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  • 09Apr

    Wondercon 2012

    Wondercon 2012 was in Anaheim this year instead of San Francisco which benefited me because it made it an easy trip to attend. Wondercon in San Francisco has always been difficult because it’s surrounded by GDC, SXSW and PAX East. Making it a very expensive few months if you make the trip. Sadly, due to other obligations I could only attend Wondercon for one day. From the beginning I was worried about Wondercon. Parking was a disaster! They had streets blocked off every which way and it seemed to take people hours just waiting in the car line to park. I had never seen such a mess. Even when I attend Anaheim Convention Center for BlizzCon. Round and round we went until we found a lot that we were able to park at. Unfortunately for cosplayers and anyone trying to look good (I was wearing my new Star Wars dress

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  • 30Jun

    Guest Article: Twilight Movie Marathon, Eclipse Review

    Editor’s Note: Please remember that since this movie is just out now, there’s likely to be a whole lot of spoilers for those of you that are unfamiliar with the story. Last night, I spent seven and a half hours in the company of Twilight. My local movie theatre had a marathon of the first two movies before a midnight screening of Eclipse, and since I’ve never been to a marathon before, or a midnight screening, I thought what the hell…why not? I’ve heard strange tales of the cosplayers and fandom eccentricities at these sessions, and it’s something that I want to experience. The only thing that’s been stopping me is that I never have company to one of these things – I’ve been told that you need to have someone with you to watch your stuff while you run off to the bathroom/restock snacks and drinks between movies. But

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  • 23Mar

    Twilight: New Moon DVD Exclusives Release

    As we saw with the first movie in the Twilight Saga,  the release of the Twilight DVD had many stores with their own unique exclusives. Thought we’d put together a list of what stores have which versions to help you decide where to buy your copy starting March 20th! Just about every store has the following two versions available. They will have their own unique pricing and we’ll call that out in the list o   Regular Widescreen DVD/Blu-ray version of The Twilight Saga: New Moon o   The Twilight Saga: Special Edition DVD/Blu-ray 2 Discs of content Over  70 minutes of special features Revealing feature length commentary with Director Chris Weitz and Editor Peter Lambert 6-PART DOCUMENTARY (Part 1: Life After Twilight; Part 2: Chris Weitz takes the helm; Part 3: The Subtle Details; Part 4: Time to Shine; Part 5: Tricks of the Trade; Part 6: Ready for the World)

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  • 27Nov

    Review – New Moon

    *Don’t read if you don’t like spoilers* New Moon is the second story in the Twilight Saga. For those of you that may not have read the books yet, the basic premise in New Moon is Bella doesn’t want to grow old, Edward is scared of hurting Bella, Edward leaves Bella (but comes to her when she’s doing something dangerous), Jacob steps in to romance Bella, in the meantime becomes a werewolf, and Bella rushes to Italy to save Edward. There’s a bit more to the story than that, but that’s basic premise. I was able to see the movie during a matinee on Wednesday. The theater was completely full, but there wasn’t a single tween in sight. No, this was the moms time to gawk at the hot young boys in the movie. I am a big fan of Twilight. I have read all the books. The books are

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  • 08Nov

    Rob Pattinson talks New Moon at Press Conference

    The above image is from from the Press Junket that happened in LA recently to promote and talk about Twilight: New Moon. The cast was on hand to discuss the film and answer the Press’s serious questions like if Taylor Lautner is dating Taylor Swift. (rolls eyes) I unfortunately was not in attendance but I have collected a few videos from Youtube about the presser. Hopefully we’ll be invited to future Twilight events since we do a fair amount of coverage. Movie Trailers – Movies Blog Who is going to see New Moon with me after it comes out? Follow

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