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  • 14Jun

    The Dark Knight Available on iTunes to Celebrate DC’s 75th Anniversary

    Today, Warner Bros. has releasing The Dark Knight as part of the DC 75th Anniversary Celebration. Warner Bros. Digital Distribution has made The Dark Knight available to download from iTunes, which includes 31 Minutes of Bonus Content new to Download and Amazon On Demand. The movie will also be available On Demand on TV in July. In order to get you excited about watching the movie all over again, here’s a clip from the bonus content available on iTunes. Follow

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  • 06May

    Sentai Filmworks launches their new website!

    Our friends at Sentai Filmworks are proud to announce that they now officially have a place to call home on the internet! The site allows you to find out where the nearest retailer for Sentai’s DVD and Blu-Ray releases are, as well as find and buy their releases from iTunes or Amazon. There is also a section for those who would like to sell Sentai’s releases or become their affiliates. They also plan to introduce more features in the near future, but for any news updates you should keep an eye on their official Facebook and Twitter pages. Venture over to and check it out for yourself – enjoy! Follow

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  • 15Apr

    CubeHead Celebrates Apple Launch

    The Match 3 puzzle game, CubeHead, has just been featured on the Apple Apps Store “New and Noteworthy” section. Developer Claudio Pinto says, “We are thrilled and excited to learn that our second game for the Apple iPhone™ is also being featured on the App Store, as was our first game WackyLands Green last year. With the help of Indie Developer Consulting we have experienced a very successful launch since the game was released”. CubeHead promises a humorous and colorful Match 3 puzzle game in which players battle King CubeHead and protect their country. Follow

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  • 06Apr

    THQ Unveils Some Pretty Goofy Star Wars Apps

    In a move that should be appreciated by the geekiest of Star Wars fans everywhere (not that that’s a bad thing!), THQ announced three new iPhone/iPad apps: A successor to Lightsaber Unleashed, a Diner Dash clone, and a Yoda soundboard. (No, I’m not kidding.) All links go to the respective title in the iTunes App Store. Star Wars: Cantina Game ($4.99) It’s Diner Dash. Or any other time management game you want to insert in its place. Cantina drops you in the middle of Tatooine with thirsty customers to serve. Accuracy and speed reward you, they do. (Want the ultimate meta experience? Try listening to the “Star Wars Cantine” Eddie Izzard bit while you play. I won’t link it, due to foul language, but Jeff Vader wants his penne al arrabiatta, and he wants it quickly.) Star Wars: Yoda Sound Board ($.99) A sound board it is. Make prank phone

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  • 04Apr

    Top Gun App Available for the iPad

    Good Morning, GA readers!  This morning we are going to take a little stroll down what I like to call, 80’s lane. It the lane filled with bright neon colors, big hair, and of course, Top Gun.  You know that macho movie with fighter jet pilots playing chicken? A while ago, this game was available for to play on the iPhone, and iPod touch. Now, with the newly launched iPad, the game has been revamped for a new market. What makes the iPad version of  Top Gun different from the iPhone and the iPod touch is the fact that it has new gameplay, redesigned interface and higher resolution graphics.  According to the press release; The iPad version has expanded their resolution and interface in order  to fit with the iPad’s size. The new game play includes a Top Gun Navy Fighter Jet and afterburners.  The iPad version is available at the iTune’s store for $4.99. Follow

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  • 05Mar

    Win $1 million for your Oscar picks with The Red Carpet App

    The Oscars are this Sunday and everyone is getting ready for the big day. Friends get together and vote to see if their favorites will win the award. But that’s so old school. Now there’s an app for that. The Red Carpet is an app for $2.99 that is all about the world of the Oscars. It has everything from awards news, film synopses (in case you missed a film or two), and film previews. I know for some of the categories this came in very handy! The real tease though is that if you guess all 24 televised Oscar winners correctly…you can win $1 million. You do have to sign up to enter. The application is very simple to use and you really have to love the extra features that allow you to add the movie automatically to your Netflix queue. I’ve entered my pics, so we’ll see how

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  • 16Feb

    Nielsen reports on paying for content online

    Nielsen recently did a study where they asked 27,000 people across 52 countries if they would pay for content online, and got a resounding “maybe.” They did break down the survey into more specific areas like movies, games, music, news and radio to name a few, and while the results to some may be surprising it’s not to me. The top three categories that more people said they’d pay for wound up being Theatrical Movies, Music and Games. Not surprising with services like Netflix, iTunes and online games and networks like Steam. Netflix lets you rent and stream movies online or through your Xbox or PS3 and has made many people turn away from the more traditional storefront for renting movies. Apple’s iTunes revolutionized the way people got their music and the way they developed the pricing is probably one of the big reasons. I like being able to have

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  • 01Feb

    GamingAngels Launches Presents Network With The Married Gamers

    It’s been a month of biting our tongues so as not to spill the beans, but today is finally here and I can tell everyone about something GamingAngel and I have been working on behind the scenes. There are a lot of great sites out there that we love and so we’ve created the GamingAngels Presents Network. The Presents network features communities that we feel share similar interests with GamingAngels and we want to help promote them, because you may not know about them, and they are some pretty cool people. The first site to join GamingAngels Presents is The Married Gamers, a site and podcast hosted by LeftyBrown and MrsLeftyBrown. We’ve had the pleasure of being on their podcast a couple of times and hanging out with them at gaming conventions, so their inclusion in our family of sites just seems so natural. If you check out the sidebar,

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  • 24Dec

    Apple creates a stir with it’s planned product announcement

    Apple is causing a major stir with fans and shareholders as they booked the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts on January 26, 2010. The rumored plans is that there will be a “major product announcement”. Many hope that the product announcement will cover the rumor of an Apple tablet. Apple has never confirmed the existence of a device but there could also be new version of any of their products announced as well. While there aren’t any confirmations as to what is going to be announced, Apple stock reached an all-time high on Thursday. “Investors are excited about an anticipated release of an Apple tablet,” said William Lefkowitz, options strategist at brokerage firm vFinance Investments in New York. “People are expecting this to be a product that would allow Apple to continue its tremendous growth. In addition, Apple stock hit a new high today and looks very strong on

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  • 10Dec

    Who benefits from iTunes price increases?

    Apple’s iTunes recently raised their prices from $.99 a song to $1.29 for songs that are popular. Just the principle of price alone makes it an awkward purchase. At the $.99 price, the psychology of well it’s just a dollar would make for quick and impulsive purchases. But with the cost going up even just to $1.29 it does make the purchaser think twice. In a recession, how does Apple account for the price increase? Well some have suggested that the price increase is due to updating DRM protection, which lowers the quality of sound delivered to customers. Others say it plainly…greed. One person not making more money are the artists. They have fixed residuals for music sales and price increases don’t affect that. A recent study of 10,000 students at The University of Arizona , said that paying $1.29 has lowered 63% of the student faculty’s desire to purchase

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