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  • 12May

    Iron Man Armored Adventures coming thanks to Madman

    If you’re like me, you only have to read the words “Iron Man” and in your head you hear either the angry guitar playing the theme song, or (in most cases) you refer to The Simpsons version. If you’re an Aussie fan of the series in one form or another, keep your eyes peeled because Madman have a new addition to your collection! Come June the 30th you will be able to buy a copy of Iron Man Armored Adventures on DVD or Blu Ray, which was launched by Marvel at San Diego Comic Con! The series follows a teenage Tony Stark who is fighting villains, going on dangerous missions, and protecting his assets against anyone who wants to ruin Stark Industries and destroy the world. What better way to do that than break out the “Stark Exo-Suit” right? It also helps that he’s bringing his friends along for the

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  • 22Apr

    Review: Spectacular!

    Spectacular deals with issues of love, friendship, identity and ultimately deciding your own path. It’s a bumpy ride for both Nikko and Courtney and in the end Nikko ultimately has to make a decision that will determine whether his journey with Spectacular has simply been a fun trip, or the beginning of Nikko’s new direction with his new friends by his side.

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  • 29Mar

    Madman presents “THE HAPPY FAMILY PLAN”

    Australian company Madman Entertainment have joined forces with the Japan Foundation (in Sydney, Australia) to bring us the hilarious Japanese film “THE HAPPY FAMILY PLAN”. The film introduces us to a Japanese game show named “Happy Family Plan” which sees fathers participate in challenges, like memorising breeds of dogs or playing musical instruments in order to win prizes for their family. Here we meet Fujio. He lost his job in the 1990s economic downturn in Japan, and relocates his wife and kids to to his father-in-law’s home in Yokohama. His wife, Yuko, opens her own business and the kids settle in to their new lives, which leaves Fujio to try and figure out what to do with himself. Yuko and Fujio’s son secretly enters the family as contestants on the “Happy Family Plan” show. Having lost money in a failed business venture, Fujio agrees to take up the challenge –

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  • 13Mar

    Review – Tripod: Live At Woodford

    Need a little bit of funny to lighten your mood? That’s what you’ll get when you watch “Tripod: Live at Woodford” – a little bit. Read on to find out more! Release Date: 07/10/2009 Languages: English Genre: Comedy Runtime: 120.0 mins You may remember Tripod. They appeared at the Microsoft Keynote during CES 2009. Apparently they didn’t go down the way it was hoped when it came to entertaining the audience – which our own Angels Trina and Cherith were part of. If you don’t know of Tripod, let me introduce you. Tripod are a group of 3 men who formed while they were in university. After a bit of busking at malls, they appeared in a TV variety show competition where they got their big break. They soon performed at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and began to appear on radio. Their popularity has since seen them produce many

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  • 12Mar

    Review: Life’s A (Volume 1)

    Just when you thought you were safe from reality TV (or safe enough) another one crawls out from the dark recesses of a desperate mind. Release Date: 21/10/2009 Languages: English Genre: Comedy Runtime: 154.0 mins While it isn’t your typical reality show, “Life’s A” certainly has the qualities you can expect. Meet 7 animals: Morreski (an alcoholic Bulgarian bear), Rico (a gay caffeine-addicted crocodile), Ray (a bong-devoted monkey), Dr D (a rapping penguin), Jake (a horny Canadian pig), Minou (an African supermodel cat) and Chi Chi (a sweet and naïve panda). They have all been thrown together in a mansion in Saskatchewan – Big Brother style. Each episode depicts the characters being faced with a challenge that usually pits them against their housemates. This tends to result in a fight to survive or just a massive all-out brawl. If one of the characters fails then they face possible eviction.

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  • 18Feb

    Review: Romeo X Juliet – Collection 1 “Romeo”

    “Romeo X Juliet” is your classic love story, but with a different twist. It incorporates the ideas of William Shakespeare’s original story with ideas of the people at Studio GONZO to create a refreshing interpretation of a world renowned classic. Release Date: 21/10/2009 Languages: ENGLISH, JAPANESE Genre: Action/Adventure, Anime, Romance, Science Fiction Subtitles: ENGLISH subtitles Number of Discs: 2 Runtime: 300.0 mins We all know the story of “Romeo and Juliet” by William Shakespeare, so when it gets the anime treatment you’re either going to love it or avoid it like the plague. In this version we meet Juliet disguised as a Zorro-style saviour who turns up just in time to save a girl who had been mistaken for Juliet herself. Romeo’s father, Lord Montague, is scouring Neo Verona in search of her, and any girl is open to accusation. When Juliet was a small child, her family (known as

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  • 05Feb

    MADMAN’S 82nd Academy Award nominees

    As we should all know, the Academy Award nominees were announced this week. Among the nominees are some films which you can find in the collection of Australian owned company Madman Entertainment, and they’ve let us know exactly what they are! Nominated in the “Best Animated Film” category is THE SECRET OF KELLS, which introduces us to 12 year old Brendan. He must battle Vikings and a Celtic serpent (as well as his own personal fears) to save the enchanted forest in which his new-found friend Aisling (a fairy/white wolf/girl) lives and complete the Book of Kells. Madman will release the film on DVD on March 10th, 2010 for $29.95. For “Best Documentary” THE COVE is up for an award. The documentary exposes the current problems facing the dolphin population in Taiji, Japan – where they harvest dolphins within a hidden cove which allows for the operation to be carried

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  • 27Jan

    Review: Toy Story Mania!

    If you are looking to have a bit of light fun for you and your young family, then “Toy Story Mania!” could be what you’re after. Rating: G Players: 1 – 4 Genre: Arcade Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios Release Date: September, 2009 (NA) RENT Being a big Pixar fan, of course I have seen the Toy Story movies and I’m eagerly awaiting installment #3‘s release in 2010. I’ve even played a Game Boy version from the Toy Story empire, but we aren’t exactly friends any more if you get my drift. Now we have a new game for the Wii by the name of “Toy Story Mania!”. Based on the real life attraction “Toy Story Midway Mania!” at California’s Disney theme parks (as well as the Toy Story movies), “Toy Story Mania!” is a series of arcade-style mini-games to test your skills on. Many of these mini-games are the same

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  • 03Jan

    Review: Disney Sing It! Pop Hits

    Rating: PG Players: 1 Genre: Karaoke Publisher: Disney Interactive Studios Release Date: October, 2009 (AUS) RENT In at least one point in our lives we all decide to give karaoke a go. Or watch and laugh at our friends while they give it a go. We have SingStar for Playstation and Lips for XBox. What about the Wii? Enter the “Disney Sing It!” franchise. They’ve made a couple of releases already, one in particular being based on the popular High School Musical series. Now we have the latest addition, “Disney Sing It! Pop Hits”, which has a mixture of currently popular music artists featured on it. You’ll find that Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana and the Jonas Brothers dominate most of the song choices, however you’ll also find the likes of Coldplay, Jesse McCartney and Taylor Swift (amongst others) that have been included in the list. Most of the songs (in my

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  • 30Nov

    Review: Aquarion (Collection One)

    Release Date: 24/06/2009 Audio tracks: English 2.0, Japanese 2.0 Languages: ENGLISH & JAPANESE Genre: Action/Adventure, Anime, Fantasy, Mecha, Science Fiction Subtitles: ENGLISH subtitles Number of Discs: 2 Runtime: 325.0 mins Buy it on RightStuf Buy it on Amazon BUY What happens when you combine robots, ancient love, and unbelievable powers? If you’re Shoji Kawamori (creator of “Macross Plus” and “Escaflowne”) you make an Anime series and name it “Aquarion” of course! This series presents us with a futuristic view of Earth, however the time period isn’t known to us. 12,000 years ago, Shadow Angels plagued the Earth. They harvested humans and destroyed anyone (and anything) in their way. Now they’re back to continue what they started – which they claim is to create a paradise. Luckily, descendants of those who survived have prepared themselves for such an occurrence. They’re gathering and training as many people that they can find whom

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