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  • 20May

    Steam Adds Prima Game Guides

    You’ve gotten stuck in a game before, right? No clue what to do, wandering around, getting more and more frustrated until…you either run to the Internet or the bookstore to find an official – or unofficial  – guide. Well, Prima is taking a lot of that work out of the process. Some of their guides will now be available on Steam, and you won’t have to switch windows to read them – just use Steam’s UI overlay to read while you play! (You can also read the guide outside of the game, but it wouldn’t be nearly as useful then.) The launch collection, available now for 50% off, includes quite a few epic games: Dragon Age: Origins, Just Cause 2, and Battlefield: Bad Company 2. So, next time you’re stuck…well, look around and read. Follow

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  • 30Apr

    Just Cause 2 DLC Trailer Designed to Give You Some Ideas

    Yup, we get trailers for everything these days. This one details the exact contents of the Just Cause 2 “Black Market Aerial Pack.” This DLC is available now, and features a jet fighter, parachute thrusters, and a multi-lock missile launcher, all pictured above. It also shows off the next “Boom” pack, before finishing with a trick that I honestly can’t wait to try out for the laughs alone. I don’t know what this says about me. Video Games | Just Cause 2 | Exclusive DLC Trailer XBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii Follow

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  • 24Apr

    Just Cause 2 DLC Adding Some Boom to Your Air

    Two separate Just Cause 2 DLC packs, releasing on April 29 and May 25, are bringing you some crazy-ridiculous vehicles and weapons that make it a lot easier to play in the vertical playground where everything needs to go boom. (For a review of the game, click here.) Each will be available for $2/160 MS Points – a lot more palatable than something like Modern Warfare 2’s $15 map pack. (Really, why did everyone buy that?) The first release, the “Black Market Aerial Pack,” contains: F-33 Dragon Fly Jet Fighter: a versatile attack aircraft, equipped with twin missiles and quad-mounted mini-guns Multi-lock Missile Launcher: a devastating weapon of destruction featuring laser-guided auto-lock on up to four targets (yes, really – boom!) Parachute Dual Thrusters: twin parachute-mounted jets which transform Rico’s parachute into one of the most nimble and powerful attack platforms. The second pack, entitled the “Black Market Boom Pack,”

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  • 20Apr

    Review: Just Cause 2 (PS3)

    There’s a ridiculously good chance that if you buy Just Cause 2, you won’t be done with it for another six months (unless you’re playing 20 hours a day). Rating: M/PEGI 18 Players: 1 Genre: Action Publisher: Square Enix Developers: Avalanche Studios, Eidos Interactive Release Date: March 23, 2010 (NA) BUY In Just Cause 2, you are Rico Rodriguez, performing acts on behalf of a United States “Agency,” mostly called “The Agency,” because they’re super-inventive.  Your job: Oust Baby Panay from his dictatorship over the small island nation of Panau. He’s oppressing the people, first of all, but he’s also cut all ties to the United States. (Panau was once an ally to the U.S.) This makes you very unhappy. Adding to the confusion is the knowledge that Rico’s ex-commander, Tom Sheldon, has apparently gone rogue. Finding Tom is summarily added to your duties. He was previously a great friend

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  • 08Apr

    Sorry, Kids, There’s No Ice Cream in This Truck

    Just in case you ever wanted to attract children to your vehicle and then just drive away laughing, a crazy ice cream truck is available for the downloading for Eidos’ Just Cause 2 today (or at least, it will be as soon as the store updates). (We’ll just ignore that there are no Panauan children. At least, I haven’t seen any in my travels around the island nation.) The Chevalier Ice Breaker is a smooth ride with front bull bars designed to tear apart anything that stands in its way. Just…don’t run into those children that don’t exist. This will be only one of just over 100 vehicles available for the taking in Panau’s sandbox. So far, over 25 million kilometers have been driven on the virtual streets. That’s a pretty long ice cream route. As Rico Rodriguez, the Agency’s most powerful weapon, players must take on the island of

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  • 23Mar

    Just Cause 2 Out Today, Final “Anatomy of a Stunt” is Of Course, Awesome Enough to Make You Want It

    Oh, Just Cause 2. You and your crazy stunts. This time, Rico’s got a new way to kill – what he calls a joyride. Watch as he turns a plane into a killing machine. Well, after he has fun with it, anyway. This has definitely fulfilled its purpose – now I can’t wait to get my hands on this title. Follow

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  • 17Mar

    Just Cause 2 Launch Trailer Features More of the Same – Blowing Stuff Up, That Is

    If you’ve only been watching the Just Cause 2 trailers I’ve been posting, you might think that the game is only about blowing stuff up. And you would be partially correct. But the game is out next Tuesday, and there is a storyline. A storyline that involves you blowing things up. See what I did there? This launch trailer features quite a few explosions. That’s nothing new. What is new? Actual dialogue. Like, two lines of it. Enjoy. Video Games | Just Cause 2 | Exclusive Launch Trailer HD XBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii Follow

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  • 26Feb

    New Just Cause 2 Trailer to Accompany Demo Announcement

    The Just Cause 2 demo will become available March 4th, 2010 and feature the Lautan Lama Desert on one of Panau’s islands. You’ll be able to visit towns, climb mountains, and even assassinate one of the game’s 50 military colonels. The motor vehicle array is stunning, and you can even perform a freefall from 20,000 feet. All formats of the full game will be available in store on March 23. More information is available on the official website at Yet another “Anatomy of a Stunt” trailer was released for this in which you take down a plane…while you’re in the air – watch it below: Follow

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  • 23Feb

    Further Just Cause 2 Stunt Dissection: Fire Truck vs. Jet

    This is likely the biggest game of chicken we’ll ever see — a fire truck versus a passenger jet. Just another example of what you’ll be able to do when Just Cause 2 finally drops in March. Follow

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  • 20Feb

    Just Cause 2 “Anatomy of a Stunt” Videos

    Square Enix recently released these two videos, which dissect some of the crazy things you can do in Just Cause 2’s world of Panau. Looks…explosive. Well, one of them, anyway. Enjoy. Follow

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