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  • 15Jun

    Every New Nintendo Game Revealed This Morning (With Trailers!), Including a New Kingdom Hearts and DJ Hero 3D

    The big guns were brought out this morning at Nintendo’s press conference. There were a ton of games revealed, as well as the official Nintendo 3DS design. It’s a good year for remaking classics! Here’s a full list, including release periods  – if we know them. After the list, we’ve got trailers for a ton of games on the list to occupy your time. Nintendo Wii The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (2011) Mario: Sports Mix (2011) Just Dance 2 (Fall 2010) Metroid: Other M (August 31) GoldenEye 007 (Holiday 2010) Wii Party (Holiday 2010) Epic Mickey (2010 – probably Holiday) Kirby’s Epic Yarn (Fall 2010) Donkey Kong Country Returns Nintendo (3)DS Dragon Quest IX (in 26 days!) Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (not 3D, Holiday 2010) Kid Icarus: Uprising Nintendogs…and cats! A whole host of titles from top studios (titles in parentheses): Activision (DJ Hero 3D) Atlus AQ Bandai Namco

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  • 16Nov

    Gillette looking for the Champions of Gaming

    Gillette is looking for the Champions of Gaming on the Xbox 360 along with Electronic Arts. The tournament starts on November 18 and runs through February 14, 2010. Gamers will compete against other games on Xbox Live on the following EA Sports titles: Tiger Woods PGA TOUR® 10, EA SPORTS™ FIFA Soccer 10, Madden NFL 10, NHL® 10 and Fight Night Round 4. Winners from each of the titles will have a chance to be crowned at the Gaming Final Event in March 2010. “Last year, our match came down to the final shot. I’ve been practicing and I am ready to take another crack at this year’s best player,” said Tiger Woods. That’s right, Tiger Woods attends and so will other sports superstars. The global tournament will have one nine part qualification round and one knockout round in three regions – North America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. The regional champs

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  • 14Oct

    EA announces 5-on-5 Madden NFL Arcade

    EA is launching a new way to get your Madden fix with Madden NFL Arcade. The 5-on-5 football game is from EA Tiburon. Madden NFL Arcade will be available for download on Xbox Live Arcade and the Playstation Store for 1200 MS Points and $14.99 respectively right before the holidays. “When you look around the office and see your whole team playing and having tons of fun with it, you know the game hit the right mark,” said marketing director Nathan Stewart. “We have diehard Madden fans who have worked on the franchise for a decade, and more casual gamers who are all playing together and enjoying it. If our productivity the past few weeks is any indication, we’ve created a game that everyone will love.” Gamers can choose from 32 NFL Teams with home stadiums and then have four downs to get past 60 yards. No penalties or field

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  • 20Aug

    Madden players are more Passionate & Knowledgable Football fans

    The University of Oregon’s Warsaw Sports Marketing Center did a Madden Football IQ study to look at how fans of Madden NFL interact with the sport of football. The results shouldn’t surprise anyone. They found that fans of Madden NFL are not only more knowledgeable about the game of football, but also more avid, devoted fans. “For the second year, we delved into the relationship that the Madden NFL game forges with real football, and the study proved that it runs very deep. Madden NFL fans are not only extremely knowledgable about the game of football, they are equally as passionate,” said Paul Swangard, Managing Director of the Warsaw Sports Marketing Center at the University of Oregon. “Twenty-one years of the Madden NFL franchise has created a smarter and more devoted football fan.” The study surveyed more than 9,000 EA Sports Madden NFL players. The five categories of football knowledge

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