fans around

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  • 05Apr

    Angels at PAX East 2012

    PAX East 2012 starts in Boston today and GamingAngels staff are there to cover everything that happens! Most of the Angels will be traveling today but there are many ways to follow our coverage. You can check here at GamingAngels for any PAX East announcements and hands-on with the games that are showcased. You can follow @Stealthyslyth, @cherithe, @kweenie, and @UziSuzuki as well as the GamingAngels twitter – @GamingAngels. We’re going to try and capture moments at PAX in a very unique way this year. We’ve set up an Instagram – for you to follow and see what we see at PAX East (and future cons!) If you are at PAX, stop by and say hi! Get in on an Instagram pic! Follow

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  • 14Feb

    Gifts For Your Geeky Valentine

    I’m not into too many holidays, and Valentine’s Day is certainly one of those I could easily do without – but I have to admit; Valentine’s Day inspires some of my favorite gift ideas! With the handmade market in full swing, it has only gotten better! From the funny, to the creepy, to the downright adorable, even sweet DIY kits – some of these goodies make me wish Valentine’s Day came around more than once a year. Still looking for the perfect gift for your geeky Valentine? {Slacker!} Maybe some of these ideas will help you out. The Season of the Mixtape is upon us! My husband and I are big on playlists nowadays, we have them for every occasion. But there’s something to be said about handing your love a cassette with every Cure song that reminds you of them. If only we could find a radio with cassette playing

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  • 16Mar

    Win a Splitreason Gamer Tee!

    This week we have an awesome giveaway from SPLITREASON.COM.  They specialize in gear and apparel for gamers and geeks, with a strong focus on a high-tech lifestyle and a passion for retro nostalgia.   Their products are concepts and ideas they receive from their community and staff.  They host an ongoing design contest and brainstorming session to collect thoughts, ideas, and artwork from like-minded individuals to inspire their product line.  With that said, we at GamingAngels are excited to host this giveaway for our followers to win a designer Tee from SPLITREASON.COM! Contest Rules: To enter, post a comment on this entry telling us why you want an Ultra Cool SplitReason Tee! For extra chances to win, RT this on Twitter: Enter me to win a #SplitReason Tee @GamingAngels SORRY, THIS CONTEST HAS ENDED!  THANK YOU FOR YOUR INTEREST. We’ll randomly pick a winner from all the comments and tweets. For more info

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  • 11Mar

    Meeting Felicia Day

    Emerald City Comicon came fast for me and I did not have a chance to officially request some time with Felicia Day in order to interview her.  Believe me, I was a very sad panda about this.  So, when I decided to get Felicia Day and Amy Sakuda’s autographs, I tried to make that moment count. Before I joined the line, I had just experienced the awesomeness that is meeting Wil Wheaton.  He was very nice, down to earth considering he is a lord of geekdom, and above all sweet.  We had a brief conversation and he signed a headshot for me.  In my Wil Wheaton induced haze, I stumbled onto Felicia and Amy’s line.  Before I realized, the line was huge! I looked at Wil’s and it was just as long.  I stood there waiting, looking at my phone as I overheard what the people in line were saying.

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  • 27Jan

    Interview with Awkward Embraces Creator, Jessica Mills

    Recently, someone directed me to a web series called “Awkward Embraces”.  The show, created by Jessica Mills, wrapped up it’s first season a few months ago.  You can watch the full 10 episode first season at the website, Awkward Embraces.  The second season of the show is set to premiere February 18th.  The show follows the dating experiences of a geek, Jessica, and her friends Candis and Lyndsey. I was introduced to the show not too long ago myself and was pretty excited to be able to ask Jessica a few questions about the show, how much of her is in her character and her thoughts about being a nerd. Cherith: To start, I have to admit that I’m curious about the term ‘Nerd’ in general.  I have the Nerd vs. Geek discussion with my friends all the time, and I’m always curious when people brand themselves as one or

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  • 14Jul

    Meet Geek Chic Cosmetics and Win!

    Recently I had the honor of interviewing Deb from Geek Chic Cosmetics. I love what her and her team are trying to do and thought that GamingAngels readers should hear their story and support them! I mean who doesn’t love geek themed makeup?! GA: Who makes up Geek Chic Cosmetics? Me (Deb!) and my best friend, Chantel. We both do color creation, but I also do label designing, PR, and finances. Chantel also does some graphic designing, comes up with most of the names for our products, and does a lot stuff that involves words… things I don’t have patience for! We also have a lot of behind the scenes help from Chantel’s boyfriend, Phil. GA: Why/what made you start the company? Both of us are unemployed and are tired of working for the man, so we decided that we’d rather do something that’s all our own. We both love

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  • 05Jul

    Geek as the New Chic

    Some kids grow up with dads that teach them how to play baseball or basketball. Other kids grow up with dads that teach them how to shoot cans in the backyard. Still others grow up with dads who show them how to fix up muscle cars in their garage. But these dads aren’t my Dad. My Dad didn’t teach me how to change my oil or how to throw a three pointer from the top of the crease (well, I learned how to do the latter with a lot of time and energy on the part of my sixth grade basketball coach). I was a warrior princess, not a pampered brat. Instead, he opted to teach me the right way to build a character in Dungeons and Dragons (D&D); the right way to corner a Supra Class car in Gran Turismo for the PlayStation 2; and the importance of tactical

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