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  • 10Oct

    Aliens are coming to the World of Keflings

    Visitors from Outer Space are on the way. Well, if you’re a resident of A World of Keflings, anyway. The Xbox LIVE Arcade title’s first DLC, “It Came From Outer Space,” adds a “full cast of Kefling-sized alien characters” as well as a new kingdom where you can build a whole alien city! “Aliens have crash-landed in the Kefling world and you and the Keflings need to use your mad building skills to get them home,” said Mike Nielsen, lead designer on the DLC. “You’ll be building giant robots, crazy alien structures, and even robotic Keflings all in the name of repairing their mother ship. There’s plenty of new stuff to explore – a new kingdom, new characters, new resources, new buildings… It’s pretty substantial.” We currently know nothing about release timing or pricing. Follow

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  • 13May

    Keflings comes to Avatar Store

    Starting today, the avatar store is being invaded by Keflings. The avatar items are actually hints at what is coming to the World of Keflings. “When designing the avatar store for A World of Keflings we reached out to our fans to see what they would want,” said Brent Fox, Art Director at NinjaBee. “So in the store you’ll see a mixture of items requested by fans and items that give clues to what new characters and lands you’ll encounter in the Keflings sequel.” In other NinjaBee news, they released the trailer below for XBLA game, Ancients of Ooga. Follow

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  • 24Mar

    A Kingdom for Keflings Arriving on PC with Teeny-Tiny Price to Match

    Today, exclusively on, you can buy 2008’s “Best Family Game,” A Kingdom for Keflings, for PC at half off the original price, making it $9.99. This price lasts for two weeks, and after the sale is over, the price goes up to $19.99. At that point, the game will be available through other online distribution systems as well. There is a plus to getting the PC version: It features four new giants unavailable to the Xbox 360 Arcade version, making eight available in total. The only thing it lacks? Getting to play as your Xbox LIVE avatar. (Sorry!) Follow

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  • 12Apr

    A Kingdom for Keflings Review

    Platform: XBLA Publisher:Microsoft Developer: NinjaBee Genre: Strategy & Sims Release Date: 11/19/2008 Official Website Writer: cc_311 What can I really say about A Kingdom for Keflings? This is one of the first games for the Xbox Live Arcade that uses the newest feature of the NXE which is avatars. The game is very easy to pick up and play. Story In terms of story the goal of the game is to make the biggest Kingdom possible. The game offers you different missions to accomplish. The progression of the game through the stories is very well done. It gives you the freedom and choice of which missions to accomplish. It will not take very long for you to get hooked on this game and then try to make every structure. Once you build a couple of houses and other structures you will have the option to build the Town Hall. Once

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