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  • 12Aug

    Convention Beat: August 2011

    This past weekend, @GamingAngel and @Cherithe attended some of the biggest conventions of the year–BlogHer, and GenCon, respectively. I meant to pester them about people to talk to, things to see, and my general jealousy that they got to go to such cool conventions, but life kept me busy and I forgot until the conventions were upon us. Therefore, I have decided to keep track of upcoming conventions, along with info about Gaming Angels staff attendance. Here is a list of what is on the schedule for the rest of August.  Note: I have tried to include information on a wide variety of science fiction/fantasy, gaming and general geeky conventions, but I am not guaranteeing this covers everything. Please feel free to suggest other conventions, for this month or future months in the comments! Siggraph August 7 – 11 Vancouver, BC Going on now, this is a huge computer graphics

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  • 06Aug

    Weekly Roundup Episode 18 — listen to find out how you can win a copy of RIFT

    Not-so-live this week, since there’s so much traveling going on in our ranks. Except for me, because I never go anywhere, apparently. Instead of a question, Elizabeth talks GenCon, since she was kind of right there at the time. (On that note, apologies for the somewhat subpar audio quality.) Then it’s on to what we’ve been playing and the news (PS Vita’s 2012 release, new stats on in-game purchasing habits and Diablo III’s real money auctions included). I may or may not still have a Tiny Tower problem that is the subject of much ridicule, most of which is my own. Also, listen to find out how you can win a copy of RIFT. You know you want it. Download the mp3 here. As always, we encourage you to check out our partners in GamingAngels Presents: The Married Gamers, Game Dames and PrincessCast. Be sure to take a listen to

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  • 21Sep

    Review: The Dungeon Masters

    The Dungeon Masters follows around three role-players — Richard, Scott, and Elizabeth — as they go about their day-to-day lives both inside and outside of their roleplaying universes. This film was supposed to have been heartwarming, enlightening, and community-building as we cheer on our fellow role-players as they represent our subculture of geekery. Instead, this film was a travesty. Allow me to explain. When I was handed a copy of The Dungeon Masters to review, I was really excited to watch it. A documentary about my peeps? Hell yes, let me at it! And then I started to read the brief synopsis on the back of the box; alarm bells began to sound soon after. “…their baroque fantasies are at odds with their mundane real lives, and they find it increasingly difficult to gain satisfaction from the imaginary triumphs provided by Dungeons and Dragons.” I can already sense that this

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  • 05Aug

    12 Seconds in Heaven 08/05/2010: Favorite Board Game

    Welcome to our weekly feature on @GamingAngels! “12 Seconds in Heaven” wherein several GA staffers will answer a question about anything going on at that moment in geek culture. For those of you that might not already be aware, this weekend is GenCon in Indianapolis.  GenCon is one of the biggest conventions for fans of board, card and role-playing games (although video games do certainly make an appearance.  With GenCon right around the corner, we thought we’d ask out staff something GenCon appropriate. “What is your favorite board game?” From @Cherithe: Talking about my favorite board game on (Please excuse any choppiness in my video – I’m running on hotel wi-fi up here in GenCon land.) 😀 From @Netzach: fave board game on From @Trina: What is my favorite board game? on What’s your favorite board game? Leave your thoughts in the comments (bonus points if you

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  • 17Jul

    Brisbane’s GenConOz 2010 Cancelled

    To the disappointment of fans across Australia, the organisers of GenConOz have announced its 2010 event has been cancelled.

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  • 26Aug

    GenCon News: Warmachine coming to Videogames

    Privateer Press announced at GenCon August 14th that they have licensed the rights for a video game to White Moon Dreams, a videogame developer in The new videogame will allow players to control various warcasters and their warjack battle groups as they fight across interactive battlefields from the WARMACHINE world. The game will also provide a rich online experience in addition to the sweeping single player campaign mode which will follow several key warcasters through the epic saga of the WARMACHINE universe. Privateer Press Chief Creative Officer Matt Wilson said, “It has always been a dream of Privateer to see the characters and world we’ve created step off the table top and into other popular mediums. When WhiteMoon Dreams contacted us and talked about their vision for the WARMACHINE video game, the game they described was exactly like the one I’ve always envisioned in my mind. And I am extremely excited at the chance

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