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  • 14Nov

    Gaming Angels talks Diablo 3 with Wyatt Cheng and Andrew Chambers

    At Blizzcon I had the privilege of speaking with Andrew Chambers and Wyatt Cheng about Diablo III. We had some brief discussions about the beta, Diablo possibly coming to consoles and release dates (SPOILER: “when it’s done”). They gave some promising answers to the console question, and some disappointing answers to the others, but I still had a great time interviewing them! Note: I apologize for the poor quality of the interview video. My good camera was in the shop Follow

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  • 01Nov

    StarCraft 2: Heart of the Swarm interview Brian Kindregan

    At Blizzcon, I had the chance to do an interview with Brian Kindregan, Lead Writer for StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm. We discuss the transitioning story from Wings of Liberty to Heart of the Swarm as well as new units, continuing the story in novels, and some of his favorite characters to write banter for. It was a great time interviewing him and I can’t wait for Heart of the Swarm to be released! (soon….) Follow

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  • 02Aug

    Interview: Linda Currie, Design Director at Turbine

    Linda Currie is a Design Director at Turbine, Inc. That not so little company that has two not so little MMO games that you might have heard of Lord of the Rings Online, and Dungeons & Dragons Online. LOTRO Rise of Isengard, which is the new LOTRO expansion will be coming out on September 27th Prior to joining Turbine, Linda was an independent design and project management consultant, and Creative Director at Create Studios, Inc. She was at while at Blue Fang Games, and was Design Manager of the design department. She worked as a Producer of Zoo Tycoon 2: Marine Mania, and was Lead Designer on Zoo Tycoon 2: Endangered Species and Senior Game Designer on the best-seller Zoo Tycoon: 2. Before that she was Executive Producer for Strategy First, and before that… well, you get the idea…30 years is a long time! Linda was co-founder of the former

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  • 28Jul

    More on StripGamer from GameCrush co-founder Eric Strasser

    Wednesday afternoon, I broke the news that new website StripGamer will bridge the giant gap between stripping and gaming. You probably don’t like this. Heck, I don’t really like it. In that post, I mentioned that it seemed likely that StripGamer will exist primarily to draw some of the more undesirable traffic away from GameCrush — the users of the service who tended to ignore the fact that the site’s terms of service note that nudity isn’t allowed in video chats. On StripGamer, the site’s intentions are right in the name, after all. In any case, my assumptions about the relationship between StripGamer and GameCrush were confirmed within a couple of hours by GameCrush co-founder Eric Strasser. My original post reflected some of these notes, but I thought it necessary to bring more information to you. “StripGamer is our effort to keep GameCrush about meeting and playing games,” Strasser said.

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  • 12Jul

    Interview: Jessica Chavez, Senior Editor/Community Manager, XSEED Games

    Jessica Chavez is a 29 year-old localization specialist who has a love of Japanese culture and gaming, a penchant for the sarcastic/absurd, and an unholy love of bacon. She has worked at XSEED Games for nearly three years as an editor and is primarily responsible for inserting crude and shocking witticisms into unsuspecting treasure chest messages. She has been lead editor on several projects of questionable humor such asHalf-Minute Hero, Lunar: Silver Star Harmony and Rune Factory: Frontier, has labored with great justice on works such as Sky Crawlers: Innocent Aces and Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon, and has slaved mightily over the text-heavy monster that is Ivy the Kiwi?. Most recently she tackled The Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky during a nine month stint where she was chained to her home desktop and allowed neither sunlight nor the joy of human company. Her current mental

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  • 05Jul

    Interview: Marti McKenna and Stacey Janssen, Writers for En Masse Entertainment

    This time we have an interview with two ladies who have a background in SyFy writing. Marti McKenna is a 22-year game industry vet and a lifelong geek girl. Her games career began in the late ’80s at Sierra Online, where she worked her way up from the assembly line through the fulfillment, customer service, marketing, and game design departments. In the early ’90s she took a senior writer position at Electronic Arts and eventually went on to lead the EA writing team. More recently she worked on Guild Wars and Aion (for ArenaNet and NCsoft) respectively, and now holds the position of Writing Team Manager at En Masse Entertainment. Marti has also been busy outside the games industry. Over the past decade she worked as fiction editor for Scorpius Digital Publishing and Aeon Speculative Fiction and as editor-at-large for The Internet Review of Science Fiction. Her short fiction has

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  • 28Jun

    Interview: Kate Hedstrom, PR Manager at Michael Meyers Agency

    Kate Hedstrom has been involved in gaming and entertainment PR for thirteen years. At Michael Meyers PR, she managed several accounts, including Deep Silver, Konami Digital and Eidos Mobile, and worked on major campaigns for clients such as Crave Entertainment, Ubisoft and KingsIsle Entertainment. Prior to joining MMPR, Kate was at The 3DO Company, where she headed up PR for the Might and Magic brands as well as several other titles, and Broderbund Software, where she handled campaigns for Myst, Riven and Prince of Persia. She was the first female on the editorial staff at Computer Gaming World magazine, where she managed the online properties and relaunched the covermount disk. She also served as a news editor at GameSpot. Prior to entering the electronic entertainment field, Kate worked in the hospitality and construction industries. She has a Masters degree in Library and Information Science and a BA in History. —————-

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  • 21Jun

    Interview: Sabine Duvall, EVP of Global Publishing & Sales from Tik Games

    Sabine Duvall has a long history of work on many recognizable game titles. Her history includes being on the team at Hudson Entertainment, Inc. For many years where she worked with Diner Dash, Alien Crush Returns, Omega Five, Star Soldier R, and Bomberman LIVE. Before that she worked for one of the most popular casual game companies, Oberon Games, Inc. on BeTrapped!. Some of you may remember Riven: The Sequel to Myst from back in 1997, with Red Orb Entertainment. She even worked during the event horizon of gaming with Sierra On-Line, Inc. On The Beast Within: A Gabriel Knight Mystery, Space Quest (Collector’s Edition), Freddy Pharkas: Frontier Pharmacist, Gabriel Knight: Sins of the Fathers, The Dagger of Amon Ra Gobliiins, and Inca. Geek Woman: I remember those Sierra On-Line games very well. I loved that era in gaming. Do you miss those simpler times? Sabine Duvall: I don’t think

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  • 07Jun

    Interview: Shan Poon, PR & Marketing Manager at Two Tribes

    Shan Poon from Two Tribes has told us that she has been playing video games since she was a little girl. She also says, “I had never imagined I would work in, or be a part of the gaming industry. Mostly because in my imagination I always thought only men were supposed to work in the gaming industry. So, after high school I choose to study social work and graduated, after spending two years in the field of social work I knew something was wrong. I knew this wasn’t really the field I wanted to work in, so I decided to take a risk and find my way towards the gaming industry. Then, at the age of 23 I choose to study Media and Entertainment Management with just one goal in mind, the gaming industry, I had to find an awesome internship and get them to hire me. Now here

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  • 10May

    Interview: Quinn Dunki of One Girl One Laptop

    Quinn Dunki, code writer, game developer, mobile enthusiast, and not just mobile gaming gives us this interview today. She has worked on Trucks and Skulls for iOS with Appy Entertainment lately. Quinn is the founder of her own company, One Girl One Laptop. Geek Woman: I was told that you are a code Goddess. What is code and what do you do with it? (yes this question might sound stupid, but there are people who don’t know ;)) Quinn Dunki: Well, “writing code” is shorthand for computer programming. It’s basically just text in an editor with a bunch of syntax rules that allow the computer to convert (“compile”) it into a binary format that it can execute. That’s the really short explanation. The long explanation… well…  there’s a reason people go to university for four years to learn this stuff.  Seriously though, there’s no magic to it. The great thing

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