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  • 21Feb

    Guest Review: Boogie Superstar

    Boogie is EA’s attempt to cash in on the singing and dancing sensations made so popular by DDR and SingStar. The concept is sound, the Wii’s motion sensing controllers make it the perfect console to support this kind of game, and with the addition of a Logitech microphone and EA’s history of always including excellent music in their games, it would seem like it would be hard to get wrong. Unfortunately, EA is up the challenge, and managed to completely ruin a perfectly feasible game concept. Developer: EA (Montreal) Genre: Rhythm, Singing, Dance ESRB: E+ 10 Number of players: 1-4 Publisher: Electronic Arts Release Date: October 14th, 2008 PASS The game consists of two main types of game play, a singing mode and a dancing mode. The singing mode isn’t terrible, it has just been done before. The words are displayed at the bottom of the screen, and a series

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  • 29Jan

    Review: Rozen Maiden (Season 1)

    You know, I’m really getting a lot of new anime added to my favourites list lately. Guess what just got added? Release Date: 21/10/2009 Audio tracks: Dolby Digital 2.0: English, Dolby Digital 2.0: Japanese Languages: ENGLISH, JAPANESE Genre: Anime, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy Subtitles: ENGLISH subtitles Number of Discs: 2 Runtime: 300.0 mins When you were younger, did you always wish to some degree that one (or more) of your toys would spring to life and interact with you as a person? In Jun Sakurada’s case he gets this wish granted, but not in the way I imagine he would have hoped. Jun is a reclusive young teen when we first meet him. He refuses to go to school, and is rude to his sister Nori a lot. He also likes to buy things over the internet, but not your usual items. Things like voodoo dolls. One odd item that he

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  • 30Dec

    X Japan Invites Fans to Filming of 4 Videos

    The mega super J-Rock Band will be filming on January 9, 2010 in Hollywood, and is inviting American fans to the streets of Hollywood, CA to film four major music videos! It will be a huge event in the band’s history. Fans will need to pre-register online to participate in the event. More information and the registration form can be found at www.jrocknation. Please note, that if you’re under 18, there’s a parent/guardian release form, and that you’ll need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian to attend. Follow

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  • 11Sep

    Nylon Pink Does Music, Jewelry and More

    Based out of Hollywood, CA, Nylon Pink formed in 2008, an electro pop-rock band,  and released their first music video this August for their single LIPSTICK. The band isn’t just into music. They’ve taken their love even further, hosting their own program on Stickam and most recently announcing a jewelry line – Hello Drama (sharing the same name as their latest single). This new venture has already turned The Donnas and Kat Von D into fans, with pieces being made available at select boutiques and on the official Hello Drama site. The band consists of Kaila (a MySpace phenom and artist), DJ Shy (of the world famous 102.7 KIIS FM in Los Angeles), Kit.E.Katt (designer/stylist and wicked bass player), TJ Mcdonnell (son of Slim Jim Phantom) and Theresa Houston. Check out the video for LIPSTICK and keep your eyes open from more from this great new band! Follow

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  • 26Aug

    Barbie gets her own “The Barbie” dance

    Barbie has her first music and dance video and now you can “Do ‘The Barbie'”! The music video was created to celebrate the launch of the new Barbie Fashionistas dolls. The dolls feature 12 points of movement and can do more than 100 poses. To show off the new moves, Barbie teamed up with famed choreographer JaQuel Knight who was the talent behind Beyonce’s “Single Ladies”. “It was really fun to work with Barbie and create a dance for her. Barbie is the biggest icon in life and I am so excited to have worked with her on her first music video,” said choreographer, JaQuel Knight. “I have had the privilege of working with celebs like Beyonce and Britney Spears, and I am thrilled to add another B to the roster!” The music video was shot in New York in July and stars three Barbie Fashionistas dolls – “Sassy”, “Cutie”,

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  • 12Aug

    Nominations for the Pepsi Rock Band Music Video Promotion announced

    Pepsi and MTV Games have announced the nominations for the Rock Band Music Video Promotion. That’s right, these bands are fighting for the Moonman now! Over 650 videos were submitted and these five finalists need you to help them get the Moonman. You can log on at through September 1 to cast your vote. The nominees are: * Blaq Star: Performing Earth Wind & Fire’s ‘Shining Star.’ These talented musicians from the Bronx, New York take us on a psychedelic journey back in time in their seventies inspired video paying tribute to their music icons Earth, Wind & Fire. * Nerds in Disguise: Performing Lit’s ‘My Own Worst Enemy.’ Putting Springfield, Illinois on the map, Nerds in Disguise features only 10 people, although through fancy camera work, it looks like a lot more. The talented director makes a cameo in the video doubling as the vengeful pizza man. *One

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  • 11Jul

    Win a Rock Band gift card from Pepsi & GamingAngels

    Pepsi and Harmonix have launched a summer Drink up, Rock Out promotion where gamers can submit their own Rock Band videos for a chance to win an MTV Video Music Award Moonman. The award will be for “Best Performance in a Pepsi Rock Band Music Video”. The Moonman will make a nice addition to any gamers collection, but there are other things to win as well. Pepsi is giving away 5,000 Rock Band downloadable tracks every day until September 13th, 2009. They’ve also given us two $20 Rock Band gift cards to give out. Here is how you can be entered to win: 1) Retweet about the contest using the following gets you one entry into contest: “Win Pepsi Rock Band dollars over at @GamingAngels .com! Where women love to rock out!” 2) Comment here about your favorite Rock Band song and what song you wish Harmonix would add

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