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  • 14Feb

    Gifts For Your Geeky Valentine

    I’m not into too many holidays, and Valentine’s Day is certainly one of those I could easily do without – but I have to admit; Valentine’s Day inspires some of my favorite gift ideas! With the handmade market in full swing, it has only gotten better! From the funny, to the creepy, to the downright adorable, even sweet DIY kits – some of these goodies make me wish Valentine’s Day came around more than once a year. Still looking for the perfect gift for your geeky Valentine? {Slacker!} Maybe some of these ideas will help you out. The Season of the Mixtape is upon us! My husband and I are big on playlists nowadays, we have them for every occasion. But there’s something to be said about handing your love a cassette with every Cure song that reminds you of them. If only we could find a radio with cassette playing

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  • 30Nov

    Gaming Angel’s Holiday Guide: Gadgets

    Happy Holidays! Below are our gadget picks for this holiday. Many of us want the same thing or more than one thing on this list because we all love our gadgets! Kindle Fire Price: 199.00 Rating: All Ages Recommended by: Trina The Kindle Fire has amazing specs for a tablet that is only $199. If you can do without a camera, this may be the best tablet for your dollars. The Silk Browser will provide even faster web browsing and while the tablet has a dual core processor, it works faster by storing things on the cloud for easy accessibility. I also like the User Interface on the tablet, something tablets other than Apple’s have not been able to master. iPad Price: Starting at $499. Rating: All Ages Recommended by: Trina How can you not recommend an iPad for anyone that may not have one yet. Yes, a competitor is

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  • 29Nov

    Sanrio Small Gift LA

    To celebrate 50 years of Sanrio, they decided to tour America with their Small Gift Pop Up Shops. I visited their Los Angeles stop but you can still catch the stops in Atlanta and Miami. Find all the information here about the events. If you are unable to make those locations, you can still purchase some of the special anniversary items on the Sanrio website here. There was a sweater at the shop in LA that I really wanted but they ran out in my size. So I was told to watch the Sanrio website because they will be adding exclusive items weekly. Which means there is still a chance I can get my hands on that awesome sweatshirt. The event itself was amazing. Every Hello Kitty fan would have lost it just walking in! It was Sanrio paradise. In the middle of the hanger was a indoor minature golf

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  • 02Nov

    Hello Kitty Dr. Martens

    Hello Kitty’s birthday was yesterday! Around the world there are and will be celebrations. One way to celebrate is to show your Hello Kitty love by wearing Sanrio themed Dr. Martens. Yes, the awesome boots and mary janes creator has teamed up with Sanrio to offer three types of shoes that celebrate Hello Kitty style. Each package comes wrapped in 50th Anniversary packaging. They are limited edition and are the normal price for Dr. Martens. But totally worth it for HK fans! Follow

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  • 03Sep

    Gamer Wedding 101: Cake Toppers

    Our very own @gamingangel is getting married tomorrow! In honor of her, it’s time for more ways to make your wedding reflect one of your favorite hobbies and subcultures. If you’re brand-new to the whole “wedding planning” thing, you might not know that there are people out there in the world that can do amazing things with pastries. Cakes, more specifically. And if you think you’d be the first person to ask for a video game cake, well, you’d be wrong. To wit, the best Mario cake I’ve ever seen: This is the best way to be sure that gaming has prominent placement. Find a talented cake artist, sit down with them, and work out a plan. However, this isn’t always cost-effective. In fact, I’ll go out on a limb and say that it’s one of the most expensive wedding options you can choose. If you’ve got the cash and

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  • 24Aug

    “Hello Kitty Online” Premium Edition now available in stores

    Fans of Hello Kitty (@gamingangel, I’m looking at you) will definitely love this – even though Hello Kitty Online is available in a free downloadable version, Sanrio’s Premium Edition of the game is available in stores, outfitted in the bright pink box seen to the left. The collectible version includes $15 in Sanrio Cash Points, a choice of one of four virtual pets, the game client on DVD (beats wasting time downloading it), an 82-page full-color game manual and collector’s postcards. HKO integrates gaming with social networking features by allowing players to keep blogs, share videos and send special Hello Kitty email. The game itself promises to keep your kids (or, let’s face it, you) busy with a storyline, quests to complete, farms, guilds and more. “Offering Hello Kitty Online as a retail SKU makes for a great addition to the Sanrio Digital line-up of Hello Kitty gaming SKUs Zoo

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  • 06Aug

    Hello Kitty and Sanrio celebrate 50 years at Build-A-Bear

    Sanrio is celebrating 50 years of bringing the world a dose of cute. To celebrate, they are teaming up with Build-A-Bear Workshop to allow fans to make-their-own Sanrio friends. Chococat, Keroppi, and My Melody will be joined by Hello Kitty at the store. The partnership starts on August 20 and lasts until supplies run out. Hello Kitty and Sanrio characters will also be featured in the online virtual worlds of Build-A-Bear. “We are excited to celebrate this special milestone by partnering to introduce an extended variety of make-your-own Sanrio friends,” said Founder and Chief Executive Bear of Build-A-Bear Workshop, Maxine Clark. “Our Guests will delight in the opportunity to share some fun with Hello Kitty together with all her new friends.” Guests can actually RSVP to make an appointment during August 20-22. With the RSVP, guests can gt two free Sanrio tiny clips with purchase of a new Sanrio

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  • 03Jul

    Sweetness to my Ears: Hello Kitty X Aerial7 Headphones

    You put Hello Kitty on anything and I am going to want to own it. Hello Kitty Toaster, Hello Kitty Web Cam, Hello Kitty laptop cases and many more brightly pink, white and red items. The wonderful thing about all this is, that now you can wear your HK pride on your headset.  We are not talking about just any old headset, we are talking about a AERIAL7 headset. Both Saniro and AERIAL7  joined forces to create a fashion forward headset the produces superior sound technology which has been know to be very popular within the DJ community.  The headset itself

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  • 25Jun

    Get your Hello Kitty wine signed

    At Royal T last year we went to a Hello Kitty anniversary party. At the party, we tasted the Hello Kitty wine and Rose sparkling wine. Which tastes amazing! If you are in the Southern California area, Patrizia Torti of Tenimenti Castelrotto Torti, the source of the Hello Kitty wine will be at Wine Expo in Santa Monica from 11:30 – 1pm signing bottles and chatting. Maybe we can get an interview! I’ll be definitely having her sign a few bottles since I want to have the Sparkling wine at my wedding. Here’s the address for Wine Expo: WINE EXPO 2933 Santa Monica Blvd, Santa Monica 90404 Our pictures from the Hello Kitty anniversary party are below if you missed them! Follow

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  • 07May

    Glam Up Your Style with Glamasaurus

    Lately we’ve been talking a bit more about fashion for the female gamer on GamingAngels, showcasing some online stores and upcoming lines of clothing and accessories aimed towards those of us who are a bit older but still want to flaunt our love of gaming and geekery. Etsy is one of those great online destinations when you are looking to find unique items. Glamasauraus opened on Etsy just over two years ago, but Andreanna has been crafting since… well, forever! A stay at home mom, she juggles taking care of her daughter as well as creating and running her Etsy store. Glamasaurus boasts an awesome 100% satisfaction rating and features an amazing variety of fashion accessories and hand-made figurines. I’ve already spotted a good $300 worth of things that I wish I had the money to splurge on right now, as well as seen a few items I wouldn’t mind

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