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  • 05Mar

    Alice in Wonderland in theaters today

    Do you hear that squeal? It’s millions of fangirls that are ecstatic because Alice in Wonderland is finally out! How many of you have your tickets already? Today we have some fun facts about the movie and the last trailer from Disney. Let’s start the “Did you know”? Director Tim Burton’s London office was once owned by Arthur Rackham, a famous English book illustrator who created the iconic color plates for the 1907 edition of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.” The Mad Hatter suffers from mercury poisoning, a common and unfortunate condition of many hatters of the time who used the chemical regularly for their craft. Depp and Burton elevated this Hatter’s madness by literally showcasing the character’s many mad mood swings in his makeup and wardrobe, creating a virtual human mood ring. The potion Alice drinks to shrink is called Pishsolver. The cake she eats to grow is called Upelkuchen.

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  • 06Jan

    First Alice in Wonderland DS & Wii Screens

    In addition to the new Alice in Wonderland movie screen of Depp as the Mad Hatter, Disney has also released new screens for the DS and Wii movie-tie in games that will be released alongside Tim Burton’s masterpiece. Check out the five Wii screens featuring Hatter and the White Rabbit, as well as four screens for the DS adaptation. Follow

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  • 10Nov

    New image from Alice in Wonderland

    Above is the first of three images from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland. The film is coming to the theaters on March 5, 2010. If you are as excited as me for Alice in Wonderland, join the Facebook fan page, The Disloyal Subjects of the Mad Hatter here. But just joining doesn’t mean you’ll get everything handed to you. Expect the Mad Hatter to make you work for the rest of the screens. Follow

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  • 03Sep

    Disney dreams up collection of Alice in Wonderland inspired fashions

    Disney will not just be releasing a new version of Alice in Wonderland next year but also recently had a fashion show to show how trends in 2010 will be inspired by the upcoming film. Disney Consumer Products announced a partnership with Tom Binns and more designers coming soon to work on a fashion line. DCP staged an elaborate tea part at a fashion trade event this week in Vegas where Wonderland-inspired performers brought the tea party and the fashion to life. The fashion shown is similar to what will be released in Spring 2010 with the film. “Disney fashion continues to be at the forefront of trends,” said Pam Lifford, executive vice president, global fashion and home, DCP. “Drawing inspiration from such creative works of art as Alice In Wonderland and collaborating with top designers like Tom Binns keeps Disney and our characters relevant with tastemakers and serves up

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  • 01Aug

    Follow me through the rabbit hole – Alice in Wonderland at SDCC

    Disney made a huge statement at San Diego Comic Con this year with their viral exhibits held outside of the Convention center. We took you through Floyd’s Arcade but now it’s time to go through the rabbit hole and visit Alice in Wonderland. I’m ecstatic to see Tim Burton take the reigns and show us what his Alice and his Wonderland would be like. But not only did we get to see a trailer and talk to Tim Burton at SDCC (that’s coming soon), but Disney set up an exhibit where visitors can see all the props used in Tim Burton’s film. First they greeted you with a key attached to a card that had the details of the tour written on it. The setup is a touring exhibition but I was told that it will only be open to the public at San Diego Comic Con. Otherwise it’s an

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  • 26Jul

    Alice in Wonderland trailer released

    We’ll hear more from Tim Burton tomorrow at San Diego Comic Con about Alice In Wonderland but here is the official trailer . Johnny Depp looks absolutely mad as the Mad Hatter. The video we had here was pulled from Disney, but now that the panel and SDCC is over, we have the official trailer. Follow

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