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  • 07May

    Preview: All-Stars Battle Royale (PS3)

    The rumor has finally been confirmed, this holiday season you will be able to take some of your favorite Sony characters from all Playstation eras and brawl it out Super Smash Bros. style. Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale is developed by SuperBot Entertainment with Sony Santa Monica Studios. Characters that were revealed: Radec (Killzone) Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal) Sly (Sly Cooper) Kratos (God of War) Parappa (Parappa the Rapper) Fat Princess Game Director Omar Kendall informed the audience that there will be three levels of of Supers for each character. As you play you build up your Super Meter which will allow you to use some kick butt Supers to annihilate your opponents. Each character has a unique fighting style and attacks; triangle, circle and square are your attack buttons and the right analog stick is for throws. The d-pad or left analog stick used in different directions will give you

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  • 03May

    Interview: Whitney Wade (God of War Senior Producer)

    On Monday, we posted about God of War Ascension. We were invited to the reveal of God of War Ascension’s multiplayer mode. It must have been funny to watch the room full of press trying to figure out what the team was showing us throughout the demo. After the demo we sat with Sr. Producer Whitney Wade to talk about God of War Ascension and what this new adventure means to the team. GamingAngels: Hi Whitney. Describe to us what it’s been like to return to the God of War series. Whitney: It’s exciting times! We love making God of War and so we’re happy to do it. The franchise is so strong, I think that in focus testing we did, fans want more. So who are we to deny the fans? The major reveal is the multiplayer concept. How did that idea come about? Is it something you wanted

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  • 30Apr

    God of War Ascension multiplayer announcement

    Last week we were invited to attend a screening by Sony where they revealed more details about God of War Ascension. The game has a single player story mode, but will include for the first time….multiplayer. The story itself takes place as a prequel. Finding out what made Kratos who he was. A main goal that the Sony team is trying to achieve is that they are working to push the Playstation 3 to it’s limits. Adding to the game, they have created a new combat and soul system where players can upgrade their skills and weapons. Follow

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  • 19Apr

    ‘God of War: Ascension’ officially announced

    Over on PlayStation.Blog, Todd Papy’s announced just what Sony’s Santa Monica Studios has been working on — a God of War prequel titled God of War: Ascension — and that he’s the director. He also posted the reveal trailer, so take a look at that below. On April 30, Todd will answer questions about the game from Twitter followers during a special livestreaming event. Just follow and tweet at @PlayStation with a #godofwarascension hashtag. If they choose your question, you get a signed poster. Not too bad of a deal, really. Follow

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  • 02Mar

    Cory Barlog joins Crystal Dynamics

    Cory Barlog, best known for his work on the God of War series (he served as director on the original game, writer/director on God of War 2, creative director on Chains of Olympus and story creator on Ghost of Sparta), has joined the staff over at Crystal Dynamics. Crystal Dynamics are currently working on Tomb Raider and an unannounced new title, and it has yet to be specified which one he’s working on — somehow I’m betting it’s the game we don’t know much about yet. “Crystal has pulled together some of the best teams in the industry to deliver against upcoming projects and future IP,” said Darrell Gallagher, head of the San Francisco-based studio. “Cory’s heritage in building industry-defining action adventure titles, together with our focus on delivering quality character-driven blockbuster entertainment, makes Cory a tremendously exciting addition to the team.” Follow

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  • 05Jul

    First Look: Journey (PS3) Closed Beta Preview

    A couple of days ago, I lucked out snagging a beta code to Journey after winning a contest through 1UP. I was very excited to get my hands on this title, as Journey is one of my most anticipated games for the year – other than Uncharted 3, of course – and has no set release date as of yet. Journey is a PS3 exclusive title created by ThatGameCompany, the developers of the games Flower and Flow. Santa Monica Studios – the creator of the God of War series – also co-developed Journey. However, Santa Monica’s role was not a huge surprise as they have worked on other similar projects, such as the PS3 interactive art piece, Linger in the Shadows.  Journey has a very mystical look and feel to it. As I wandered across a vast desert that the sand rippled and sparkled like a golden ocean. The sand dunes

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  • 13Jul

    A “Video Games Live” sneak peek: Civ IV and a song list

    Today, we get a small smattering of Video Games Live news. First off, the announcement of a complete list of music performed in the special by the Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra: •    Super Mario Bros.™ •    The Legend of Zelda™ •    Sonic the Hedgehog™ •    World of Warcraft® •    StarCraft® II •    Halo® •    Final Fantasy® •    Chrono Cross® •    Castlevania® •    God of War™ •    Civilization IV® •    Classic Arcade Medley •    Guitar Hero®: Aerosmith The special will be airing on PBS stations throughout July and August (you’ll have to check your local station’s listings to get a time), and you’ll be able to buy a CD and DVD/Blu-Ray combo from PBS until November 1, 2010. This includes over three hours of bonuses for those who want all the behind-the-scenes action. We’ve got a portion of the special ahead of time (the Civilization IV theme), and you can watch it

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  • 04May

    Kratos Back on the PSP in “God of War: Ghost of Sparta”

    Sony Computer Entertainment America announced that they will be releasing “God of War: Ghost of Sparta” on the PSP and PSPgo systems. Ghost of Sparta promises a new storyline and even better graphics. Greek mythology will, of course, come into play once more, and the story will take place after the conclusion of God of War. Kratos will go on a journey to answer questions about his past that will take him through dangerous and brutal lands. Sony claims that this installment will have 25% more gameplay, more lifelike characters, a robust weapons system, new powers, weapons and abilities, more enemies on screen, more bosses, and a lot more that we’ve never seen in a mobile God of War game. Of course, we won’t really know if all of this is true until we get our hands on it sometime later in 2010. Has milking the God of War franchise

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  • 21Mar

    WiG Weekend: Interview with Marianne Krawczyk, God of War

    Hot off the heels of God of War 3’s release, lead writer Marianne Krawczyk took some time to answer a few questions about writing for video games, the God of War series, and her experience as a woman in the gaming industry. GamingAngels (GA): How long have you been writing as a career? Marianne (MK):

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  • 11Mar

    God of War 3 Contest

    March 16th marks the return of Kratos to the Playstation 3, and to celebrate, GamingAngels is giving you the chance to pick up a copy of the God of War collection (games 1 and 2 repackaged for the PS3) as well as a super comfy and extra roomy God of War 3 hoodie. So how does one go about putting their name in a hat for this awesome prize? Well, first you’ll need to be 18 or older in order to win (we’ll need to confirm your age before mailing since this is an M rated game) and you’ll have to live in Canada or USA. Once you are sure you fit both of those criteria, you’ll need to answer this question: Who was the director first tied to a movie version of God of War? Email your answer to with the subject “GoW3 Contest”. The contest is open

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