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  • 05May

    Namco Bandai Games Expands to Mobile

    Last week we found out that Barnes & Noble just announced a huge expansion to their NOOK Color. They have managed to connect with Namco Bandai Games. Even though their brick and mortar stores are going away in an economy that has effected the publishing industry they will continue with The Nook. The device features a 7-inch color touchscreen and updated Android operating system. In anticipation of better success with digital infotainment they have announced four launch titles for Nook Color including Flight Control, Crush the Castle, More Brain Exercise and Learn to Fly. In fact Namco Bandai has also been preparing mobile games for Nintendo 3DS, iPad 2 and some Android Smartphones like the Kyocera Echo. The company which was best known in the past for hardcore console games has had an iOS hit with Bird Zapper. Follow

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