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  • 08Jul

    Snap App Sunday: Instagram

    ​Welcome to the first installation of Snap App Sunday, where I will give you all the information you need to know about photography based applications. Personally, I’m Team Droid, so controls and functions may be specific to my oft used smartphone, but I’ll make sure I predominantly write about apps on both Apple and Droid operating systems. If you have a Blackberry, I’m sorry that you have a Blackberry. Today we’re going to start with the most popular photography app out; Instagram.​ I’m sure you’ve heard that two seconds after their Droid app was released, Instagram was acquired by Facebook for one. billion. dollars. Since then the app has gone through a few updates, most notably a recent redesign, to improve functionality and finally make room for the kabillions of infiltrating Droid users. When Instagram launched on Droid, I immediately downloaded it to see what the fuss was about (I was using the now defunct

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  • 20Jun

    Disney/Pixar’s ‘Brave’ Gets Temple Run Mobile Game

    The original Temple Run by Imangi Studios has some impressive stats. The single player, action app game was released last August on iOS and Android earlier this year. It was among the Top 50 downloaded apps in December 2011 which led to it eventually being the number one Free App. The simple game is easy and addicting to play with just a swipe of the finger. The basic premise of the game is to run as far as you can avoiding a variety of obstacles placed in your way and the ever present demonic monkeys that are pursuing you. Now, Imangi has teamed up with an international giant of media: Disney. Temple Run has now been redone with a Disney touch by using the protagonist of the new Disney/Pixar film, Brave, as the character running through what is now lush, Scottish territory. Temple Run: Brave is, at it’s core, just

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  • 17Nov

    Show your Alliance on your iPhone

    Oh I know a certain GamingAngels editor that would love this! PDP just announced that they have created Alliance and Horde iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S cases. This is a new line and the Alliance and Horde symbols are the first cases to be released on and GameStop locations. The cases are $29.99 each. “We’re excited to offer World of Warcraft players a new way to show their enthusiasm for the game wherever they go,” said Bill Otte, SVP of Sales and Marketing for PDP. “Players can proudly display our new line of Horde- and Alliance-themed iPhone cases as a badge of honor — or as a challenge to their rival faction.” For Blizzard fans that may not play WoW, PDP will be coming out with Diablo III and Starcraft cases! Which is pretty cool! I can’t wait to see those designs! The Diablo III case was at Blizzcon

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  • 13Sep

    Contract Killer iOS Shooter

    Glu Mobile, with it’s perky little letter ‘g’ logo has made a science out of game addiction. They specialize in freemium games and Contract Killer will be the next to take your time and seduce you into micro transactions. It is a first person shooter where you pick up contracts from icons on the map. Each one explains who to take out or shoot with a tranquilizer gun. Everything takes place starting with the map that has locations for your Safehouse and a Store. On the map the location icons reveal more about the story line. Or contacts give you assignments to fulfill. Gameplay is mainly centered around the shooting and the variety if guns available in the game. You play as a lone sniper hidden in the rooftops of the city. But your character is not immune to the barrage of bullets that may come at you from below.

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  • 12Sep

    GameStop is launching their own Android tablet, accepting iOS devices for trade

    Two big moves in the tablet gaming space for one game retailer have been confirmed today. GameStop has selected an Android tablet model to serve as their “official” gaming platform next year. These tablet models will launch with some titles pre-installed. “We’re in test phase right now,” GameStop president Tony Bartel told “But we’re excited at the prospect of coming out with this tablet. I would call it a ‘GameStop certified gaming platform.’ We looked at all the tablets and these are the ones that really worked for gaming and we’re going to give you a few benefits that you’re not going to get elsewhere.” The eventual intent for the tablet will be for it to stream console games (using the service they’re developing with recently-acquired Spawn Labs). The unit will ship with a special controller for this purpose. GameStop will also begin to accept Apple devices running iOS

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  • 01Sep

    Featured Facebook Game of the Week – Words With Friends

    Zynga has finally brought the crazy popular Scrabble-esque app, Words With Friends, to Facebook! I have been playing this since I got my iPod touch and am completely obsessed by it. It”s incredibly easy to get started, just go to the app, find some friends who play, and start a game. The thing I like best about this adaptation is that you CAN take it with you. Start playing a game on Facebook, and that same game carries over to your iPhone or Droid. It’s free (with ads) and truly social, with a chat built in. Enjoy! Follow

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  • 21Aug

    Eternity Warriors for iOS and Android

    Eternity Warriors is a fourth offering from Glu games. They have released a few other skinned over games based on a similar engine and have had success. They could be some competition for Gameloft on iOS. Their games are free to play, and extra items and currencies are able to be purchased in game through the App Store. It is a fun ‘Freemium’ game. It’s a Diablo-esque hack-and-slash fantasy game. Eternity Warriors control set up has a stick and an attack button. An AI controlled companion follows your character around and gets in the way. The two burly icons bumble into each other like a pair of magnetized dwarves. Enemies come in waves monsters with swords and axes come at you on all sides. The character is difficult to move and the control stick does not work as fluidly as I am used to from other games with virtual joystick.

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  • 02Aug

    Interview: Stephanie Herrera, Artist and Writer for Dreams

    Recently Geek Woman played Dreams for iOS on iPad. And then got in touch with the artist/creator, Stephanie Herrera. Geek Woman: It seemed like the differences in the pictures were tiny details that women would be more inclined to notice than men, were you intending that? Stephanie Herrera: When I made the game I was a lot younger than now and the differences just came out of thin air, I didn’t plan them at all, just made whatever came to my mind. I think the innocence of the moment also helped and the stuff I was going through in my life at that certain point, such as becoming a self conscious woman. What art your art style influences? In that time I liked manga and anime a lot, probably you can tell from the images, lol… But now I’m older I have much more influences in my style, most of

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  • 01Aug

    Aerial7 Tank Headphones (Hello Kitty)

    A couple weeks ago my Pomeranian puppy chewed up the earbuds with the mic on it that came with an iPod Touch. Today I am very glad. After some frustrating shopping online for a new set of ear buds, I decided to go back to headphones. Out of the many pairs of ear buds I have bought, none of them are comfortable. None of them fit into my ears either. I realized that I was usually wearing them backwards, (I am such a geek.) just to get them to stay in my ears for more than half a minute. I had done an interview with someone from Aerial 7 so I checked out what they had. I found this set of Aerial 7 Tank Headphones in a Hello Kitty motif. I wanted them immediately, but I forced myself to really look around first to make sure that it wasn’t just

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  • 26Jul

    Interview: Sharon Wood, Founder and CEO of Stone Creek Entertainment

    Sharon Wood is an innovative female leader in the former “boys club” of the gaming industry, her past experience includes work on projects like Grand Theft Auto.  Now, Sharon is debuting Luminous, a lifestyle app that allows women to compare their opinions with those of famous female leaders. The game seeks to continue the discussion about ladies’ growing power in the gaming industry and Stone Creek’s unique approach. Sharon’s background is mainly in marketing, so the goal of her new lifestyle app, Luminous, is to get a high profile sponsor on board to use it as part of Stone Creek Entertainment’s digital marketing campaign. Recently, for example, MTV sponsored a Facebook game Stone Creek created to promote this season of The Real World. Her career has taken an interesting transition. Her first job was with a sports marketing agency, working on campaigns such as Major League Baseball. She then transitioned

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