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  • 23Oct

    Review: Ninja Blade

    ESRB: M for Mature Genre: Action Number of Players: One Developer: FromSoftware Inc. Release Date: Out now, Released April 7, 2009 PASS/RENT When I first loaded this game up, I half expected yet another ninja-themed hack-and-slash game with maybe the occasional hint of plot. I was both surprised and disappointed with what I found as I played. The game brought together the classic ninja moves, like running on walls and epic leaps and combo attacks, and real-time sequences a la God of War. The big issue with the real-time sequences is their number. Almost every 10 minutes or so of gameplay, you’re guaranteed to get at least one sequence if not more during boss fights. Some of the big finishing moves require you to press a certain button as it pops up. If you mess up during the cutscenes, you have to restart the whole thing. This process can get

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